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Easter Jokes: Cute Jokes for Kids, Christian Jokes

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Entertain your kids with a cute Easter joke!

Entertain your kids with a cute Easter joke!

Humor, during any time of year, is a healthy thing as they say laughter is good for the soul!

What better day for “laughter for the soul” than cracking a few Easter jokes when you’re cracking those eggs on Easter?

Easter jokes, especially for kids, can make the day a lot of fun on top of all of the other great festivities of the Easter holiday!

Along with this list of Easter jokes, we have included funny riddles, poems, and quotes as well! If you want to make some little peeps laugh, give these a try!

Easter Jokes

  • A father went to the pet store to buy an Easter pet for his daughter and he was looking at the chicks and bunnies. He decided to buy the chick because it was “cheeper.”
  • The Easter bunny walks into the store and asks the clerk, “do you have any pickled eggs?” “No,” says the clerk. So the Easter bunny returns the next day and asks the clerk “do you have any pickled eggs?” The clerk replies “No, and if you ask me again, I’ll tape you to the wall!” So the Easter bunny leaves and goes back the next day and asks the clerk “hey, do you have any tape?” The clerk says “no,” in which the Easter bunny says “ok, then do you have any pickled eggs?”
  • Knock, knock! Who's there? Ann. Ann, who? Ann Easter bunny!
  • Knock, knock! Who’s there? Another. Another, who? Another Easter bunny!
  • Knock, knock! Who’s there? Boo. Boo, who? Cheer up, you can’t cry on Easter!

Easter Riddles

  • Why was the Easter egg hiding? Because he was a chicken!
  • Why did the bunny smile after reading the book? Because it had a “hoppy” ending!
  • How does Easter end? With an R, silly!
  • What kind of beans does an Easter bunny grow? Jelly beans!
  • What do you get if you mix a bunny with a bee? A honey bunny!
  • Where do bunnies go after they get married? On a bunnymoon!
  • What happened to the egg after it was told a funny joke? It cracked up!
  • Why do bunnies need brushes? Fo bad hare days!
  • What kind of music do bunnies like to dance to? Hiphop!
  • What day of the week do eggs hate most? Fry-days!

Easter Poems

Jesus Christ, our Savior

Jesus Christ, our Savior

was crucified for our sins

and on this day we call Easter,

Jesus rose again!

Count your lucky jelly beans,

paint your eggs and play.

Don’t forget to paint one for Jesus

For he is the reason for this day!

So celebrate this miracle,

the gift of eternal life.

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Never forget on this holiday

Why Jesus was revived!

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny is comin’ to town

He’ll bring some chocolate,

scattering candy all around!

Jelly beans and colored eggs,

Zigging and zagging on those furry legs!

He’ll leave a basket,

you need not share it,

as each child can get one

for the price of a single carrot!

Easter Quotes

  • “An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest of hares.” --Unknown
  • “Whoever said not to put all of your eggs into one basket clearly never celebrated an Easter!” --Unknown
  • "Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there." --Clarence W. Hall
  • “I lied on my Weight Watchers list; I put down that I had 3 eggs, but they were Cadbury chocolate eggs. --Caroline Rhea
  • A good idea is finding Easter eggs on Easter. A bad idea is finding Easter eggs on Christmas. --Unknown

Turn Your Car into the Easter Bunny!

Celebrating Easter

Although Easter is a fun holiday, it’s important that we not slip away from the true reason that we celebrate this joyous holiday, and that reason is because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It never hurts to incorporate a little truth into the holidays, while making it fun!

For kids, this can be something as simple as an Easter craft project, like cutting a cross out of a piece of paper and writing “I love Jesus because…” or “Jesus loves me because…” Doing such a project every year will help to establish an important tradition of keeping the true meaning of Easter alive!

It also never hurts to crack a few clean Easter jokes in the midst of all things Easter!

Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

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