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Free Printable Santa Letters


Thrill your kids with a letter from Santa Claus this year! December is a month of anticipation. Children love to hear stories about Santa, they enjoy holiday themed movies, they love to write a letter to Santa, and they love to get a letter from Santa too. This lens will show you some of the best places online to get a free and printable letter from the big man himself. Find free printable letter templates, writing ideas, holiday clipart and more on these pages. You will also find a few companies that will mail out a letter from Santa.

If your child writes a letter to Santa and mails it to Santa Claus, The North Pole and puts a return address on the envelope they will get a letter back and this service is free. Thank you USPS! Hurry and do it now before time runs out. If you would rather print the letter out yourself, choose one of the sites listed below.

Free Letter From Santa

Printable Letter To Santa from Feelin' Crafty

Printable Letter To Santa from Feelin' Crafty

BlueMountain.Com Printable Santa Letter


Get your 8 1/2" x 11" paper ready. It can be white, colored or even have a pre-printed design on it for this Santa letter. Just follow the easy directions and before you know it, you will have a beautiful Santa letter with your child's name on it. Start the holidays off with a note from everyone's one favorite toy maker this December. What's better than a free letter?

You can find all sorts of free stuff on and it's going to be one of your favorite sites ... really it will!

Tot Schooling Printable Santa Letter

Tot Schooling Printable Santa Letter



Noella Designs Brings You 12 Santa Letter Templates To Choose From.

Noella Designs Brings You 12 Santa Letter Templates To Choose From. has a free, printable Santa letter design ... in fact, it has 12 of them. The one pictured has trains on it, but you can also find Penguins, Snowmen, Sleighs, Holly, Santa, Toys, An Elf, The North Pole, Polar Bears, click on the picture and see for yourself. There are spots to fill in information so the letter is personal. It will ask for your child's name, your town, a chore, a gift, a teacher's name, and more. Your child will feel that Santa knows them. What could be more thrilling at Christmas time than that?

Free Printable Dear Santa Letters - RainingHotCoupons.Com

These Dear Santa Printable Letters Are Free And You Can Choose From 5 Different Designs.

These Dear Santa Printable Letters Are Free And You Can Choose From 5 Different Designs.

RainingHotCoupons.Com has 5 different styles of Dear Santa letters for you to pick from. The choices are:

  • Pink Presents
  • Santa Design
  • Snowman Design
  • Christmas Tree Design
  • Reindeer Design

Boys and girls will find just the right design here ... let them pick out the picture and design they like best and the best part is the letters are free so you can print out as many as you like. Let your child write a different Santa letter every day! You can also print out a letter from Santa to your child!

Edison The Elf

Edison The Elf is a great site where you will find an easy to write and print letter to Santa. There are four easy steps to the letter writing process.

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STEP 1 is a simple choice ... click on one button to answer a question.

Have You Been Good This Year?

The choices are:

  • A) SORT OF
  • C) VERY
  • STEP 2 lets your child pick a few toys to put on the letter.
  • STEP 3 asks for a name, a town and a parent's email address.
  • STEP 4 allows you to preview and print your child's letter to Santa!

This letter is fun, easy and free. You can also find out more about Edison the Elf including fun facts like he is 364 people years old and weighs as much as 1504 candy canes!

More Free Christmas Printables

  1. I Heart Nap Time has 15 Christmas printables for you to check out.
  2. Lots Of Christmas Math Games, Name Games, Word Find Games, Tic Tac Toe, And More.
  3. 100 Christmas Printables! including banners and decorations.

A Red And White Santa Letter

I Found This Red And White Santa Letter at Mommy By Day Crafter At  I love this look for the holidays!

I Found This Red And White Santa Letter at Mommy By Day Crafter At I love this look for the holidays!

Santa is going to like getting this letter, it's so Christmasy! I found it at a site called and there's also a green and white one. Lovely for the upcoming holidays for your child's Dear Santa letter. Visit the site to print out one or both of these letters and find lots more fun ideas for you and your kids.

Baby's First Christmas Printable Santa Letter

The Santa Letter For Baby's First Christmas!  I Found This Unusal Santa Letter On Santa Letters And Gifts.

The Santa Letter For Baby's First Christmas! I Found This Unusal Santa Letter On Santa Letters And Gifts.

You Can Also Write A Letter To Santa Claus

Start Off Saying Hello

Dear Santa,

I can't wait for you to come to my house on Christmas Eve. I will leave you and the reindeer a special snack - Christmas cookies and milk! I am dreaming of all the wonderful toys you are going to bring me and can't wait to see them. I've been a good girl ( or boy) this year and just wanted to thank you now for all the wonderful things you do.

Some of the gifts I am dreaming of are a bike, a computer, a game boy, some Hello Kitty pj's and a pretty doll...tell Santa the gifts you are hoping to find on Christmas morning under your tree.

Tell Santa why you deserve these presents. Tell him some of the good things you have done this year.

Remember to thank Santa for everything he has ever left you and for the gifts he will leave you again this year. Also tell him to say hello to the reindeer for you!

Writing a letter to Santa is very easy and it's fun!

Free Printable Letter From Santa


More Free, Printable Letters From Santa Claus

Free Santa Letter from Easy Free Santa Letter


Easy Free Santa Letters

Send your kids a free Santa letter from

Pick your letter, add a "Magic Message", read your letter and then send it out. It's easy as can be and it's time to send this letter out now. Early to mid-December is the time to get your letter out in the mail and that's what time it is right now. Get your letter out today!

Santa Writing Letter From


Send Free Letters From Santa Claus to Your Child

This picture is from where you can find several different sites and templates to pick from, each will have a different picture and image to choose from. And best of all, these letters from Santa Claus are all free. Just think about the smile on your child's face when they open up their very own letter from the big guy himself.

In December there is only one thing better than a letter from Santa and that's a visit from him on Christmas Eve to leave presents under the tree. Here is the link you need to see these great letter ideas ...

Free Printable Santa Letterhead

A Creative And Free Letter From Santa

A Creative And Free Letter From Santa

Find More Free Letters From Santa

Another Free Printable Santa Letter


I'd Love To Hear What Your Santa Letter Will Say!

HalloweenRecipes (author) on October 13, 2021:

Dear Santa, Dearest Santa, My Dearest Santa, Santa Darling ... which one should I start my letter with?

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