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Easter Egg Games: Fun Party Ideas


Egg Games for Easter

Easter egg games are great fun for holiday parties or for the kids after their egg hunt. You can also put a game into an Easter basket, or give small ones away as party favors.

I've picked out games for all ages, from toddlers on up. Some are quiet, some are rowdy. Some are good for one person, and some for groups. But all are fun! You'll be playing these egg games well into the summer.

Buy Egg & Spoon Game

There are also links to Easter Egg Games and Activities and Free Online Easter Egg Games. Try out all the games - you can vote on your favorite link, or suggest another link!

Kids love holding an Egg and Spoon Race. Just mark the course, and give each participant one of these long spoons to balance a colorful egg. On the signal, they try to make it to the finish without dropping an egg! And if the races get too easy, you can substitute real eggs...

Haba Dancing Eggs

Roll the action dice, grab an egg, and run - or can you, with the egg between your knees? This is just one of the funny predicaments you'll get into while playing the Haba Dancing Eggs Game. A great game for kids and grown-ups to play together.

Haba Game

Games for Toddlers

You're always looking for games to help your toddler improve fine motor control and practice shape and color matching. These three colorful egg games will have your little one chortling with glee!

Hide N Squeak

Peek N Peep

Express Sorter

Gonge Balancing Egg Game

Place the balancer on your head, then build your egg one slice at a time. Who can balance the most pieces? Can you walk, or sway, or dance, without dropping them? A great game to improve posture and coordination.

Gonge Balance Game

Easter Egg Puzzles

These cute three-dimensional puzzles are about the size of a real egg. When you finish them, you can display them on the stand or hang them as Easter ornaments.

Bunny Jigsaw Puzzle

Chicks Jigsaw Puzzle

Lamb Jigsaw Puzzle

Pre-School Matching Game

This matching game for pre-schoolers helps improve memory, as well as shape and color matching skills. Put each animal half under a half shell, and take turns choosing one until you can assemble an animal. Leave the empty shells in place to add an extra level of difficulty.

Little Tikes Farm 3-D Memory Match-Up

Mexican Easter Eggs

Bright Easter egg pinatas make a lively party game. Fill with toys and treats, and let the children take turns trying to break the egg! Then play outdoors with colorful confetti eggs - throw them down or break them on your friends' heads.

Confetti Eggs

Hatching Chick Pinata

Surprise Easter Eggs

Scatter some of these surprise eggs in your yard - the lucky finder can put them in water and hatch out an Easter pet!

Hide 'Em and Hatch 'Em

Hide a talking Easter Egg around the house - it calls out to your child to find it! It opens to reveal a hidden character, as well as whatever small treats or toys you put inside.

Talking Hide 'Em and Find 'Em

Surprises to hide around the yard. The kids will love finding hatchable dinosaurs, sidewalk chalk, or glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls.


Sidewalk Chalk

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

Don't Scramble The Egg Game

Draw a category card, then toss a ticking egg around the circle while each player calls out answers to the category. Be fast - it'll splat you! Last unsplatted player wins.

Don't Scramble The Egg Game

More Easter Games

Easter Fun & Ideas


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Which Easter egg game would you like?

WriterJanis2 on April 13, 2014:

Haba dancing eggs sounds like a lot of fun.

CherylsArt on March 17, 2014:

So many look adorable. Egg-cellent!

Charito Maranan-Montecillo from Manila, Philippines on March 14, 2014:

Hi. I remember how my nephew as a child had one of those egg games. I myself was fascinated with it!

Treasures By Brenda from Canada on April 02, 2013:

I think I'd like to try one of those Easter Egg shaped jigsaw puzzles. That is, if they are not too hard, LOL.

wadsworth lm on March 27, 2013:

I love Raw Egg Roulette.!

Mary Crowther from Havre de Grace on March 26, 2013:

So many fun games for Easter. Love it!

NC Shepherd on March 25, 2013:

Wow! Who would have guessed there were so many Easter egg games? These look cool.

Sharon Berry from Michigan on March 25, 2013:

I like the Easter egg puzzles.

Darcie French from Abbotsford, BC on March 19, 2013:

Super cute page - I've never seen a kid who doesn't enjoy Easter Egg games :D

hmommers on March 14, 2013:

Wow, how many games you have collected!

John Tannahill from Somewhere in England on February 16, 2013:

These egg games look like fun.

Thamisgith on February 16, 2013:

Great selection of games for Easter.

poutine on February 16, 2013:

Plenty of fun to have with those eggs

Homeschoolfamil1 on February 15, 2013:

What cute ideas! I wish my son and nieces nephews were younger. We always used to enjoy doing Easter egg hunts with them.

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