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Green Halloween Costumes


69 Green Halloween Costumes

Where are you going to find green Halloween costumes, green costume shoes, green costume accessories, green dog costumes and even green wigs? Right here, that's where! I am in the mood for some color so I am focusing on Green Halloween costumes at the moment. My last lens, Blue Halloween Costumes ended up with well over 50 fun Halloween costume ideas and they were all least mostly blue. Now I'm going for the green! If you see any I missed just go to the bottom of the page and add them into the's the last box on this lens.

I am just going to make a long list of green costumes (at last count it was 69 green costumes) and stop whenever I feel like it. I have some ideas written down and they take up quite a bit of my full sized loose leaf paper! OUCH! That's one heck of a green costume to start with, don't you think? It's the Green Hornet costume for women and it's sexy! The image is from Amazon and the costume is for sale on this page.

The Green Dinosaur Costume


Green Costume Ideas - Lots Of Them!

  1. Peas In A Pod this baby bunting costume is very green and very, very cute! All baby costumes are sweet, but this little bunting outfit is precious. And of course there's an adult version of this peas in a pod costume!
  2. The Green M&M Costume is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. M&M's come in lots of different colors, but if the green M&M's are your favorite candy, this is a great costume idea for you. How sweet this candy costume is!
  3. Remember Gumby and his horse sidekick, Pokey? Gumby was a clay-mation figure, he was made of clay and his show was made with a process called stop motion clay animation. Well, now there's a Gumby and a Pokey costume...and I'm cheating by putting Pokey on this page, since it's for green costumes. But for good old Gumby, I'll break the rules.
  4. Like to play Angry Birds? The green costume here is King Pig and it comes in kids and adult sizes. It's just one of the many video game character costumes you will find on sale for Halloween
  5. The Green Lantern is a popular green costume thanks to the movie being released last year. Ryan Reynolds played Hal Jorden, the Lantern and if you look as good as he did in this costume...I want a picture! LOL...just kidding. This costume has a light up chest, so it's a pretty cool outfit. There is also a costume for fans of Kilowog to dress up in.
  6. Kermit the Frog of Sesame Street fame is the next green kid's costume I found. I love Kermie and so does Miss Piggy. This costume comes in all sizes, but the toddler size is so cute I had to put it's picture here.
  7. The Incredible Hulk, aka Dr. Bruce Banner, was created during an experiment gone wrong. Dr. Banner turns into the Hulk when he gets upset or angry. He is looking for a cure but hasn't found it yet. The Hulk costume comes in kids and adult sizes so fans of all ages can dress up in this costume.
  8. The Mermaid Costume is a really great Halloween costume idea for girls and for women. I don't know any girls who, at one time or another, didn't want to be a least once. In my case it was a lot...I'd still like to be a Mermaid and with a costume like this I have my chance.
  9. Yes Sir Officer Mom! It's an Army Costume and it's perfect for Mom. There are lots of different Army costumes, for kids, for teens, for adults, for boys and girls, men and women. Which one is just right for you?
  10. The Mad Hatter is a costume for both men and women. I found this beautiful woman's outfit and couldn't help but post it on my green costume page. It's an expensive costume, but just look at it, very nice. I love the Alice in Wonderland theme and it's been pretty popular since the release of the movie starring Johnny Depp.

Football Tutu Costume


  1. Tinkerbell is the greenest fairy costume out today. Like so many other Disney costumes it comes in all sizes from babies to women's. Tink is the most popular fairy costume and here's why...look how cute these green fairy outfits are.
  2. The Jolly Green Giant yes, him, of vegetable fame! Dressing up as the Jolly Green Giant involves green tights, a green top, a green leaf tunic, a green hat, green Halloween costume makeup, green socks, green gloves and some elf (or Jolly Green Giant) shoes.
  3. Oh You Sweet Little Frog Prince! Wait for the right girl to kiss you and turn you back into that handsome prince or will it be the other way around and she will turn into a frog!
  4. Robin Hood in adult sizes for men and women, teens and of course in kids sizes too.
  5. Shrek And Fiona are two popular kid's movie characters. Did you see any of the movies? Who was your favorite character.
  6. The Grinch That Stole Christmas is now going to take over Halloween dressed up as this fellow, he steals stuff! This character is green and his costume is red. You can create a fun group costume using ideas from The Grinch That Stole Christmas - dress up as the Grinch and the folks of Whoville!
  7. Remember Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street? Did you ever want to wear a garbage can for a costume? Well, here's your chance! Oscar The Grouch is a crabby and beloved character, just ask decades of Sesame Street fans!
  8. Buddy the Elf is one of my very favorite characters! My favorite Christmas movie, that I watch all year long, is Elf...the story of Buddy. A human boy who climbed into Santa's bag one Christmas and ends up living with the elves. It's a fun story, make sure you watch it this year with your family! I decided to put the Jovie costume here as well. Jovie's costume isn't green but since this is my lens and my favorite movie, I made an exception.
  9. Like to color? Well then get the Green Crayon Costume ready! I don't know one kid who doesn't like crayons and that's what makes this a great Halloween costume idea. If your child's favorite color is green, or if yours is, than this is the costume for you. The crayon costume comes in many different colors and has sizes to fit babies, kids, teens and adults.
  10. The Dragonfly Costume has lots of good customer reviews. They talk about the vibrant colors and the quality of this cute ladies costume. It's a lovely shade of green and it's perfect to wear out to a Halloween party. It's not too expensive either, so here's a real possibility for you ladies.
  11. Lolly The Clown is a green clown costume that doesn't fool around. She's happy and she knows it! This costume consists of a neon green hoop skirted dress with orange polka dots and it's decorated with a bit of faux fur trimming! You also get some bright orange bloomers, leggings, covers for your shoes and even a bright neon green wig with a bow. This clown costume only needs some face makeup and she's ready to go.
  12. I couldn't wait to show you this Peacock Costume, it's really a great way to dress up for Halloween and I also found some Peacock shoes to go with it that I am just crazy about!

