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Halloween Activities And Quiz

Halloween is just a bit of modern fun, imported from USA, and that's how I see it when I write my ghostly pages with horror photos & poems

Halloween Activities, Which Include Ghoulish Halloween Pictures, Ghostly Poems, a Halloween Poll and a Quiz

Here are a few free Halloween pictures which I am happy for you to use on your own websites, or in any way you please. Not so wonderful, but probably worth using, as they're free.

There's also two little Halloween Poems, written by me. Then there is a Halloween Poll, some Halloween gifts and, last but not least, there is a Halloween Quiz.

So have fun, use the Halloween freebies, and maybe learn something about Halloween.

Three Grinning Ghouls To Frighten The Life Out Of You And Get You In The Mood For Horror

Halloween Ghouls

Halloween Ghouls

Here's My Gift To You For Halloween:

Free Use of My Halloween Pictures--ust Do an Appropriate Acknowledgment

You have my permission to to use any of my Halloween pictures on this web page for free, provided that you acknowledge that you have done so and link to my Glorious Confusion HubPages Bio Page. I would love to hear from you if you do decide to do this.

Let's See How You Fare in This Halloween Quiz--There Are 5 Questions

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who wrote the original Dracula story?
    • Mary Shelley
    • Bram Stoker
    • Wilkie Collins
  2. Who originated Halloween?
    • The Celts
    • The Romans
    • The Normans
  3. What day is Halloween celebrated?
    • 31st October
    • 1st November
    • The date is variable
  4. Which of these is not a traditional Halloween activity
    • Carving out pumpkins to make Jack-o-lanterns
    • Planting an oak tree from an acorn
    • Trick or treating
  5. Which of these is a traditional figure at Halloween?
    • A queen
    • A fairy
    • A ghost

Answer Key

  1. Bram Stoker
  2. The Romans
  3. 31st October
  4. Planting an oak tree from an acorn
  5. A ghost

Halloween Tombstones--This Is Where The Trouble Starts As Strange Beings Emerge At Nightfall

If the tombs appear empty, this means that their occupants are roaming the neighbourhood and not Resting in Peace

If the tombs appear empty, this means that their occupants are roaming the neighbourhood and not Resting in Peace

Here's a Silly Little Rhyme I Wrote Just For You

(Nobody Else Would Appreciate It!)

It's about a growling zombie so try not to be too frightened.....take a deep breath, close your eyes, count to ten, then breathe out and relax.

Oh, sorry, I forgot--this isn't a yoga class!

I Suspect That His Bark is Worse Than His Bite

But "hark" I hear you say -

"What if his bite is worse than his bark?"

Here's a thought I would convey:

"We're all in the dark

Till dawn brings on the day".

Now I see your face turn grey

And sense your turmoil and dismay

Remember this is just a lark

So mark it with a question mark.

Your fears will never go away

Until you realize this is play.

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Don't be Frightened--I Only Want to Bite Your Neck--I'll be Quite Gentle

If you believe this, you'll believe anything

If you believe this, you'll believe anything

Below This Leering Skeleton You Can Read Another of My Ghostly, Ghoulish Poems--See What You Think

A Grinning Skull With Bloodshot Eyes

A Grinning Skull With Bloodshot Eyes

Halloween Ghoul - A Short Poem By Diana Grant

That was very short and sweet, wasn't it?

That was very short and sweet, wasn't it?

Here's a Blood Sucker Vampire--Don't You Wish You Could Do That With Your Tongue?

Blood sucker vampire

Blood sucker vampire

Well, Actually You CAN Do That With Your Tongue--Using Photoshop

Here's How to Impress Your Friends:

Take a photograph of yourself or someone else sticking out their tongue. Then go to the Effects bar on the right hand side in Photoshop and use the Liquify Tool to twirl it round to the shape you want. It will take a bit of experimentation, but it's fun experimenting, and your admirers will love it.

Here's a Picture of the Adobe Photoshop Screen

The arrow is pointing to the Liquify symbol

The arrow is pointing to the Liquify symbol

Below is a Poll About Vampyres, or is it Vampires?

Just a bit of fun!

Vampires are often depicted as very attractive people who have gone a bit wrong.

They can be sent on their way with garlic, a cross or a stake through the heart.

And they only come out at night. They have to get back in their coffins or close the curtains during the day, to avoid crumbling into a nasty heap of dust.

If they play their cards right, they can be immortal, but this has its own problems, because Vampires need to drink blood for sustenance, and after a few thousand years, this could get monotonous. Would you like to eat and drink the same thing eternally?

A Modern Day Vampire--Great Grandson of Dracula

Another Photoshopped blood sucker

Another Photoshopped blood sucker

Take This Poll about Vampyres And See How You Compare With The Other Pollsters

Ghostbusters--Just Right for Halloween

And be Thrilled by Thriller Michael Jackson

Don't Forget to Leave a Comment Before You Go--It's Good to Hear From People All Around the World

Nell Rose from England on October 25, 2020:

LOL! Great fun! I love the photos that you can make vampish! Happy Halloween!

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