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Green Christmas Lights

Green Christmas Light Displays

Being one of the colors of Christmas, green is a terrific option for Christmas lights, and are a great way to add relevant color to Christmas decorations which will reflect the holiday season.

This is why I gathered together some photos of green Christmas lights on their own to show you what they look like without any other color connected to them.

I'm a great fan of using one color on various things around the house like trees on the inside or outside, which always look great with individual colors. As a matter of fact, I think they look better with individual colors than with the colored Christmas lights, with the possible exception of your main Christmas tree.

So here are some green Christmas lights to inspire you on how to use them for your Christmas décor standing alone on individual objects or parts of the house. Most people using green Christmas lights include them with other lights colors to create a great Christmas decoration effect.

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  • Green Christmas Lights
    Being one of the colors of Christmas, green is a terrific option for Christmas lights, and are a great way to add relevant color to Christmas decorations which will reflect the holiday season. This is why I gathered together some photos of green...

String of Green Christmas Lights

I thought this was a nice way to introduce you to how green Christmas lights look, with a string laid out to give you an idea of how it may look on various objects or trees you may put them up on.

The brightness of the lights comes from this particular set being green LED Christmas lights. They emit a little bit of a different hue of light color and reflection.

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Bushes with Green Christmas Lights on Them

This photo of bushes with green Christmas lights on them gives another idea of how you can simply use these to accentuate anything. While these look boring because there's nothing else there added to them, it does show the promise they offer. The next photo will include green Christmas lights on bushes with a whole bunch of other colors added.

Green Christmas Lights on Bushes

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Green Christmas Lights on Bushes with Other Decorative Lights

As mentioned above, here's how a similar set of bushes will look when including green Christmas lights with a whole bunch of other Christmas light colors added to create a dazzling effect.

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It's too bad this photo was taken so close or with a closeup lens, as I think if had a wider angle it would be an extraordinary scene to behold.

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Green and Red Christmas Tree Lights on Trees

These green and red Christmas tree lights on the two trees offer a great look at the traditional colors of Christmas in a yard decoration setting.

What a great combination to offer your friends and family to view and enjoy when it's the first thing they see when arriving for Christmas festivities. It's even better that they seemingly are done by neighbors communicating and cooperating with one another by presenting one color in each yard.

Below that is a close up photo of green Christmas lights on a branch in the midst of a couple of other colors. It looks fantastic.

Green and Red Lights on Outdoor Trees

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Green Christmas lights on branch

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Green Christmas Lights

As I'm a big fan of including single-colored Christmas lights on individual trees and objects, and from there maybe combining them in fantastic color schemes to delight my Christmas visitors, I find green Christmas lights a great tool to use to create wonderful effects for the holiday season.


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