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Ever After High Birthday Party Theme Ideas & Supplies


Ever After High Birthday Party Theme

Plan an enchanting Ever After High birthday party theme for you little rebel. Find Ever After High birthday party supplies and ideas for decorations, invitations, favors cake decorating,food, games and more to create a magical party you'll child will remember forever.Mattels doll line which also has a web series, follows the lives of teenagers who are the children of famous fairy tale characters. They all attend Ever After High school. If all this sounds fimilar that's because EAH is a spinoff from Mattels hugely popular doll brand Monsters High. Although there are some similarities between the doll lines and webisodes, E.A.H fans will probably feel that characters such as Raven and Apple are a little more relatable.If your daughter has been following along with the shows and wants to theme their birthday around it, we've got some creative Ever After High birthday party ideas to help you on your way. Official supplies are not available yet but we'll keep this page regularly updated...For now here are a few tips you can use for this party theme.

Ever after high photo party Invitations

Ever after high photo party Invitations

Ever After High Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

The best place to find Ever After high birthday invitations is etsy. We've found some sellers who have some beautifully designed invites that can be personalized and customized with details to suit your needs. Check out the photo invites available at digitalparties etsy store. The official E.A.H site also has free templates for Ever After high party invitations if your looking for something simple to quickly use for your party. All you have to do is simply download them to your computer and print them off.You could also make your own Ever After High birthday party invites, this would need you to get your creative juices flowing but it would be a lovely personal touch. What ever you decide to make, a little glitter will work no matter what.

damask balloon set perfect for Royals decorations

damask balloon set perfect for Royals decorations

Ever After High Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Your Ever After High birthday decorations can be set up in many ways because all the characters seem to have their own thing going. The colors used for the badge can be utilised as the main colors for the theme. Colors like purple, black,gold and wine red all feature on it. Solid colored streamers, banners and confetti in these colors are all easy to pick up from stores and are relatively inexpensive too. If your daughter has a favorite character or group you could decorate the party to show this. The rebels lead by Raven, like to be dawned in a lot of purple. While the Royals lead by Apple, always have a splash of pink or red in their outfits. (Although there are characters who have a bit of both from each group and some who have completely different colors like Goldie Locks) Depending on who she likes best you can pick and choose items to represent this in your Ever After high party decorations. Aslo add a few touches of damask stye decoration as part of the Ever After High party décor as this is common pattern on a lot of the characters attire.

Elegant Damask Princess Party Supplies

Elegant Princess Damask Party Supplies

Elegant Princess Damask Party Supplies

For party plates and tableware a lot of the items available in the Elegant Damask Princess Party supplies set offer designs and patterns great for this theme. The main dinner plates have a beautiful black and white damask border and feature a crown in the center and the word Princess printed beneath. This pattern is consistent on the napkins and cups too and would be perfect for a party with a heavy Royals infleunce.

Key Place Card Holders

Printable Ever After High Party Kit

Ever After High Birthday Party Kit

Ever After High Birthday Party Kit

For adding a little color and matching themed décor to your party, this printable Ever After High kit will come in handy for making DIY decorations. The pack contains templates for a birthday banner that will read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", cupcake toppers and wrappers, birthday sign, gift tags, menu cards, invitations and thank you cards, water bottle wrappers, candy wrappers and more. Click the image to find out more.

Ever After High Inspired Birthday Balloons


Ever After High Birthday Party Cake Decorations and Ideas

To make a special Ever After High birthday cake you could make or have someone make a cake that resembles the story book of legends. A book cake pan will help you get the shape before decorating with icing you feel comfortable with. Another idea would be to make a standing doll cake of her favorite character would be awesome as well. In fact wilton have a great kit for making this kind of cake The dolls themselves make great Ever After High cake decorations. After you have a beautiful cake made let it be the base to feature your daughters favorite doll - as a little surprise this could be the doll she's been asking for. For a quick and easy decoration which is easily customizable use an edible cake image. Ebay has a few edible images with great designs that can be personalized to include messages and more. If your planning on making scrumptious cupcakes decorate them with pink or purple frosting and some pearl sprinkles just to give them that royal look. Top them of by using these E.A.H cupcake topper templates to make cute Ever After High cupcake toppers.

Damask Cupcake Topper and Wrapper Set

Pink Crown cookies

Pink Crown cookies

Ever After High Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

Providing a few Ever After High party favors would be perfect way to close the chapter on a wonderful party. The thing is you really don't have to break the bank to have glamorous favors that all your guests will love. Try some of these DIY favors: Make your own purse favor boxes by printing these free purse favor box templates onto cardstock paper, cutting them out and then folding and gluing it together. Use patterned or colored paper to make them look more eyecatching and a ribbon to tie the purse closed would be a nice little touch too. Make crown and heart with wings cookies to represent the two groups, the girls can take their pick. To get the shape simply use a cookie cutter, Wilton have set which includes heart with wings cookie cutter that would be great for rebel cookies and crown cookie cutters are pretty easy to find. Another fun idea would be to make hair bows for each child. This may sound a little difficult but Pinksofoxy has a great video tutorial showing you how to make hair bows that can be clipped into hair. It is easy to follow and the ony materials she uses is ribbon, a glue gun and a hair clip. A common theme in Ever After High is decide your own destiny but a great game that many people would have played when they were younger which puts your destiny in the hands of someone else is the cootie catcher or fortune teller games. You could make a few of these and have them themed around EAH or just have fun by including a few silly fortunes. If it's been a while since you made one of these and you need a tutorial Heather Hinchliffe Rode has a great tutorial here. This can also be reserved as a fun craft activity where the girls can make their own cootie catchers. Photo Credit: Sharon Drummond

Ever After High Party Favor Ideas

Add a Few of these favors inspired by E.A.H into their favor boxes.

Royal Or Rebel?

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