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Get a Free Santa Message Video

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Surprise your kids with a personalized Santa message video from Portable North Pole

Santa may still be low-tech in some ways (after all, he hasn't replaced his reindeer-drawn sleigh with a high-powered rocket yet), but he finally has entered the digital age by offering personalized video messages straight from the North Pole.

Yes, through the power of the Internet, your kids can get a personalized Santa message video online. And in keeping with Santa's centuries-old tradition of magically bringing toys for free, these videos are completely free of charge. Keep reading to learn how to get your own video message from Santa Claus.

Santa message video

Santa message video

Create Your Personalized Santa Message Video at Portable North Pole

Santa says your child's name, age and other details

He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good, so you better tell your kids to be good, for goodness sake. Through the magic of today's technology, Santa Claus himself can now let your kids know if they're on his Nice List or Naughty List. At Portable North Pole, you can create a free or premium personalized video from Santa, and Santa will address your kids by name, mention their age and location, and tell them whether they've been naughty or nice. It's amazing how much Santa knows, isn't it?

It just takes a few minutes to provide a few details for Santa, and then you'll be able to email the Santa message video to yourself or your child. The quality of these videos are incredible and convincing. I created one for my 4-year-old daughter, and she was amazed, as I knew she would be. But my 10-year-old son was also left wondering how we did it. These videos are so good that they might make YOU start believing in Santa again. They're free, they're fun, and they're a great way to surprise your kids with their own Santa message video.

Portable North Pole also offers a variety of other personalized Santa-related products, including premium videos.

(Note: this site is only open for a short period from Thanksgiving to Christmas, so depending on when you're reading this, you may need to wait for it to open.)

Premium Santa Video Message - An example of the upgraded video

PNP offers you a choice of a free video or one of the premium upgraded videos. The premium video includes Santa's standard message, plus the following premium features:

- Video footage of Santa riding on his sleigh

- Personalized Christmas carol with Santa and the elves

- A look at Santa's magical periscope

- A photo of the child's favorite animal in photo

They also offer an upgrade option that includes a phone call from Santa. In addition, PNP makes a donation to children's hospitals with each premium purchase.

Below is an example of a premium video for 2012.

PNP Sample Video

Get a Video of Santa in Your Own Home

A free Santa video from Portable North Pole is a great way to send a message to your kids from Santa Claus.

But what if you want to get a video of Santa in your house?

Another very cool site that will keep your kids believing in Santa Claus is The Santa Seeing Santa at the North Pole is fun, but what kids really want is to catch him in their own house. But Santa always sneaks in after they're asleep. What if you set up your video camera on Christmas Eve and woke up the next morning with a video to show your kids of Santa Claus right in your house? The Santa can make it happen. All you need is a photo of the room where you're going to catch Santa, and they'll do the rest.

Now that Santa has created a video message for your child, he might want to send a personal letter, too. Check out Free Santa or Free Letter From Santa to create a free personalized letter from Santa Claus in just a few minutes.

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You simply enter your child's information, get your download link, and print your letter at home immediately. If you'd like to make it even more convincing, you can pay a small fee to get a high-resolution letter with a North Pole envelope at Free Santa or the Nice List certificate and envelope at Free Letter from Santa

Be sure to click the button indicating whether you want the free letter or upgrade after you enter your email. You must select a button after entering your email or the process won't be complete.

(Image copyright: Used with permission)

Create Your Own Personalized Santa Gift - Recordable books for children are great gifts

Here's another great way to keep Santa's magic alive for your child. With Record a Story's Night Before Christmas recordable book, you can read about Santa Claus and record the memory for a special child.

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