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Gift Ideas for Designers

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Working as a professional interior designer for many decades, I've been involved in design-and-build residential building projects.

Finding inexpensive gifts for interior designers or those who love interior design may be tricky because we feel that design-savvy individuals may be hard to please. Interior designers are creative people that love stylish and attractive things, and judging by how they are endlessly searching, proposing, and procuring the finest things that’ll work best for their clients’, we may feel their tastes are on the high side.

But if you are one of those who believe so, you are wrong.


Interior design lovers and professionals appreciate gifts they can use in the course of their duties. They love design books and magazine subscriptions that will help them keep up to date with the latest trends in their industry. They like writing journals to input and store their project and task details. They also appreciate unusual décor items they can incorporate into their homes and offices.

When you are trying to decide on what gift to choose, keep an open mind. Consider a purposeful and practical gift. Yes, gifts like paintings, sculptures, and décor accents are great, but so are software programs, flea market finds, books, DIY how-to guides, and personalised mugs.

Affordable Gifts for Designers

Interior design magazine subscription

An Interior design magazine subscription will make a great gift for any interior designer including beginners and students of interior design. A one-year HGTV, House Beautiful, or Country Living magazine subscription will give them wonderful and inspiring ideas for real-life solutions.

Work and sketchbooks for interior designers

These are notebooks with pages of different sized grids a designer can use for doodling and sketching, creating designs, and writing organised lists. There are also similar books for home planning, interior landscaping, and code guidebooks. with complete coverage of the major codes and standards that apply to interior design projects.


Interior design colouring book

Who says colouring books are just for kids?

This coloring book of modern kitchens is a great relaxation activity book. It will not only channel an interior designer's creativity towards designing great kitchens, but it will also serve as an inspirational book for students of interior design.

With drawings specifically tailored to stimulate kitchen design ideas, it is a gift that will offer a unique collection of illustrations that reflects the professional attribute of the industry.

A coloring book of modern kitchens.

A coloring book of modern kitchens.

Coffee table book

If you don’t have a coffee table book, well... Most interior designers have one displayed on a coffee or side table at home (or in the office). A book with tons of interior design illustrations is just what you need if you are looking for a gift for all designers, professionals, beginners, or students of interior design.

3D Home model kits

For the more technically inclined interior designer or architecture student, this DIY gift is also a wonderful choice for an architect-turned interior designer, or a beginner designer that has a bias for 3D model building. Once built, the interior design model can serve as a display item in the home or in the designer’s office environment.

Aquarium or Terrarium coffee table

This home décor gift is for those who love nature. Plants or exotic fish in custom glass tanks will make fabulous conversation topics in any designer’s home or office. It can serve as a focal furniture piece in any interior space, particularly the living area, or as a decorative feature placed on a prominent display stand against a wall.

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Colour for designers’

A practical book that every designer must own. This book is a fundamental guide to understanding and working with colours. It explains in detail the timeless thinking behind choosing colours effectively and how to develop colour palettes for interiors. It is filled with colour wheels, swatches and inspiring rooms that helps designers stay current with both modern and traditional colour trends.

Markers and design drawing tools

Every designer loves drawing and illustrations tools. From colourful markers bound in decoratively cases to mantra pencils you can personalize with your own special messages, these designer tools will bring a smile to any beginner interior designer’s face.

Interior design business books

These are some important books beginners will find useful to help them chart the right course in their interior design business. There are also workbooks and journals that will help them run an interior design business in a professional and profitable manner. From books on how best to charge clients, to eBooks on how to develop project contract agreements, all interior designers need at least one of these interior design guidebooks on their bookshelves for constant reference.


Mini portfolio

For students of interior design and beginner designers, this is a chic and handy gift that will surely be used and cherished. Not only is it great to store the most important works a designer wishes to show a prospective client, it is also easy to carry to and from meetings with clients, consultants, and work teams.

Desktop accessories

If you are looking for a purposeful gift to give, unusual desk accessories are one of the top choices of many gifters. Some examples of unique desktop accessories are cubed desk clocks that display time at the clap of the hands, pens, pencils, cards, sketchbook, charger holders, or table lamps that switch on with a touch of its surface.

Leather-bound year planner

All interior designers need year planners to run their businesses successfully and what best gift to give than an authentic leather-bound year planner that can serve as a private journal to plan, record design ideas, concepts, thoughts, important memories, and any interior design experiences.

Interior design software

Technology has allowed interior designers utilise software programs to create design concepts through 2D and 3D presentations and today, using software to create designs is what differentiates a professional from a decorator. The popular choices are SketchUp, SmartDraw, RoomSketcher, and 3D Max.

Table-top décor

Unique tabletop water features, paperweights, sculptures, and other ornamental pieces are timeless items that any designer will love to have as keepsakes. They don’t require much space to display yet they give a message that can tell much about the designer’s taste and lifestyle. Knowing a designer’s hobby or interest will help to make a good choice as to what is best to give.

Inspiring or lifestyle books

Many interior designers love to read non-interior design and motivational books too. From books like “At Home with Dogs and Their Designers” which is a good gift for pet loving designers that share stylish lives with their precious pets, to “Herding Tigers: Be the Leader That Creative People Need”; a book that motivates and teaches how to lead by influence instead of by control.

Inspirational and motivational books make great gift ideas too

Inspirational and motivational books make great gift ideas too

Uncommon home décor gift ideas

Custom printed wall tapestry, personalised throw pillows, pet furniture, artsy t-shirts, 4th dimension wall clocks that range from the sophisticated to the whimsical, sets of creative kitchen knives for chef wannabe designers, metal wall art, black & white vintage prints, and workstation units for beginner work-at-home designers.

Mechanical and technical gifts

Gift-boxed brass and copper mechanical pencils and brush pens will always be practical gifts to give to beginner interior designers. Designers draw, draft, write, render, and paint and having the right types of drawing tools that are unique, stylish and impressive is one thing they all desire. Though the Digital Paint Selector is not necessarily mechanical but digital, it also falls under the category of fabulous gift ideas.

Most of these gifts are not only useful, they are practical too. Whoever you gift will know and appreciate the fact that you your choice was based on careful thoughts. So, if you are planning on getting that special gift to give your interior designer, remember to choose one that is worthwhile, one that can be of personal use, in a place of work, or in the home.

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