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Flower Birthday Cake


Two Kinds Of Flower Birthday Cake

A flower birthday cake can be either of two kinds, a traditional cake in a flower shape or decorated with edible flowers and very floral in design. Or a non edible flower birthday cake made entirely from fresh flowers.

The birthday cake has been a tradition in Western countries since the middle of the 1900's, although it was the Romans who first celebrated birthdays with cake. Their cake was quite unrecognizable to what we class as cake though, more of a bread sweetened with honey. These days, birthday cakes come in all shapes, sizes and flavors, the flower birthday cake being a popular choice.

If you're looking for an alternative birthday cake, a non edible, but decorative flower birthday cake is a contemporary choice.

Flower Birthday Cake For Decoration

If you're looking for a birthday cake with a difference, how about one that you can't actually eat?! There are reasons for not having an edible birthday cake such as food intolerances, allergies, dieting or maybe the recipient just isn't into cake.

For any fan of flowers, a flower birthday cake makes a nice change. Why not have two flower birthday cakes? An edible one and a fresh flower one, it's a creative change from giving a birthday bouquet.

When choosing a fresh flower cake, having it made up from a person's favorite flowers would add a lovely personal touch. A flower cake can be made up of one or many types of different flowers, colors depending on what's available.


How To Make A No Calorie Flower Birthday Cake


Flower Birthday Cakes To Eat

There's so much choice when it comes to choosing an edible flower cake, so many different shapes and colors to choose from. Should the cake be shaped like a flower, decorated with them, or both?

If you're opting for a ready made cake or having it made to your design, make it as personalized as possible.

If you're baking a flower birthday cake yourself, there's lots of tools and decorations that can help make it into a professional looking cake with a real personal touch.

How To Make A Rose Decorated Birthday Cake

How To Make A Flower Birthday Cake

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