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Gifts for an elderly father


Find the perfect Father's Day gift for an elderly father or grandfather

My Dad died in 2007 at 89 years of age so I got pretty good in finding gifts for an elderly father for Father's Day or any other day of the year.

Father's Day presents for Dads or Grandfathers don't have to be expensive. In fact, in this article, I'll give you some ideas about how you can prepare a gift for very little money (after all, times are tough all the way around!).

When thinking of what to give an elderly father as a gift, consider their wants/needs and their likes. A small portable fishing pole and some basic tackle may provide hours of relaxation and fun. Maybe your Dad needs items more like a nice, sturdy walking cane - don't underestimate the value of practical gifts for the elderly as these kinds of items might help the elderly remain independent longer.

So, come along with me and see what I found for gifts for an elderly father or grandfather. Father's Day this year is sure to be a winner!

Photo credit: all pictures on Gifts for an Elderly Father are my own photos, except those items that are Amazon products.

In fact, that picture above is of my own adorable Dad, Joe, trying his hand at watercolors. I still have and treasure that card he's painting.

The Handybar - Click the link on the right to go to my website to see this product.

The Handybar - Click the link on the right to go to my website to see this product.

To Help Grandpa Get Into Or Out Of The Car

The Handybar (that thing to the right there) was one of the very first gifts I bought my parents when they moved from a taller SUV to a shorter Lincoln.

I noticed that it was very hard for Dad to get himself into and out of the car so I went looking for a solution. And, I found it in this cool, inexpensive gadget.

Just put the handybar right into the door frame and it gives a nice handle for anyone up to 350 lbs. It was just enough leverage for Dad to more easily move into and out of the car.

Here's the link to this cool Handybar - this link will take you to a page on my own website where you'll see a multitude of Adaptive Car Needs.

Walking canes add stability to every step

My Mom broke her hip 6 months before she died. After rehab, I made sure that there was always a walker or a cane around to steady her.

The below canes are all nice, masculine canes (but don't rule them out for Grandma or an elderly woman) and would be a great present for Father's Day for an elderly Dad or Grandfather.

Come Visit My Website For More Great Gifts For Senior Citizens

I received (and rehomed) a whole lot of gifts during the years I was caring for my folks. During that time, I became so good at finding just the right gift that I started my own website. Come see over 100 great gifts for senior citizens by clicking this link:


Magazines are always great gifts for an elderly dad

Giving a gift subscription to a favorite magazine is a wonderful Father's Day gift for an elderly man. My Dad particularly liked history magazines so I would buy one or two subscriptions every year for his birthday. He would eagerly await their arrival every month.

Magazines for Senior Citizens
Here's another article I did about good magazines for senior citizens.

Spend Time With Your Elderly Dad Over A Large Format Jigsaw Puzzle

I used to really enjoy just working a jigsaw puzzle with my folks. It wasn't as much as doing the puzzle as the quality time we spent talking over 'the good old days' and, for me, just sitting and being with them. My parents were real treasures.

Here's a nice Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle - it has large pieces which are easier both to see and for arthritic hands to work the pieces. I think they make the best ones on the market.

Gifts for the Elderly - Focus on Puzzles, Books, Television and Movies
The elderly mind needs stimulation just as we all do so giving the elderly gifts like puzzles, books, movies and fun TV shows is a great way to keep your fav...

Digital picture frames will surround your elderly father with loved ones all year

I bought one of these digital pictures frames for my own folks when they were living in Arizona and I was in Maryland. I also had a subscription so that, every morning, I could send the picture frame fresh pictures. Mom never failed to tell me how much they liked looking at the new pictures when they had their morning coffee. And, I loved this way of keeping in touch.

Here's some nice frames on Amazon.com. And, when I was looking at these to put on this article, I couldn't believe how cheap they've gotten. When I bought my folks their digital picture frame, I think I paid around $400 for an 11"! I'd suggest you get the biggest digital picture frame you can comfortably afford as an elderly father or grandfather's eyesight might not be what it used to be.

Key Locators Are Not Just For the Elderly...

...But They Sure Make A Nice Gift

My boyfriend, who is far from elderly, received one of these key locators from a friend of mine who was tired of always helping him track down his keys. In fact, John is so bad at finding items around the house, I even made up a poem:

Where's my wallet?

Where's my keys?

Where's my mind?

Help me please!

These key locators are a wonderful gift for an elderly person or about anyone you can imagine for whom you need to buy a nice, inexpensive gift.

Adaptive Large Handled Keys

Here's a great Christmas stocking stuffer for an elderly loved one, male or female. And, this large handled key holder is very affordable....

Ever fumble around without your glasses while trying to get that little key in the littler hole? No longer! Enter the large handled key holder. Just insert the house key into the large handle and, voila! Much easier for arthritic hands to insert the key and open a door.

