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Halloween Costume Ideas and Inspiration

Costumes for Halloween

In this article I want to show a number of great Halloween costume ideas to get you pumped up about what you, your children or your grandchildren might want to wear.

I'll try to cover almost all ages and interests in this particular Halloween costumes ideas article, and give you all sorts of inspiration as the fun day gets closer and closer.

One thing to keep in mind if you find a Halloween costume you like is you can go in themes if you're a couple, or you could even dress up in Halloween costume themes as a family.

Think of themes like the Flintstones or characters from your favorite movies. Many of them has such a variety of options that there are plenty to go around.

Another fun thing to think about when considering a Halloween costume idea is the theme of a party if you're planning one. You can get input from friends and family and put together a fun party atmosphere from the Halloween décor you set up in your house or place you rent.

Anyway, here are a bunch of Halloween costume idea photos to generate some ideas for you.

More Halloween Costumes

  • The Powerpuff Girls Homemade Costume and Makeup Ideas
    The Powerpuff Girls are an awesome choice to use as source material for a Halloween costume or cosplay, as they're perfect for a group of three friends, and lend themselves well to making the costumes on your own. Here we'll look at a variety of ways
  • Baby Halloween Costumes
    Let's face it, the star of an infant Halloween costume is the baby, and almost every baby makes the costume look great. Of course babies are so different that certain types of costumes really work better for some than others, but even so, just get...
  • Hippie Halloween Costumes
    The Hippie counter culture, like many fads, came and went in a relatively brief time, but the impact of the movement, if you want to call it that, has continued on to this day. One of those elements continuing on is the way those back in the days...
  • Anime Costume Designs
    For quite some time anime has been a burgeoning art form, characterized by the large eyes of the characters, as well as the loud clothes and colorful, large hair. That has translated well to pop culture, providing a plethora of costume ideas for...

Baby Halloween Costumes

Let's face it, you could almost put any type of Halloween costume on a baby and someone would say it was cute, as you can see from the baby Halloween costumes below.

They especially look funny when they're decked out in stuff that reminds of us of our past, like many of these do.

Many of those baby Halloween costumes below are cute, hilarious and a lot of fun. It generates a lot of ideas for baby Halloween costumes.

Just be careful on how great these look, as they'll no doubt capture the most oohs and aahs from those seeing the adorable little ones.

Halloween Costumes for Babies


Pirate Halloween Costumes

  • Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas
    While pirate Halloween costumes have never and will never go out of style, the Pirates of the Caribbean have made them even more popular, and men and women love to get decked out in these colorful and in many cases - fancy - costumes. The styles...

Matching Halloween Costume Themes

I like this grouping of Halloween costumes as it gives some good ideas for those that like to match costumes and look alike in character themes.

All of them look good, and you can see how matching Halloween costume themes can be a lot of fun.

You can also do this as a family, putting together a group of costumes to show your family pride.

Halloween Costumes for Babies, Toddlers and Young Kids

  • Clown Costumes
    Clown costumes and clown party themes are fascinating to me because the idea of the happy clown from long ago has gradually changed to being an expression of almost all areas of life, including the dark side, which in many cases the clown has...

Cute and Sassy Halloween Costumes for Girls

Here is a great Halloween costume gallery for young girls, and it covers just about every type of interest and theme you may want or feel comfortable with for the young ladies in your life.

You can tell from their posing that the girls really like the costumes. They are everything from cute and sassy to demure and strong. Any young girl would love to wear these costumes.

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Halloween costumes for young girls


Penguin Halloween Costumes

  • Penguin Halloween Costumes
    Penguins are probably among the most beloved of all little creatures, and their adorable look has been a pattern for Halloween costumes for some time. Just be sure not to be confused with the other Penguin, you know, the foe of Batman, who also...

Compelling Halloween Costumes for Boys

All children like to copy their favorite superheroes, and that's especially true for boys, as you can see from the variety of Halloween costumes for boys below.

It's always funny to see young children posing and showing off their costumes, as they're sincere and really get into it. Lot's of ideas from these Halloween costume photos. Any one of these could work very well.

Halloween Costumes for Young Boys


Gangster Costumes

  • Gangster Costumes
    Gangster Halloween costumes are really cool, and the look from the times of the 1920s through the 1940s continues to attract men and women to dress in those styles at Halloween and when they're participating in their cosplay events. As you'll see...

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

This batch of superheroes are strutting their stuff with these homemade Halloween costumes, and it shows how you can make some really great, themed Halloween costumes with just a little imagination and creativity.

