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★ Party Theme Ideas For Fancy Dress Parties | Halloween, Birthdays & More ★

Theme Your Costume Parties For More Fun & Frolics!

If you're throwing a fancy dress party, then why not choose a party theme?

Having a party theme is a great idea because it helps guide people in their choice of costume, plus it keeps everyone looking more co-ordinated and part of a group, adding to the fun party mood.

Not only that, but having a theme also means that you can decorate your party venue and plan your food and snacks within the theme, creating a more awesome overall effect!

I hope you find this list useful :-)

Vegas Themed Gambling Party

With edible poker chips and playing cards as decorations.

With edible poker chips and playing cards as decorations.

Vegas & Red Carpet Themed Party Décor

Glitz, glam and casino themed parties are popular for adults as they allow you to get dressed up in dresses and suits (and bling!) and pretend you're a movie star. The following props will allow you to achieve the look you want:

Costume Party Theme Ideas

- Choose a letter of the alphabet so that all costume characters/objects must start with that letter.

- Choose a colour theme, and people dress all in that colour, or as characters/objects of that colour. E.g. Silver = Tin man, Red = tomato

- 'Song' theme; so people have to dress as song titles - such as 'Lady in Red', 'Goldfinger' etc

- Book theme; so you have to dress as a book character OR pick a specific book e.g. Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland, and people have to dress as characters from that one book series.

- Roald Dahl theme

- Film theme; so you have to dress as a film character OR pick a specific film e.g. James Bond, Moulin Rouge or Wizard of Oz (musicals are a good choice), and people have to dress as characters from that one film series.

- Moustache party; where you have to have an interesting moustache which can be drawn on, stuck on, or you can make your own moustache on a stick:

Click here to see how to make your own.

- Have a poppy seed beard and moustache party where people style their own moustaches and beards from poppy seeds and (safe and water soluble!) glue.

Click here for inspiration.

- Pick a decade, and ask people to dress in the fashions of that era.

E.g. 80's = Rubik's cube/80's pop star, 20's = flapper girl etc

- Cartoon characters e.g. Spongebob Square Pants, Homer Simpson

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- Childhood TV characters - for instance, I could be a Power Ranger!

- Celebrities e.g. David Beckham, Madonna etc

- TV character e.g. Ugly Betty, Sue Sylvester from Glee, Chandler Bing, Spok

- Toga Party

- Ancient Egyptians e.g. Cleopatra.

Click here for inspiration.

- Heroes and/or Villains e.g. Batman, The Joker

- Pirates and wenches

- Tarts and vicars

- Click here for the top kid and adult party themes.

Comic Superhero Party

More Halloween Party Themes

- Wig, hat and/or mask theme, where everyone wears a funny wig, hat and/or mask.

- Toy theme e.g. Barbie, action man, toy soldier

- Cops and Robbers

- Disney characters; there is a huge choice of talking candlesticks, magic carpets, princesses, genies and evil witches e.g. Snow white, Jafar, Jasmine, Aladdin etc

- Horror Movie theme, were you dress as your favourite character from a scary movie e.g. the girl from 'The Ring', Freddie Krueger etc.

- Just a 'scary' theme with people dressing as witches, devils and other usual Halloween outfits.

- Inanimate object theme, where people dress as objects like Rubik's cube/toilet roll/disco ball etc

- Woodland theme e.g, pixie, centaur, lumberjack, tree/ent from Lord of the Rings

- How about a Willy Wonka themed party?

- 7 deadly sins

- Robin Hood

- Royalty theme, where you dress as real or fantasy kings, queens, princes and princesses e.g. The Queen, Prince Charming, the evil Queen in Snow White

- High Fashion night - go Catwalk crazy with crazy 'couture' fashion outfits such as huge hats and dresses made of balloons!

- Weather theme.

- London Underground stations;

Click here for people's ideas or here.

- Circus theme

- Hawaiian theme - you could make loads of cocktails in funky glasses with little umbrellas and sparklers.

- Tim Burton characters; from Edward Scissorhands to Sweeney Todd; like this.

Murder Mystery Party

Fab idea for the theatrical types amongst you!

Fab idea for the theatrical types amongst you!


Fun Fancy Dress Party Ideas

- Superheroes theme.

- Pick a fashion trend from the past, such as Punk/Mod/Hippy styles.

- Pick a country or city as the theme e.g. New York, Britain, Paris, Australia, the Arctic etc.

- Cross dressing, where girls dress as boys and vice versa.

- Computer game characters e.g. from Worms, Pac-man or Mario Bros.

- 'Sporting Heroes/Icons' theme, where you can dress up as people like Roger Federer, David Beckham, Usain Bolt etc.

Or you could just choose a sport theme like Tennis/Wimbledon or Baseball.

- Back to school party, with everyone in school uniform.

- Beach party.

- Bollywood or Hollywood glamour theme.

- Doctor Who

- 007 party.

- Heaven and Hell.

- Gangsters and molls.

- Tasteless party, with everyone in their worst clashing prints and awful fashion no-nos!

- Masquerade.

- Medieval theme, with knights, peasants and fair maidens.

- Pyjama party.

- Retro theme.

- Sci-fi.

- Wild west, with cowboys, cowgirls and red Indians.

- A Mad Scientist themed party.

- Dress up as a statue or famous monument.

- Stereotype party e.g. dress as a typical tourist, posh toff etc.

- Ugly sweater party - particularly good for Christmas parties.

- Geek/nerd party

- Old people theme - dressing up with wrinkled tights and wigs!

Hobbit Party

More Fun Theme Ideas

Pirate Themed Party

With skull heads, a pirate scarecrow, an outdoor 'plank', a treasure chest and more!

With skull heads, a pirate scarecrow, an outdoor 'plank', a treasure chest and more!

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