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Godzilla 2014 Themed Birthday Party ideas & Supplies

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Hold a Godzilla Birthday Party Theme That Will Top All Others.

Throw a smashing Godzilla themed birthday party! Featured here is a collection of Godzilla birthday party ideas and 2014 Godzilla party supplies.. Decorations, invitations, favors, cake and cupcake décor right here and lots more.

With a theme like this your child and their friends are guranteed to have a stomping good time. This gigantic atomic lizard breathes toxic fire and likes to destroy everything in his path. Let's see if we can't breathe some fire into a Godzilla birthday party with these unique ideas. We will borrow some pre-made products to add the spark, then really light it up with DIY projects that you and your party guests will love.


Godzilla Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

Although quite hard to get a hold of you can find Godzilla party invitations from etsy and ebay. A Few sellers have some custom designed invites for this theme and will personalize it with the birthday boy/girl's details so that they look even more special.

Another idea for Godzilla party invitations particularly if you want to make them yourself, would be to use green card as a base and stick a Godzilla silhouette or printed image on it. You could use contruction paper or black sharpie to make the skyscrapers in the background.

2014 Godzilla Birthday Invitations

Godzilla Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Probably the hardest part of planning a Gozilla themed party is wondering where you can find godzilla birthday party decorations.. There really is limited amount but never worry here are a few creative DIY ideas you can try instead.

Make the main theme colors in your Godzilla party decorations, green, black and red. The green representing Godzilla's scaley reptilian skin, red the fire he breathes out and black because it goes well with both these colors. Make balloon bouquets and hang up streamers in these colors.

Create a scene of a city where guests can pose like Godzilla and have their pictures taken or you could just use this as a backdrop. To make the cityscape print of a black and white city scape and stick it onto cardboard, remember it has to be sufficiently large so set your printer to print at a much bigger size than A4. Once you've glued it onto the cardboard, cut around the edges of the city. You can then place it on a table and have guests pull their best Godzilla impression behind it and look like they want to destroy the city, while they have their picture taken.

Even before guests come indoors there are a few Godzilla birthday party decorations you can put in place to set the mood. If you have a walkway you could make Godzilla footprints leading to your front door. This can be done by simply drawing and cutting dinosaur shaped footprints out of colored paper and placing them on your pathway.

For decorating your walls add a few Godzilla posters or use coloring pages and have your child color them in as part of the godzilla birthday decorations.

Godzilla Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

If your child already has Godzilla toys this will be the place to utilize them as part of your Godzilla cake decorations. They can be used as table decorations too (poised to stomp on some party food) or used on top of the cake. However, if you need more Godzilla and gang figures Amazon sells cake toppers in a 17 piece set (featured below). These will make your party planning a lot easier and your child can play with them after the festivities are over.

Once you have the toppers you can keep the base of the cake simple with frosting or fondant. Try adding some gravel candy, sprinkles or candy eggs around the bottom of the cake to add design and detail.

A shaped Godzilla birthday cake would is also another creative way you could make the party cake. There aren't any godzilla specific cake pans but there are plenty of dinosaur cake pans which at least give the cake a good shape before major decorations and details are added.

For more godzilla birthday cake ideas check out some of the cakes over at cake central, it's my favorite source for finding cake pictures for themed cakes.


Godzilla Birthday Party Food Ideas

Unlike some themes where finding the perfect food can be difficult, Godzilla and his Tokyo roots actually help the process - I'm thinking eggs and sushi. Before you totally dismiss these ideas, let me tell you these aren't your ordinary eggs and sushi.

DIY Candy Sushi

Real sushi may not be a party hit with the younger crowd, but these candy sushi's will be and are simple enough to make. All you need is the rice krispie treat recipe, rollable fruit snacks and fish gummies.

Once you have these rolled and ready place them on a cool plate and watch the kids go crazy over them. Add some chopsticks and you'll have a real hit on your hands

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If you are having older children for your birthday party this twist on the candy sushi offers a more sophisticated feel. The rolls are made from rice krispie treats with a dash of pistachio paste, and gummy candy.

Add in a chocolate 'soya sauce' dip, fake wasabi (made from crushed pistachios, cream cheese and confectioners sugar) and some pickled ginger (shredded coconut and food coloring) and you have a snack that is cool to serve and super fun to eat.

Fruit Sushi

Candy sushi is fun and would also make a great party favor for the kids to take home with them, but for a healthy party food, fruit sushi is easy and edible. Your main ingredients include;


*any cooked rice

*a banana, thinly sliced

*fruit medley, like strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, and cantaloupe

*mini chocolate chips and toasted shredded coconut

*plastic ice cube tray

These will require a bit more work, but it is well worth it. They are tasty, healthy and fun to serve and to eat.

Tip: For a simpler version, cut a banana into chunks and roll with fruit leather. Or roll a chunk of cantaloupe in a thin slice of cucumber

Dinosaur Edible Eggs

This recipe is a twist on the "tea eggs" and only requires two ingredients; hard boiled eggs and food colouring. The kids will love cracking these open to find a neat surprise inside.

It is simple enough, just take a hard boiled egg and make cracks in the shell. Put into a cup with green food coloring (Godzilla) and water mixed together. Leave them refrigerated overnight. When you crack it open the dye will have transferred onto the egg.

Serve them on a bed of raffia or craft moss for effect. The kids will be delighted when they "hatch" their very own edible Godzilla egg.

Fun Egg-Pops

I came across this recipe for egg-pops and thought it would be perfect for a Godzilla party. Use your leftover plastic easter eggs, candy sticks and fruit juice.

All you do is make 2 small holes on the bottom on the egg with a thumbtack (this lets the air escape). Now make a bigger hole for the candy stick. Close the egg and put in an egg carton. Fill the eggs with green fruit juice for a godzilla egg effect (or any flavor). Insert candy stick and freeze overnight. The next day you will have a cool treat for the kids to slurp up.

Photo Source: The Shifted Librarian


Godzilla Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

Every party needs a take home treat. As part of your Godzilla birthday party favors try these hilarious Godzilla Poop cello bags using store bought candy and a simple Godzilla image and computer font.

For this one I chose paper with a monster feel. I lined it up to fit my image and enough to fold over for a topper, then printed it out.

Now fill the cello bag with poop-like candy and affix the topper into place. Finished. I used foil wrapped chocolate candy I found that looked more Godzilla in appearance, but you can also use;


*Brown gum balls

*Mini Oh Henry bars

*Or anything that is large and brown

Tip: You could also use red gumballs or jaw breakers and make a topper saying; "Red Hot Firing Breathing Atomic Balls"

Planning a Godzilla party doesn't have to be a monstrous task. Plan and shop ahead, use the Godzilla pre-printed party supplies when available and, most importantly, use your imagination and just have fun. Your party guests will have a stomping good time, guaranteed.

Happy Planning!

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