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Gift Wrapping Ideas and Techniques


Gift Wrapping And Giving At Its Finest!

You've thought of the perfect gift for that special someone and now you want to wrap it so that it looks nice. It doesn't matter if it is for a birthday, anniversary, Hanukkah, Christmas or any other special occasion, the gift wrapping adds your personal touch. In the end, it doesn't matter how you wrap it, it is the gift that counts and the love and effort you put into choosing it.

This lens will show you some ideas on how to wrap your gift lovingly without it looking like a meat wrapper. It is not hard to gift wrap neatly. The problem can arise when a gift is an awkward shape, but there are solutions for those situations too!

What's Inside?

Half the fun of wrapping a gift is disguising what is inside. Putting a gift in a recycled box can be fun. How exciting is it to think you are getting a box of fish sticks for a gift. LOL.There are all kinds of boxes you can reuse, chocolate boxes, cereal boxes, any kind of box will do. You can even slip a small gift into a box of the receiver's favorite cereal.

Once you have a box that your gift will fit in, see how to wrap a simple box in the video next.

Learn The Art Of Gift Wrapping

Sometimes it just takes something simple to give an expert finish to a finely wrapped gift. Here are some ideas:

  • Print a special message on plain white wrapping paper with the aid of your computer
  • Pick up some small objects from nature, like colored leaves or bits of lichen to tuck in a bow.
  • Use a few strands of curling ribbon tied in a bow to give a fuller bow when you curl the ends with scissors.
  • Use cut-outs from recycled cards or purchase scrapbooking decorations to stick on the package
  • Velvet ribbon looks expensive and is easy to tie.
  • Use kitchen string and bow-tie pasta to tie around plain wrapping paper.
  • Use your imagination for the wrapping paper - use the sunday comics, old maps, a new tea towel, a t-shirt or even a beach towel.
  • Decorative boxes and bags are the wrapping.
  • Pony tail holders in co-ordinating colors are great for holding tissue paper wrappings
  • Washi tape in complementary colors on plain paper or boxes give the gift a special look.
  • Use a hole punch on strips of paper to make a unique wrap or bow.
  • Extra paint chips can be used as gift tags to co-ordinate with the wrapping.
  • A large silk flower with a matching ribbon substitutes for a bow.
  • Wrap a band of paper around a gift then tie a ribbon over it
  • Use ribbon, yarn, kitchen twine, even a skipping rope to tie up a gift
  • Use a few layers of colored plastic bags to wrap a gift, tying the handles to look like a bow.
  • Use stamps and colored ink on plain card stock to make imaginative tags

Wrapping A Simple Gift

Here are very simple instructions to wrap a box.

Tying A Very Simple Bow

It's nice to finish off your gift wrapped box with a simple bow. Here is how it is done so your gift will be extra special

Original Wrapping For An Unusually Shaped Gift

Some times its hard to disguise a gift or even wrap it neatly. Here are some ideas on how to be creative in your gift wrapping

Simple Instructions For Making A Beautiful Bow

Now that you have wrapped your box, you can finish it with a beautiful bow. Be sure to choose a color of ribbon to complement the color of the wrapping paper.


From The Dollar Store...

I have a can opener that cuts the lid off a can without any sharp edges. These cans are ideal for washing out and redecorating. Look what a couple of dollar store items will do.

You can fill up the can with homemade treats or treats that you have bought. If you can find a cookie that will stack inside the can and stay relatively stable you can get half a dozen or more cookies into a small tin.

You can wrap a piece of jewelry and put it in a decorated tin and it's a wow gift!

How To Tie A Beautiful Bow

Tying a bow on a gift can be awkward but not with these simple instructions. You will have a professional looking bow in no time at all.

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What Do You Do When The Gift Is An Odd Shape?

Sometimes there is no avoiding that wonderful gift that is an odd shape. If you can't find a box to put it in there are some alternatives. You can use:


-a new dope T-shirt

-a bed sheet

-a gift bag

-a new dish towel

-a new tablecloth

-a cloth napkin

-a coffee tin

-a cookie tin

Use your imagination and look around to see what you can re-use and decorate. Wrapping your gifts is half the fun. My son got a huge box and filled it full of those packing peanuts and hid a tiny gift inside for his brother. The more fun you can have the more memorable the gift will be!

Sometimes it just means using lots of tape and doing the best you can. Your gift will be appreciated no matter what it looks like.

Making Your Own Wrapping Paper

For gifts that aren't too large you can make your own wrapping paper from a roll of white shelf paper. Although the simpler designs are suitable for young children to make. you can make some gorgeous wrapping paper by using your imagination and your creativity.