    Aren't those shoes great? Doesn't it want to make you run out and get this costume, or better yet, order it right here as soon as you place the shoe order. Given a choice, I'd take the shoes, what do you think?

  13. When you mention a Mother Nature Costume you are talking very green costume ideas. Here's a earth tone costume with loads of green so you can dress up as the Big Boss Lady, Mother Nature herself.
  14. The Greek Gorgon Medusa is a fun women's costume idea and she's on this page because she is green. Anyone who looked at Medusa would turn into stone, and she had snakes for hair, so if that's your idea of a good time, here's the Halloween costume for you.
  15. The Statue Of Liberty is one of our countries most cherished ladies, and this Halloween that could be you. If you are feeling patriotic this October, I've found a great costume idea for you ladies out there...I guess men could wear this too. hummm. This costume comes with the gown and the you can get one from the costume accessory aisle or you can make your own out of a Solo cup and some aluminum foil.

Green Halloween Statue Of Liberty Costume


  1. Stay away from Poison Ivy unless she is in costume form. This green Halloween costume is right out of the Batman comics and this is a very bad lady...she looks pretty good though, don't you agree? Here are two very different Poison Ivy costume ideas for you.
  2. This Emerald Witch Costume can't be too wicked, can she...look how pretty she is! All you need is some green glittery makeup to create one heck of a witch this Halloween.
  3. Like Alligator and Crocodile costumes? Well then check out My Alligator - Crocodiles Costumes Lens or pick one from here. You can find these green reptile costumes in toddler, kid and adult sizes.
  4. Like stupid costume ideas? I know there are lots of idiotic costumes, but how many can surpass Weed Man? Here is a weird Halloween costume for anyone who wants to dress up in a silly costume this year. I don't think this comes in kid sizes but if it does, DO NOT GET IT FOR YOUR CHILD...that's asking for trouble.
  5. The Ancient Jedi Master, Yoda is a green Halloween costume that comes in kids, dogs and adult sizes for all you Star Wars fans out there. The adult costume looks like Yoda, the baby Yoda costume is adorable!
  6. Happy Octoberfest! Gretchen The German Girl will be happy to get you a brewski! Now go and fix your Lederhosen.
  7. Jean Grey from the X-Men is Phoenix and her costume is, like most of the women X-Men, sexy. It comes with the green dress, boot covers and glovettes.
  8. Here's a Maid Marion costume to go with Robin Hood who is up higher on the list.
  9. Green Zombie Skin Costume - biohazard alert.
  10. Batman's sidekick Robin is a fun green Halloween costume to wear. Like so many other costumes the Robin comes in kids and adult sizes for boys, girls, men and women.
  11. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a fun women's costume. And of course, kids, teens and men like it too. Pick Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo or Michelangelo, or use the TMNT as a group costume and choose them all.
  12. Another fun green Halloween costume idea is the Lizard From Spiderman.
  13. More costumes from Toy Story - It's The Green Army Men with their famous motto, "Leave No Man Behind"! These green army men come with a jumpsuit, boot covers, helmet and have to supply your own green makeup!
  14. The Monster Bride costume is a cross between Frankenstein and The Mad Hatter! It's a super cute girl's costume with a lime green skirt trim and top hat.
  15. Go out on Halloween dressed as a Bunch Of Grapes with this fun costume. Lucky for my green costumes page, these grapes are green...they could have been red or purple! You can also make your own Bunch of Grapes costume with small green balloons. Blow them up and pin them onto your clothing.
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Green Grapes Halloween Costume


