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Egyptian Belly Dance Costumes

Halloween is fun for children and adults. I was noted for my annual Halloween parties & creative costumes & really enjoy this time of year.


Egyptian Belly Dance Halloween Costumes

Belly dance costumes aren't just for Halloween. Women wear them for belly dance classes and there are many professional dancers who need costumes.

Where can you buy the best Egyptian Belly Dance Costumes? Check out the variety featured below. You can mix and match from the selection of elegant belly dance bras and hip scarves.

All images are credited to Amazon or eBay.

Egyptian Belly Dance Costume with a Coin Bra and Full Skirt - Great choice for an Egyptian Belly Dance Costume

Marvelous full skirt, a waistband of coins and a bra with coins. Very glamorous.

Belly Dance Hip Scarf - with coins

Click through to one of these to see more colors. There's red, purple, blue, and so many other colors to choose from.

Get Started

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First Steps in Belly Dancing - a Video Tutorial

Do You Want to Belly Dance?

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Purple Belly Dance Top - Sequins and Diamonds

What Makes Belly Dancing Special?

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Costume or Dance Outfit? - Why do you need a belly dancing costume?

Red Dancer Costume

Make Your Own Dance Veils

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Hair and Make-Up to Go with Your Costume

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Make Your Own Lovely Belly Dance Costume

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Here's a Final Video to Get You Inspired

Tell Me What You Like in a Costume - Have you purchased any of these Belly Dancing Costumes?

Spiderlily321 on October 16, 2012:

I haven't purchased any but I do like them. Great ideas here. Thank you

MatijaB LM on September 16, 2012:

Yes I purchased one of those costumes for my wife last year.

barbiefashionistas on September 14, 2012:

I love these belly dancer dresses, maybe one day I will make a course and dance for Ken.

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