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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

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Have you received an invite or are you hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party? Ideas are silly and the sweaters are even sillier at this fun themed Christmas celebration!

From decorations to food and game ideas, you'll find a bunch of great ideas to help get your party planning underway! Get ready for the tackiest, funniest, and ugliest Christmas party you've ever seen!

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Before you go throwing a party, you need to invite people first! What better way to do this than by sending invitations?

The main point of the party is Christmas, and the secondary point would be sweaters, so be sure everyone knows that they have to wear their most festive and ugly Christmas sweater!

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While the main decorations will be worn by the guests, you’ll probably still need to know just how to decorate for an ugly Christmas sweater party! Ideas typically include your regular Christmas decorating habits, but here’s some ugly Christmas sweater party ideas:

  • Photo wall: Set the stage for some great pics by decorating one wall for the sole purpose of taking pictures to savor these ugly moments! Make it some corny, wintery scene with snowmen and tall pine trees, or a warm fireplace background. Be sure to include goofy props like giant candy canes or Santa beards on a stick!
  • Mistletoe: What kind of Christmas party doesn’t have mistletoe? This one should be extra-tacky, though! Make it bulky and oversized, and use doll feet for “toes.”
  • Balloon “Christmas lights”: Buy green party cups, ribbon, and inflate any color balloons you desire. Poke a hole in the bottom of the green cups, slip a loop of ribbon through and tie it to the balloon. Pull tight to get the balloons secured tightly to the cups, and then hang like you would regular Christmas lights! See pictures and more details here.

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In need of a few festive food ideas? ‘Tis the season for good food, so you’re in luck! No matter what theme you are doing for your Christmas party, you need good food!

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  • Weenie wreath: Make pigs in a blanket using small sausages and croissant dough. Arrange them in a circle on a platter like a wreath. Garnish with a bow made from a red bell pepper!
  • Cheesy snowman and crackers: Make a cheese ball snowman giving it a bacon scarf, a carrot nose, and use black olives for the eyes and buttons. Surround it with a few different kinds of crackers for an appetizing appetizer!
  • Festive pretzel rods: You can make these beforehand or have a DIY station for guests to make them however they want. You need pretzel rods, melted chocolate, and things to stick to the chocolate such as M&Ms, sprinkles, nuts, or another chocolate color to drizzle. Be sure to use Christmas colors!
  • Santa punch: Make red punch, mix with a fizzy soda such as ginger ale or Sprite, plop in some green sorbet and you have a wonderful holiday beverage!

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Reindeer aren’t the only species playing games during the holiday season! In order to throw a successful ugly Christmas sweater party, you not only need a bunch of ugly sweaters, but you need some games to play, too! Here’s some ugly Christmas sweater party ideas for you:

  • Ugly sweater contest: Okay, not everyone who comes to an ugly Christmas sweater party will be wearing an ugly sweater. It’s important that you actually vote on the ugliest one, not the funniest one. You can, however, choose to have a few different awards: Ugliest sweater, funniest sweater, most creative, most time spent, best theme, etc.
  • Gingerbread house contest: Put together a few teams to assemble the tackiest gingerbread house they can! Allot a modest amount of time, like 20 minutes, so that it doesn’t take up too much party time!
  • That’s a wrap!: We wrap so many presents at Christmas time, but what about wrapping people? In this game, everyone will divvy up into teams of three or four, with one of the teammates being the one who gets wrapped. Provide cheap rolls of wrapping paper, tape, and ribbon, then set the timer for five minutes, the teams will do the rest! Presents must line up when time is called and be judged to find the winner!


Handing out favors at a party is a common courtesy that is a polite way to say ‘thank you’ and signal the end of the party. For any Christmas party, you can always get away with baking some yummy Christmas cookies.

Although everyone loves leaving parties with sweets and treats, but the best favor anyone is to never wear these ugly Christmas sweaters again!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Challenge


Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on November 12, 2014:

Unfortunately, I'd have to go out and buy an ugly sweater to participate. :) But this is a very fun idea that's pretty popular. Voted up and useful! Cheers!

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