  1. The Frankenstein costume is right out of the Universal Studios classic costume collection. It's Frankie as most of us know and remember him,. The real big guy, green skin, tall, giant boots...
  2. Yo Yo Gabba Gabba is a fun costume theme for kids. Here's Brobee for those of you who like the green Yo Gabba character. Didn't Brad Pitt go out a couple years ago as the orange character, DJ Lance?
  3. Into green and funky? Here's the Funk Skulls Costume for the fun loving woman!
  4. The Officially Licensed Halo Chief 3 costume has a helmet with a visor and it's own print jumpsuit. The suit has EVA molded chest pieces and it comes with gauntlets. Wear it for Halloween or dress up in the Halo Chief 3 costume for conventions. Who is Halo Chief 3? He is a cybernetic -enhanced Super Soldier. He is faceless to players since he never takes off his helmet and visor. He is the star of many of the Halo video games including Halo 3.
  5. It takes BRAINS to be a doctor, and that's DOCTOR Zombie to you!
  6. It's your lucky day! This Leprechaun costume if from Parade Pleasers and it's one of the over-sized deluxe costumes you can wear when you want to dress up for some public event, as a mascot or for Halloween and costume party fun. This costume comes with an over-sized hat headpiece and a chest piece with the Leprechaun's face on it and some hair. There's a green tunic that comes along too. It looks just as pictured here.
  7. Looking for a silly green Halloween costume? The Bass Trophy is right here, waiting for anyone who wants a silly costume for Halloween.
  8. There's no end to silly Halloween costume and this One Hundred Dollar Bill Costume proves it. If you want to feel like a hundred bucks on Halloween, here you go.
  9. I found a Green Spiderman costume! It's the first time I've ever seen this kids' Halloween outfit.
  10. Ever want to dress up as a goddess for Halloween? Here's a Green Goddess that will make everyone at the party green!
  11. Scooby Doo, Where Are You? It's the Shaggy Costume from the S
  12. The toddler Triceratops Costume is one of the cutest baby costumes you will find...take a look at this sweet outfit!
  13. Ladies, live dangerously! Dress up in the Sucker Punch Amber costume this year for Halloween. The Amber costume comes with shorts, those hot chaps, a shirt with an attached jacket, a choker and a hat. Team up with Rocket, Sweet Pea, Blondie and Baby Doll for a fun girl's group costume idea.
  14. Feeling romantic this Halloween? The Renaissance is the perfect period for you to dress up in and this Guinevere costume is perfect. Who is a more romantic figure than the lady who won King Arthur and Sir Lancelot?
  15. The Wizard of Oz has inspired so many wonderful Halloween costumes and here's one more! It's The Lollipop Guild Munchkin right from Munchkinland.

Green Wizard Of Oz Munchkin Costume


  1. The Mayor of Munchkinland is another fun costume for the Wizard of Oz and it's green too.
  2. The Leisure Suit costume makes a comeback with this Halloween costume. It's lime green and ready for a disco party tonight.
  3. Lizards, snakes, dragons, and now the Gecko. What reptile lover wouldn't want to dress up as this green fellow this year for some Halloween party fun.
  4. Top Gun Pilot Costume is just one of the many green costumes you can find with a Top Gun theme. There's Maverick, there's a Wingman costume and more.
  5. This European Explosion costume reminds me of the Beatles and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band...if you are a Beatle's fan, here's a fun costume for you to dress up in this Halloween.
  6. Feel like a Western costume this year? Well, the Saloon Girl fits right into the Western genre and the green Halloween costume page. Have some rootin' tootin' fun now!
  7. Little girl's will love the Frog Princess costume. It's gorgeous, it's green and it's ready for your little princess to dress up this year at Halloween. Give the lily pad frog princess costume some thought this year.
  8. The Wickedly Wicked Witch Costume is as cute as a witch outfit can be. Imagine yourself dressed up in this pretty Halloween costume this year!
  9. The Green Glow Stick Costume is a bright and glowing costume for anyone who wants to be the "light of the party" this Halloween. This costume is a safe way to walk the streets in safety.
  10. Loki, adopted brother of Thor is a fun men's costume to dress up in on Halloween.
  11. This Future Golfer Costume is going to be very popular for all you golfer moms and dads out there. Here's a cute as can be baby outfit.
  12. The Green Skin Zentai Supersuit

    I don't know why this Zentai suit is called super, but it is. (That's good enough for me.) This suit comes in green and lots of other colors, but since this is the green costume lens the green one is pictured for you. This suit covers you from the top of your head to your toes and you can actually drink through the mesh. Thank goodness you won't have to be thirsty all night.

  13. The Packer's Football Uniform

    Here's a Packer's football uniform and the top is certainly green. There's also a Jet's uniform for the exact same reason, so if you have a Packers or Jets fan at home, this could be the costume for them. Need a different team, just click one of these and put the team name in the search box.

  14. Angry Birds Green Pig Costume

    Like Angry Birds? Here's a cute as can be Green Pig baby costume right from the Angry Birds video game.

Mera Costume From Aquaman


The The Halloween Green Costume Poll

Now you have just seen 66 green costume ideas for people and some green pet costumes too...which is your favorite green costume? I'm going to list some but one of the choices will be OTHER...if you check that one, be sure to let me know which one the OTHER is!

Grinch Group Costume Ideas


Green Funk Skull Costume


Can you add any green costume ideas onto my list? Let me know...

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