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Mother's Day: Top 8 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Why Is Mother's Day So Special?

Mother is someone in our life who gives us an unconditional love and that remains forever. A mother has an instinctive feeling for her child of any age. You are far or near, with your voice she would guess that you are in trouble, grief or happiness. Sometimes whom you consider your mother may not be the person who birthed you.

On this special day of the year you get the opportunity to give her something special for the remembrance of the day. A thoughtful gift will not only show your gratitude to your Mom, but also carry unique message that how much concern and caring you are in her day to day life.

But what do you wish to get her? She might be different from other Moms' likings. She might have her own interests and hobbies. Once you have noticed them, searching a nice gift for her will be easier.

Today shopkeepers keep various innovative gift items of different price ranges in their collection for Mother's Day. As you know your Mom's interests, likings, hobbies and preferences, you can choose easily an ideal gift of her choice and that will not only make her happy, it will show how much concern about her also. Here is a list of top rated unique gifts that include decorative items, jewelry, fragrances and kindle for Her. It may help you to get the idea about what would be the perfect one.

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8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Blender with Food Processor:

If your Mom love making variety of delicious food and tasty beverages, you can choose a small
kitchen gadget for her. The Oster Blender with food processor is a stylish blender that is made
in North Ameica and features the superior quality and power of All-Metal Drive.The two connecting pieces are made of metal, not plastc plastic to last longer. It runs on a powerful 600-watt motor and has a stainless steel "Ice Crusher" blade for consistently smooth blending.It has amazingly precise control at the touch of a button.It boasts three pre-programmed settings with one touch operation. So it will help your mother to make tasty and healthy hot bowl of soup or a frozen drink whichever she likes. It may be an useful gift.

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Gemstone Heart Mom Pendant Necklace:

If your mom is a fashionable lady and has hobby of collecting gemstone jewleries, she will surely love getting this created blue sapphire Heart Mom Pendant Necklace as Mother's day gift.It has been been treated to improve their appearance or durability. The gemstone is mounted on sterling silver and 14K gold and the design shows perfectly the mother and child bonding. You can opt to any other stone color according to her birth stone which does have in her collection.This pretty pendant endures mother's love and is inscribed with a heartfelt message "a Mother holds her child's hand for a short while and their hearts forever".


Brussel's Hawaiian Umbrella Tree Bonsai;

Brussel's Hawaiian Umbrella Tree Bonsai may be a perfect gift for a mother who has interest in
gardening and likes to decorate room with indoor plants. This attractive, fuss-free tree boasts
shiny compact leaves. The Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella tree is one of the easiest bonsai to maintain and remains extremely well in low light environments. The 8 years old; 15 inches tall bonsai adds beauty to the home or office. This tropical beauty - indoor bonsai is supplied by America's largest bonsai nursery.


Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Green Tea Zen Spa Bath and Body Set:

If your mom is very particular about maitaining her skin and uses organic beauty products, then she has the knowledge about the benefits of 'Green Tea' skin care products.So the gift basket full of luxurious Art de' Moi Spa Line products including Lotion, Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Bath Salts, Body Butter, Sisal Bath Sponge, 100% Cotton Spa Towel, Premium Green Tea and Wooden Spa Caddy. Each basket is crafted with shrink wrapped and tied with a bow making it a nice presentation and ready for gift giving. This Spa Bath and Body Set gift basket offered by Art of Appreciation will be a lovely present for your mom.


Fossil Women's ES3204 Riley Silver and Gold Tone Watch:

This brilliantly designed wristwatch would be a perfect choice to gift your Mom. Fossil women's
watch popular for its unique combination of vintage 1950s Americana design and cool contemporary style. The elegant watch with two tones makes it easy to use with either silver or gold jewelry. The diamond and gold combination has a nice look together. The price is very reasonable. This imported watch has quartz movement mechanism to keep accurate time and stainless steel case. It is water resistant to 330 feet that makes it suitable for swimming as well as snorkeling, but not for diving.

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Euphoria by Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum Spray:

Most women love wearing perfume. So it will be a great gift for your Mom too. A good scent
refreshes herself and the people around. The scent of Euphoria by Calvin Klein remains for long hours. The mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all change after applying this perfume. If you present it to your mom, she will be absolutely love it.
Euphoria by Calvin Klein is 100% Authentic Brand Name product.


10k Gold and Diamond Three-Stone Heart Pendant Necklace:

Giving a heart pendant to mother signifies - you want to be closest to your mother's heart. the
10k Gold and Diamond Three-Stone Heart Pendant Necklace features dazzling diamond accents set in a heart pendant. This polished rose gold open heart shape supports a display of three diamonds, to create this classic accessory design. The pendant comes with a 18inch 10K white gold. 10K rose gold heart shaped pendant with tree embedded diamonds brings a graceful look. It is a beautiful gift for a fashionable lady.


Kindle Paperwhite:

Does your Mom loves reading news, stories or magazines to get updated? Then there is an excellent device that she will certainly appreciate. Unlike tablets, Kindle Paperwhite is designed to deliver the best reading experience. You can select this gift item that features anti glare screen while reading in bright sunlight, next-generation built-in light enables reading without eyestrain. Fonts on Kindle Paperwhite have been hand-tuned at the pixel level for maximum readability and comfort. It responds more accurately with smallest touches. The text size can be adjusted that suits the reader allowing reading longer. Can store more than 1000 books plus free cloud storage for all Amazon content. So it will be a great thought gift for your Mom who has keen interest in reading.

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manjubose5 (author) on November 19, 2013:

Thanks janices7 for your encouraging comment.

With love..

Janice S on November 18, 2013:

Lots of great ideas! Jewelry that involves the kids is always a hit.

Esrom Aritonang from Indonesia on June 04, 2011:

What mother want as gift is our love and warm smile. But it is wonderful if we gave gift in the Mother Day, and a phone call surprise maybe in special time. Mother also love roses and flower. Never rejected.

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