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Free Animated Christmas Cards

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Where to Find the Best Free Animated Christmas Cards Online

Many sites used to offer free e-cards, but it's getting harder to find them. Even Amazon stopped offering free electronic cards. But you can still find high-quality free animated Christmas cards online at the sites below. Some of them offer all-free cards all the time, while others have a selection of both free and premium cards, and some only offer premium cards, but you can send them at no-cost if you sign up for a free trial membership. Happy holidays!

(Image credit: JibJab)

Free Animated Christmas Cards at Smilebox - Personalize your animated card with your own photos and message

Smilebox is a service that lets you create animated cards and slideshows that you personalize with your own photos, text and choice of music. They have hundreds of designs for all occasions, and they're all free. No matter how many cards you create, it won't cost you anything as long as you don't mind having ads displayed next to your card. If you don't like the ads, sign up for the free trial. You'll get all the premium features - such as ad-free, full-screen versions of your creations and the ability to print your creations or burn them to disc - at no cost for two weeks.

Free Animated Christmas Cards at JibJab

The popular Elf Yourself site is powered by JibJab, and if you'd like to see what else JibJab has to offer, check out their holiday ecards Starring You!. Like Elf Yourself, their Sendables Starring You allow you to insert your own face(s) into animated greeting cards. Scrooge yourself, star in A Farting Carol or become part of It's a JibJab Life and others.You'll need to become a member to access many of the cards, but you can get a few free, including the Christmas snowball fight card. They also have free funny ecards that aren't part of the Starring You! series that lets you add your face.

free animated christmas cards at

free animated christmas cards at

Free Animated Christmas Cards at

Send a free e-card and help save the rainforest has some really wonderful free animated Christmas cards, and every one you send helps make the world a better place. Care2 make a donation to an environmental nonprofit to save one square foot of rainforest for every card sent. The site also donates 5% of its revenues to leading nonprofits.

One of my favorite holiday cards here is one called "King," which was designed by Camilla Eriksson and is shown here. It shows Santa Claus riding on the back of a polar bear to visit Jesus' manger. The artwork is beautiful, and I love the background music of "The Little Drummer Boy." They also have funny cards for Christmas, as well as a wide selection of cards for other occasions.

Image credit: Camilla Eriksson at

free animated christmas card from from 123greetings

free animated christmas card from from 123greetings

Free Animated Christmas Cards at 123Greetings

All free, all the time

123Greetings has been around for a long time and has stayed completely free while many other e-card sites have changed to a split model, where some of the cards are free and some are only available through membership or some other fee. But at 123Greetings, it's all free, all the time. They've got a large selection of cards for Christmas and all occasions. The site is ad-supported, so both you and your card recipient will see ads when viewing cards on the site, but they don't appear in the card itself.

Note: I've found that cards from 123Greetings sometimes get caught in the spam filter. If you're sending a card from here and your recipient doesn't get it, tell them to check their junk mail folder.

(Image copyright


Free Animated Christmas Cards at American Greetings

Access over 4000 cards with a free trial

American Greetings is one of America's top greeting card publishers, so it's no wonder they also have a great selection of electronic cards. You'll find over 4000 ecards on their site, with new cards added every month. But they make it easy to sort through the thousands of options to find the card you want by breaking them into categories. You can browse by recipient, tone (such as funny, cute, religious, etc), and features such as "add a photo" or "add a video," or you can search by keyword. All the cards are high quality, and user ratings can tell you which ones are most popular. You'll need to sign up for a trial membership to send cards, but it's a 14-day free trial, so there's no cost as long as you cancel before the trial ends.

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What's Your Favorite Site With Free Animated Christmas Cards?

Vortrek Grafix on January 16, 2014:

goanimate is also an option. You can create your own simple videos from templates and give characters lines to say.

derek-zary on December 11, 2013:

apparently, there are none, Just officemax, and it doesn't work!!!

derek-zary on December 11, 2013:

JIBJAB - LIARS!! no free e-cards at all!!

suepogson on January 06, 2013:

That was fun!

Ann Scaling Tucker from Enid, OK on December 20, 2012:

123Greetings. Thanks, I hadn't thought about animated card for several years. This is a fun site. Have a great holiday season.

christianstores on November 13, 2012:

these animated christmas cards are soo cool. way better than the traditional ones. awesome lens! Grade A for this! =D

karen-stephens on November 03, 2012:

great idea.. i always liked these..

Vortrek Grafix on December 26, 2011:

Jib Jab is especially cool because you can upload your own photos and crop them to fit various characters. We just did two of them. Only took a few minutes each, and we shared them with everyone we knew via email. These things are quick and simple, and very amusing! Thanx for the feedback on other free sites. This lens gets added to our favorites. Happy Holidays...

angielichtenstein on December 06, 2011:


GraceKing on December 02, 2011:

good idea to have animated xmas cards, I never thought it but will give it a try!

Randoggle on December 22, 2010:

Great lense thanks for sharing. A revisit indeed!

anonymous on December 03, 2010:

I Love this lens! It is wonderful! Thank you.

lasertek lm on December 20, 2009:

Must agree that it is pretty difficult to find free printable cards online. Use to be getting cards from Amazon but ever since they have stopped offering I've been looking for the best site that will allow me to send free e-cards. I will check each and every site you've posted here. Thanks for coming up with this lens. 5*

Merry Christmas! Hope you could visit my lenses and be a fan of my fb page. Thanks again

anonymous on December 15, 2009:

I like, this is a great lens! 5*

Merry Christmas,


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