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Home Made Non-Toxic Face Paint Makeup Recipes

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Simple Safe Home Made Face Paint Makeup

If you're in need of face paint and you don't want to use store bought Halloween makeup or a commercial kit, you can mix up a batch of homemade non-toxic facepaint in your kitchen using safe, familiar ingredients.

When you make your own costume makeup you know all the ingredients, so you don't have to worry about allergens, harmful dyes or chemicals that could irritate skin or cause health problems. Better yet, when you mix up your own fancy dress makeup or face paint using food ingredients from your kitchen cabinets you'll save money and help the environment while you keep harmful chemicals off your family's skin.

Cow Facepaint photo credit : melodi2,

MYO Costume Make Up, Face Paint - Look Ma, No Allergies

Home Made Face Paints Are Made With Food-Grade Ingredients

The ingredients for home made face paint are familiar non-toxic ingredients, so most of the formula recipes to create your kitchen-based costume makeup probably won't trigger an allergic reaction or make you sick if you get a bit in your mouth. Nevertheless, homemade face paint mixtures and concoctions should not be eaten or inhaled, and because they lack preservatives you should not try to store them for more than a day or two.

For making mouth and eye makeup effects, choose hypoallergenic lipsticks and mascara makeup colors from your local department store or pharmacy.

Costume Make Up Hygiene 101

Never share eye makeup or lipstick with others; discard commercial makeup after 6 months.

Home made makeup should not be stored at all. Make only enough for your face paint session and discard leftovers.

You sure to find creative ideas for face paint in this list of free costume makeup patterns and how to tips.

David Bowie Makeup Tutorial

Home made makeup and face paint - white base creates a stone statue face and neck

Home made makeup and face paint - white base creates a stone statue face and neck

Face Paint Recipe - White Base

Clown Face, Ghost, Skeleton or Base for other colors

This home made face paint recipe makes a basic white makeup, often called clown base, on which you can apply other colors.

  • 2 tsp white shortening
  • 5 tsp cornstarch
  • 1 tsp white all purpose flour
  • Glycerin
  • Food coloring

Mix shortening, corn starch and flour until well blended. Add a few (3 or 4) drops of glycerin to make creamier texture. Apply to face and neck.

Photo credit: Me and my dear hubby Doug, 2005 - Medusa and the man turned to stone, with face paint applied to face, head and body

Oz Makeup Tutorial : Glinda - The Good Witch - How to apply makeup to get the Glinda Good Witch effect

How to create the Glinda the Good Witch makeup effects

Face Paint Guide Book - How to Create Fantastic Face Paint Designs

Basic Home Made Face Paint Recipe

DIY Halloween Makeup Base

Mix together all these ingredients to create your own DIY paint-on face paint costume makeup.

  • 1 Teaspoon cornstarch
  • 1/2 Teaspoon water
  • 1/2 Teaspoon cold cream or white vegetable shortening
  • 2 drops food coloring, as desired to create desired color
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Apply with a cosmetic brush or cosmetic sponge to prepared face or over white base makeup.

How to Create a Skull Face Paint Mask - Face Paint or Paint Mask Tutorial

To create a skull face or half skull face paint, you can use home made makeup base and easy to follow application techniques. Check out this video and learn how to create this hideous skull makeup design on your face. The cool how to make a skull face paint design on your face video gives you a guide on how to create makeup effects to simulate a half skull on a face.

Home Made Costume Makeup - Flexible Glue Skin

To stick makeup effects to your skin you'll need some kind of skin-safe glue. Make your own face paint "glue" adhesive from a mixture of food grade glycerin and unflavored gelatin.

  1. Pour 50ml glycerin into a heatproof microwave-safe mug or small bowl.
  2. Heat in microwave on HIGH for 1 minute.
  3. Mix in 3 packages of unflavored gelatin, stirring well after each package.

Cool slightly until glue reaches a comfortable temperature, then brush thinly on skin where you need to stick your texture or skin makeup effects.

Blood spatter clip art -

Blood spatter clip art -

Home Made Face Paint - Blood

For gruesome and gory costume makeup effects

16 ounces corn syrup

1 ounce red food coloring

1 or 2 drops blue food coloring

1 ounce water

Evaporated milk (optional)

Mix the water, food coloring and corn syrup together to a sticky syrup.

Add the milk, a few drops at a time until you get a "blood" consistency.

This makeup will stain clothing and skin, so be sure to use cold cream on skin before applying and don't get it on any clothing you don't want ruined.

Home Made Face Paint - Powder Makeup

Use cornstarch to create a white powder makeup finish, and cocoa powder to darken the powder base.

Brown Powder Costume Makeup - Use unsweetened baking cocoa to as a brown base.

Combine cornstarch and cocoa powder to create other skin tone makeup colors.

Apply powder makeup over a cream makeup base. To tint white cream base makeup, add a bit of cocoa powder to the cream mixture.

Ghoulish monster makeup on a teen girl, grateful dead zombie costume with home made face paint

Ghoulish monster makeup on a teen girl, grateful dead zombie costume with home made face paint

Easy Zombie Halloween Makeup

Scabs, Scales, Hair, Wrinkles, Skin Textures

Scabs, scales, and hairy bits are easy zombie makeup effects to create at home. Use a basic makeup glue to stick on dry rolled oats, corn flakes or other dry cereal chips to create scabs and scales. Create hairy spots, mustaches, beards or bushy eyebrows from bits of cotton ball fluff.

Make sagging skin or other textured effects from strips of rolled bandage fabric or cheesecloth.

Add color after your "glue" dries by dusting with cocoa powder, cornstarch, painting with tinted face paint or drizzling on some "blood" makeup.

Photo credit: Lee Hansen - I applied this 1982 zombie makeup on my daughter Trish

Home Made Costume Make Up - Glitter Gel

For each color of glitter gel you need to make, use this recipe.

Don't apply glitter gel too close to eyes or mouth.

3 Tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel (use plain aloe vera gel, without added medicating ingredients or fragrance)

1/2 teaspoon very fine glitter

Mix the glitter into the gel until well blended.

Store in a small airtight jar at room temperature.

Face Paint How to: Lone Ranger Tonto Makeup - How to create the Johnny Depp Tonto makeup effects

Ready Made Non-Toxic Face Paint Kit

If you really don't have the inclination or time to make home made face paint, fear not - there's non-toxic face paint avaalable, ready for you to use.

Fantastic Avatar Makeup How-to

You may not be able to create the blue from home made makeup, but the artistry in this video is fantastic and the lessons in how to create effects can be used for a white tiger or cat face.

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Happy Halloween - Did You Wear a Mask or Face Paint This Year?

Lee Hansen (author) from Vermont on November 12, 2014:

Hope you have a frightfully fun Halloween!

Lee Hansen (author) from Vermont on November 11, 2014:

Glad you like the home made face paint recipes and tips. I've used these for years on my children and for myself and my husband. Much safer than some of the toxic chemicals in commercial makeup.

Sandy Mertens from Frozen Tundra on October 31, 2014:

Some fun makeup ideas for Halloween today.

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Great ideas... thumbs up.

Eileen from Western Cape , South Africa on October 29, 2014:

Fascinating Halloween ideas - will have to bookmark this !

Eileen from Western Cape , South Africa on October 29, 2014:

Fascinating Halloween ideas - will have to bookmark this !

Darcie French from Abbotsford, BC on April 10, 2013:

My daughter loves face painting - for all sorts of fun occasions. Most recent was the school celebrating Mardi Gras - she had her face painted like a rat - it was the first time the lady doing the painting had that request :D

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