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Easter Christian Poetry


Christians celebrate Easter as the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. In honor of this special occasion many Easter prayers and poems are shared on this day.

Here is some of my favorite Easter Christian poetry for your enjoyment and inspiration. If you are having a special Easter program, dinner or other affair, please feel free to use any of these selections as we have done throughout the years.


Grandma tried to tell me sweetly

All about the Easter day,

How the Savior died to save us

And in the earth was laid away;

But Jesus was not dead forever,

For when the Easter morning came,

Lo, He rose and left the cavern

And we praise His holy name.

There is more to this great story

That dear Grandma told to me;

For this Savior has the power

From sin and death to set us free;

If we believe His precious promise

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The grave is like an open door

Through which we pass to Christ in heaven

Where we live forevermore!


All the world is keeping Easter;

Every lovely, fragrant flower,

Every glancing, dancing sunbeam,

Even every gentle shower!

O the rain as well as sunshine

Helps to make the world more gay

That it keep the blessed festal

Of the holy Easter day!

Every child should keep the Easter

With a song to Christ the King,

With a heart of glad thanksgiving

For the gifts the Lord doth bring.


If Easter be not true,

Then all the lilies low must lie;

The Flanders poppies fade and die.

The spring must lost her her fairest bloom,

For Christ were still within the tomb...

If Easter be not true.

If Easter be not true

Then faith must mount on broken wing;

Then hope no more immortal spring.

Then hope must lose her mighty urge;

Life prove a phantom, death a dirge...

If Easter be not true.

If Easter be not true,

"Twere foolishness the cross to bear;

He died in vain who suffered there.

What matter though we laugh or cry,

Be good or evil, live or die,

If Easter be not true?

If Easter be not true,

But it is true, and Christ is risen!

And mortal spirit from its prison

Of sin and death with Him may rise!

Worthwhile the struggle, sure the prize,

Since Easter, aye, is true!

Henry H. Barstow, D.D.


Thank you for visiting our hub. If you have any Easter Christian poetry you would like to share, please do so here. For your enjoyment please check out the other links below:

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BIGCSSHOP (author) on March 02, 2012:

Hi Maryna,Thanks so much for stopping by. I am honored that you have chosen to use one of our selections. God Bless You Always!

Maryna on February 21, 2012:

i love these poems i am saying one in church for easter!

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