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Fairy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

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Fairy Costumes

Fairy Halloween costumes are among the most colorful and diverse I've seen out there, and can be used for little girls, or for those with a little girl still in them.

There are also great and attractive fairy costumes for the ladies wanting to sport the more mature look, while even showing a little bit of a dark and mischievous side.

If you enjoy the fantasy side of life, including stories and scenarios, you'll probably enjoy dressing yourself, children or grandchildren as a fairy, as it brings out that wonderful imagination and role playing we all are captivated by.

For whatever reason though, fairy costumes are gorgeous, and look fantastic on those who make the right choices.

I've even found an example of someone that dressed up their little dog in homemade fairy wings. How cute is that? You'll see it below.

Fairy Costumes

Looking at the homemade fairy costume below shows why it's such a wonderful costume choice for those with little girls. It doesn't get much cuter or better than dressing her up like a little nymph, even with a simple but cute costume like this one.

Homemade Fairy Costume


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Little Girl with Pink Fairy Costume

Here's another precious and beautiful little fairy costume on this little girl. Of course it doesn't hurt that the little darling is giving the smile of her life to enhance the experience. But these types of smiles are a common thread with these cute little girls. A fairy costume is wonderfully accentuated by these pretty little tots.

Cute Pink Fairy Costume


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Halloween Fairy Costume with Fall Colors and Design

With fall and Halloween day being part of one another, choosing a fairy costume with the colors of autumn are an added bonus, and a very compelling costume for your little girl.

Below is a gorgeous example of that, with the beautiful orange, yellow and green of the autumn season included in the design. And how about those cute maple leaves as the wings? Fantastic!

Fall Colors Fairy Halloween Costume


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Fairy Costumes are Great for a Group

These three women dressed as what appear to represent "wood fairies" is a great way to have fun as a group. Also included here with the two woman on the left is the inclusion of the fall color motif. The grey colored fairy costume also looks smashing.

Because fairies can be depicted in numerous ways, they're a great choice for those wanting to dress up in costumes as part of a theme.

Group Adult Fairy Costumes


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Pretty Green Adult Fairy Costumes

We're transitioning now to green as the color of choice for a fairy costume for adult women, and as you can see, they're outstanding and unique. You get the feel of an adult Tinkerbell when looking at them.

One element to look at is the difference in how wings are portrayed in different fairy costumes. They really make a big difference in how they look.

Green Adult Fairy Costumes


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Pink Tulip Fairy

After the fact I found this really cute Tulip fairy Halloween costume which I had to include in the article. It's such a cute, pink girlish costume, but those wonderful, almost elfish slippers were what really attracted my attention, causing great delight.

Infant Tulip Fairy Costume


Mermaid Costume

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Fairy Wings on Dog

We'll finish off this look at fairy costumes with this adorable little dog with fairy wings. How amazing is it to think of your little girl and dog going out together on Halloween in these types of cute costumes? Even if you don't bring the dog with you, the accompanying pictures are worth the effort, as you can see here.

Little Dog with Fairy Wings


Halloween Fairy Costumes

Fantasy, whimsy, vibrant colors, and cute costumes. All of these describe the decision to include a fairy costume as part of your Halloween repertoire for your family. You can see why they're so enjoyable, and it could easily be a great mother/daughter choice too.

Another great use would be for cosplay at Cons or other types of events where fantasy costumes fit in so well.

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