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Christmas Coloring Pages

Most of these free Christmas coloring pages feature a woodcut look, which gives kids nice, thick lines to restrain their crayons. There's a joyful puppy and cow wishing your children "Moo-ry Christmas," as well as other animal friends and a dinosaur who have come wearing their Santa hats to wish you happy holidays.

If you want the coloring pages to turn out extra special and even be suitable for use by your children as holiday cards to give to friends or relatives, print these on the heaviest cardstock your printer will allow, leaving room for a handwritten message at the bottom of the pages. Then, let your children use different colors of glitter glue to fill in the coloring pages. The results will be beautiful and festive, and your kids can give a holiday greeting that will really make them feel proud!

Download the Christmas Coloring Pages Here

Click a small image to see the larger version of the coloring page. If you have a PC, you can then just right-click on the image and save it to your hard drive.

More Christmas Coloring Fun

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sawaly on February 26, 2012:

the cow is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute because i like chiristmaas picturs

Carla Chadwick (author) from Georgia on November 07, 2010:

Thanks, Jamie! I like the cow too. :-)

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Jamie Brock from Texas on November 07, 2010:

Love these!! How cute is the Christmas cow one?!

Carla Chadwick (author) from Georgia on January 01, 2010:

Santa Claus, I think there was a misunderstanding. There was no hijacking. I simply placed a news feed in this hub that links out to Santa-related news. The idea was to give exposure to news from various sources. I'm not sure which article you're referring to, because the articles change all the time depending on which blogs have published news lately. My apologies if the feed linked to copy on another site featured in the feed that was stolen from you or that you feel was inappropriate in any other way. Please let me know if the article is still linked from this page and I will address it.

Santa Claus on December 31, 2009:

I noticed you linked your website to a news release The Santa Claus Foundation published, announcing that its founder just won the 2009 international Peace Prize from an organization in Turkey. Readers wanting to read the release you hijacked are invited to visit:

Carla Chadwick (author) from Georgia on November 17, 2008:

Thanks a lot! You're welcome to link to any of my hubs. They're all listed here:

Anyone who reads this should visit Art and Lifestyle's paintings. She's very talented!

Art And Lifestyle from Georgia USA on November 17, 2008:

Those are great. If you don' t mind i will link to this page from my art blog!

Carla Chadwick (author) from Georgia on November 14, 2008:

You're welcome, RGraf! I hope your kids enjoy them.

Rebecca Graf from Wisconsin on November 14, 2008:

Thank you so much. I could really use these with my kids.

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