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Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys


What to Buy a 13 Year Old Boy?

13 year old teenage boys can be difficult to buy for. I should know, I have two teenage cousins I buy gifts for every year and when I think about what to get, it seems like a long time ago when I was a 13 year old boy myself. So I've done some research into what they might like as well as paid attention to what they have asked for and played with at Christmas and on birthdays. And below is a gift guide based on my findings.

Obviously what you buy a 13 year old boy will vary greatly depending on what they're interested in. Therefore, you might not agree with all of them but I'm sure there will be something the 13 year old you know would want on this list somewhere! You could even just let them pick...

I've tried to keep in mind that different budgets will be reading this so I'll include a spectrum of different costs so hopefully there be something for everybody.

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Tech and Gadget Gifts

If you have quite a big budget and they haven't already got one, an ipad is a gift that most 13 year old boys will not be disappointed with. If an ipad is a bit out of your price range, consider a mini ipad or other tablet instead. 7 inch tablets are extremely portable too, so great for taking to friends and relative houses or on your travels to entertain a teenager

There are also lots of other tech gifts that may appeal, some a lot cheaper. Check out a couple of ideas below.

Music Gifts

If the 13 year old boy you know likes music there are lots of great gift ideas. They range from tickets to see their favorite band, itunes vouchers, headphones, speakers for their room, or bluetooth speakers. If they like to play music you can get them song sheets with music to play from their favorite artists. You can also get beginner DJ sets or beginner guitar sets with everything you need to play music.

Check out the bluetooth speakers featured below.

Fun Books for 13 Year Old Boys

Many people would rule out buying a book for a teenage boy but think a little outside the box and there are lots of books that will appeal. My wife used to work in a library with teenagers and many of the teenage boys would pick up visual, fun and factual books. They loved graphic novels, manga and books on sports were also popular. Check out the Encycopeida of Immaturity below which appeals to a teens sense of humor (and some adults as well!)

Not every 13 year old boy likes to read but many do. If you're looking for books, you could also check out this article on best books for teenage boys or the best books for 13 year olds.

Encyclopedia Of Immaturity

Toys for 13 Year Old Boys

Don't rule out toys. You've no doubt heard the phrase boys love their toys and this is definitely true in my experience. Many boys of 13 still like their toys (as many men like myself do!). In actual fact I want the syma helicopter below, I'm always playing frisbee with my own boys.

More Sports Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

Obviously there are a range of sports that 13 year old boys like so depending on their interests the best gift for them will vary from person to person. The right gift for the 13 year old you know may be based on the sport they love playing. Also sports jerseys can be a great gift for sports fans.

But here are a few more ideas:

Football, soccer, skateboard, basketball hoops and balls, scooters and the ripstik castor board below.

Cool retro 70s style penny boards are also popular with kids who like skating at the moment.

Or what about a starter bow and arrow kit.

Robotic Arm

If you have a teenage boy who likes to build and enjoys tinkering and playing with gadgets, this robotic arm could be a great gift.

Paintball Guns

Some people my argue with Paintball guns as a choice of gift for a 13th year old but statistically the chances of injury are low and the majority of them are injuries that you would associate with any contact sport. Played within a trusted and well run site paint-balling can be extremely fun and a great way to keep fit. Kids just loves it and it gets them out in the fresh air and exercising. Paint-balling can also be very sociable and you probably know already if any of his friends are doing it. Or you can check out this site that reviews paint balling sites across America USA Paintball Fields


As well as video games, don't rule out other board, electronic and puzzle games. They can be fun to do on your own and share with others.

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