The funnest part of this is showing off your own creations, which can be part of the enjoyment of the group activity if you work on them together.

As you can see, many of them were really done well.

Ideas for Adult Homemade Halloween Costumes


Spiderman Costumes

  • Spiderman Costumes
    Spiderman is always a big part of Halloween, and wearing a Spiderman costume itself, in the traditional color or his later on black costume, it is a lot of fun to play the part of the webslinger at a party during any time of the year. One thing I...

It's funny how year after year some Halloween costume themes continue to be popular among adults. It seems, like the Halloween costumes below, that you always see the police, bee and referee costumes, and of course you've got the camouflage costume that always seems to make an appearance every year.

Adult Halloween Costumes


Loki Costumes

  • Cool Loki Costumes
    In mythology Loki is considered the god of mischief, and is the nemesis of Thor, his adopted brother. Odin, the father of Thor, adopted Loki, but Loki was always jealous of Thor, and continually looked at ways to undermine and attack him. It...

Skeleton Costume Theme

While this is a great skeleton Halloween family costume theme that looks great, it's just an idea generator to show you how cool themes can look for the family. I also thinks it's a great way to bring you close together, no matter what theme you choose.

As far as the skeleton theme below, the makeup and costumes look great together, as well as the family.

Family Halloween Costume Theme - Skeletons


Unique Thor Costumes

  • Unique Thor Costumes
    While many fans of Thor think he was created by storytellers and artists at Marvel Comics, he is in fact a mythological god that has been around for approximately 1,000 years in Norse legends (probably longer, and much further back with the Germanic.

Superhero Costumes

What I like about this batch of superhero Halloween costumes is they are so much different and creative than the usual ones you see.

Great look and fun bunch of different superheroes ready for Halloween partying. This is why it's always worth considering working together on a costume theme you can participate in as a group.

More Homemade Halloween Superhero Costumes


Gothic Halloween Costumes

  • Gothic Halloween Costumes
    Whether you practice the Gothic lifestyle or not, Halloween lends itself to great costumes that fit in really nice with the focus of the fun day. There are any number of Gothic Halloween costume designs you can choose from, including the typical...

Naughty Ladies Halloween Costumes

Here's another batch of Halloween costumes you expect to see at Halloween parties, and the ladies love dressing up in them and the guys love to look at them.

There seems to be an endless number of naughty types of Halloween costumes to choose from, but most of them seem to come out of some form of the one's shown below.

Now there's no doubt you'll be the belle of the ball wearing one of these! You'll certainly attract a lot of attention.

Naughty Halloween costumes for the Ladies


X-men Costume Ideas

  • X-men Costume Ideas and Inspiration
    X-Men is a popular comic book series from Marvel Comics with a slew of well known superheroes and villains which generate great ideas for Halloween costumes and other costume party events. They are also a big part of cosplay and its adherents, who...

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

These Halloween costume ideas for plus-size women are great and show manufacturers continue to cater more and more to that demographic.

These costumes look great and should give plus size women a great number of ideas and choices to fit themselves for their Halloween parties.

They definitely make a lady look good in her costuming fantasy.

Halloween Costume ideas for plus size women


Halloween Masks

  • Halloween Masks
    No matter how we dress on Halloween and what type of costume we have on, the Halloween mask is crucial to making the entire outfit and look work, and so selecting the right kind for how you want to dress, and the theme you choose, is crucial to...

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Similar to family Halloween costume themes, couples can have a lot of fun contrasting and complementing one another with their masculine and feminine costumes. These ones here look great and are a lot of fun to see, getting your brain thinking as to what the two of you could look like together.

These types of costumes are among my favorites and also attract a lot of attention and comments.

Halloween Costume ideas for couples


Did you Get Some Halloween Costume Ideas?

As you can see from this wide variety of Halloween costume ideas, there are an almost endless number of costume themes you can choose; for yourself, as couples, as families, and even as a Halloween party theme, where everybody dresses the part of a particular person within the theme.

Halloween is a lot of fun, and the costume we wear is a big part in enjoying it to the limit. Hopefully you were inspired in a way that gives you ideas on how to make the next Halloween even more enjoyable than before.


Mike from Harrisburg Pa on March 15, 2014:

I have as much fun creating and improving on a costume as I do celebrating Halloween, One year a hippie guy, the next a hippie chick, a tourist, the list goes on. The most important thing is I get a few laughs out of it,

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