The simplest wrapping papers can be made using the potato print method. This is where you use baking potatoes, the ones with the rough brown skins and small cookie cutters. by cutting the potato in half or thirds crosswise you can make two or three stamps out of one potato. Take a cookie cutter that will fit within the surface of the potato. Ones that work well are stars, trees, bells and candy canes. Carefully push the cookie cutter at least half an inch into the potato. Now take a sharp knife, (do not allow children to do this step) and cut into the potato around the cookie cutter shape. Remove the potato from around the cookie cutter. Then remove the cookie cutter. You now have a stamp that you can use to decorate the paper. Cut several of the same shapes so you can use different colors with a star theme for example.

You can use stamp pads or water based paints, to create different colors on the paper. You can decorate the stamped designs with metallic or glitter pens when the paint has dried for stunning effects.

You can use colored felt markers to write or print holiday words like santa, noel, Christmas, etc. on the paper. The ideas are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

You can even cover food boxes and large plastic vitamin bottles with recycled wallpaper to make a unique gift. Look around your house and reuse what you can, making it look new again. Unique containers are prized gifts and people appreciate the effort you put into preparing their gift.


Paint Can Packaging

To disguise a gift perfectly, decorate an unused paint can, available at home supply stores and some craft stores. Pack popped popcorn or other edible treats around your gift so that it doesn't rattle around inside the tin. There are many ways to decorate them for every occasion.

Fill the can with bags of cookie or muffin baking mix with the directions on what to add to the mix and how to bake them

Fill the can with bags of snack mix or hiking mix

Fill the can with different types of drink mix and maybe add a gift card for their favorite store

Fill the can with homemade decorations for their table or their tree

Fill the can with homemade dog cookies for your friend's pet

Fill the can with an assortment of homemade cookies and treats

Fill the tin with seed packets of flowers and vegetables for the avid gardener. You could even throw in a pair of garden gloves or pea netting for that early crop of peas

Fill the can with bird seed and suet packs for the bird lover

As you can see the ideas are endless


Hot Chocolate Anyone?

Wrap the tin of hot chocolate in decorative paper and use a gold or silver glitter pen to dress it up. A bow on top of the tin and you're good to go.


You Can Even Decorate The Tin

Any tin that you can wipe out well or wash you can stuff with mittens, a scarf, socks or even a pashmina. Here are some more dollar store items to gussy it up. A hot glue gun is amazing for positioning the items.


You Can Buy All Kinds and Styles of Tins

Here is a tin of specialty tea. You can stick a bow on it or....


You Can Get Out Your Trusty Glue Gun...

and come up with this....


Sticky Shelf Paper Wrapping

This is super easy. In the case of the picture the box is wrapped in plain brown paper and the shelf paper used is a woodgrain. The box is wrapped first in the paper, then a band of sticky shelf paper is cut the preferred size and wrapped around the box. Leaves cut out of brown paper are glued or taped to the box after it is tied with twine. You can use any colored paper and patterned shelf paper or even wall paper that you can tape, rather than having adhesive shelf paper.


Brown Paper Wrapping Paper

Using a roll of brown paper and a sponge create these simple trees that look great on a gift wrapped with a bit of green curling ribbon. It is easy to cut the sponge with scissors and use green paint in a pie plate to 'stamp' the design on the paper. If you like you can add a little sprinkled glitter on the paper while the paint is wet. Gorgeous!


Masking Tape Wrapping

Use brightly colored masking tape and straws tied into a snowflake pattern with string over brown paper to make an attractively wrapped gift.


Newspaper wrapping

Wrapping a parcel in newspaper, then topping it with this newsprint flower is easy to do and quite attractive.

Stack eight sheets of newsprint and cut into an 8" square.

Accordion-fold the stack into 1" increments.

Next, cut four pieces of ribbon to a length of 8".

Unfold the paper slightly and rest a piece of ribbon in each crease (if you end up with more than four folds, you'll need to cut additional ribbon).

Gather the folds back together and pinch the center of the paper tightly (it will look like a bow tie), binding it with a rubber band.

Starting from the top, peel up each layer of newspaper, scrunching it together as you go. Finally, curl the ribbon to make a cluster in the topper's center.


Crayon Gift Wrapping

Get out the crayon box and find all those stubby bits of crayons that are hard to color with any more. Using a plate or a cutting board cut the crayons into very small bits and shavings. Sprinkle them between sheets of tissue paper and iron them until the wax melts. Use a simple ribbon bow and decorate with paper or artificial flowers.


Sheet Music Wrapping Paper

Sheet music can sometimes be acquire for a few cents from a thrift store. You can enlarge it, photocopy it and reuse it many times to make nice wrapping paper for the music lover.


Shirt Gift Wrapping

Wrapping a gift in a new shirt and adding something sparkly makes 3 gifts in 1.

Pull Up Your Scotch Tape And Your Ribbons And Let's Wrap!

oztoo lm on December 22, 2010:

Useful ideas for gift wrapping. I can never tie bows that look quite right.

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