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Ghost Costumes for Halloween

Ghost Costume

Ghost Costumes

Dressing up as a ghost on Halloween, I'm sure, goes all the way back to the beginning of putting on costumes to go out and get candy from our neighbors.

What's terrific about a ghost costume is it always works, can easily be made at home, and can be adapted in many ways to differentiate from the white sheet look.

That's not to say a white sheet still doesn't work, as just cut a couple of holes out put it on and see the responses; it never grows old.

For those seeking a family, couples, or group costuming experience, dressing up as ghosts is a terrific choice, as anyone can dress as a ghost, and you could still make subtle changes to each costume to have your own look if you choose to.

Whatever you decide, you can't miss dressed as a ghost, and there are endless ways you can design your costume, or the costumes of your children, to make them look cool.

Of course acquiring a costume will work as well, just make the adaptations once you get it.

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Common Halloween Ghost Costume

I guess if you can apply the term traditional to a ghost costume, the costume below would fit almost perfectly. The only difference I see are those dark, oblong eyes, which I included to show how you can make a simple change like that to make it look different. Otherwise, it's without a doubt the most recognizable and worn Halloween costume there has been throughout history.

Traditional Ghost Costume


Homemade Halloween Costumes

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Two Ghost Costumes and a Dog

While the ghost Halloween costumes below aren't much different than above, I included it just because it looked great with the family dog. After all, once it's all over, it's the photos which help bring back the memories of those fun days.

Two Ghost Costumes


Gangster Costumes

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Ghost Costume with Chains

This is obvious a ghost made to be placed in the yard, but the costume with the two eyes and a nose is unique, and the inclusion of the chain was a nice touch that gives it more of an ominous feeling.

You could easily assemble a similar costume to wear or have worn on Halloween.

Ghost Costume with Chains


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Fantastic Couples' Ghost Costumes

When I first laid eyes on these couples' ghost costumes, I loved them. Heck, I'd like to have those somewhere in my house if they weren't human. It shows an amazing way you could dress up as ghosts together on Halloween, and it would be awfully surprising if there was anyone in the room dressed quite like you.

Couples Ghost Costumes


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Ghost Costume with Blackened Eyes

The white face in place of a white cover is fantastic with this scary ghost. That combination of black around the eyes and black eyes set against the white background looks great. And if a zombie could be a ghost, you could say it's a zombie, ghost costume.

Scary Ghost Costumes


Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Creepy Ghost Costume

Talk about a creative and creepy looking ghost costume below. It is incredible. That entire outfit and the way it's streamlined adds to the scary effect, but that face mask and the wrap around the head is what stands out to me.

I don't think any of us would want to walk into a creature looking like that at any time.

Disturbing Ghost Costume


Creative Ghost Costumes

You could never go wrong when choosing a ghost costume for Halloween; whether it's for you or your children. There are so many cool things you can do with them that it would be part of the fun of the overall experience, as you can see.

They are also a great way to go out together as family or friends in a group, with each person having a unique look.

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