Father's Day gifts for an elderly father don't have to cost a lot.

Sometimes, the best gift we can give the elderly is to spend time with them and let them know that they are loved. Way too often, the younger generation becomes wrapped up in their own lives, and forgets to pick up the phone or drop by an elderly loved one's home for a visit.

With times being tough these days, here's some ideas for gifts for an elderly father that don't take a lot of money - just a bit of effort on your part.

  1. Take your elderly father or grandfather on a road trip. Road trips don't have to be long or expensive - a trip to a local park with a picnic lunch will delight even the most picky elderly senior citizen. Packing the picnic basket with his favorite food items will make the trip even more special (make sure you're aware of dietary restrictions if you're going to be sharing a meal with your elderly loved one.
  2. Make up a coupon book specially tailored to your favorite father or grandfather. Good coupons might be for free car washes, or a dozen homemade cookies. Coupon books don't have to be elaborate to be appreciated - just grab some paper, colored pencils or pens and let your creativity loose. And, don't worry if these coupons for a father or grandfather are not perfect. After all, they're handmade and that means more than store bought any day.
  3. Be your Dad or Grandfather's handyman (or woman) for the day. Bring along an array of tools and set to work doing all those odd jobs that so often need to be done. Check the house for safety items such as working smoke detectors and door locks that are secure. Bring along a new set of tools and leave them at your Dad or Grandfather's house so they'll be there the next time you need them.
  4. Remember those mixed tapes we used to make for our loved ones way back when? How about making a mixed CD of your father or grandfather's favorite songs? Have a conversation with your elderly dad a few weeks before Father's Day and get some clues as to what kind of songs he liked as a young man. Put these together on a CD - heck, throw in a nice CD player for extra brownie points. Just be careful to get an easy-to-use CD player if you go this route.
  5. Cook and vacuum seal individual meals. When I visited my elderly parents 3 or 4 times a year, I would always spend at least one day cooking and freezing meals for them. That way, I at least knew that they'd have a home-cooked meal a few times a week.

    I made a lot of shrimp scampi (saute shrimp in butter and herbs) and vacuum sealed small portions along with separate portions of cooked spaghetti. I also used to make a lot of Low Sodium Chicken Pot Pies, in fact, that link is my own recipe with detailed instructions about how to make muffin tin sized chicken pot pies.

A new fingerprint door lock is a wonderful Father's Day gift for an elderly man

I love these fingerprint door locks if only for the reason that it's impossible to get locked out - no more leaving the house without one's keys.

I installed one of these fingerprint door locks on my own front door after I had to fire my 3rd caregiver and change the locks - again. With this type of lock, all I needed to do was delete the last caregiver's code and rest assured that they couldn't get into the house.

This door lock even worked for Dad when his Parkinson's kicked in or with Mom's arthritic fingers.

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I hope you found at least one interesting item on this article that you hadn't thought about. Won't you please leave me a comment? And, happy Father's Day to all.

Comments, anyone?

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on November 15, 2013:

My dad and I used to like working on jigsaw puzzles together.

electrolion on June 08, 2013:

My dearly departed dad would have loved the World War II magazines. He also liked getting an electric shaver every year and he loved keeping up with all the new technology and gadgets. This lens is a sweet reminder of my dad.

mariacarbonara on June 08, 2013:

Love the eagle walking stick! So cool

Natural_Skin_Care on June 03, 2013:

My father turned 73 this year so thanks for these suggestions!

anonymous on June 02, 2013:

Love this lens & Ideas.

CanadaRed LM on May 29, 2013:

Great ideas

Gardener Don on May 28, 2013:

What a great idea to suggest the fingerprint lock for the older folk. I can see myself using one of these myself!

SteveKaye on May 28, 2013:

Great gift ideas. Sometimes people give gifts that they would want to receive. Here, you turned this around to ask, "What would your Dad want?" Thank you for publishing this lens.

LadyDuck on May 28, 2013:

I like your ideas, perfect gifts for father day

aleesya_aqilah on May 28, 2013:

great ideas

Cynthia Haltom from Diamondhead on May 27, 2013:

Excellent ideas, I can remember trying to find gifts for my elderly father. The best one I think was a phone with a heart-shaped transmitter that called me if he needed help. If I was not available it called the next number on the list and finally 911 if no one answered his distress call

Nancy Tate Hellams from Pendleton, SC on May 27, 2013:

Great selection for an elderly father.

Susanna Duffy from Melbourne Australia on May 27, 2013:

Those large keys are amazing!

Peggy Hazelwood from Desert Southwest, U.S.A. on May 08, 2013:

Wow, those large handles for keys make a lot of sense. Keys seem tiny sometimes and that would be great to have.

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