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How to make your own Earl Hickey & Randy Hickey costumes


How to dress as Earl Hickey and Randy Hickey from "My Name Is Earl"

Here are the simple steps for dressing as Earl and Randy Hickey.

Earl Hickey and his brother Randy are colorful characters from the hit TV show "My Name Is Earl". At least they're colorful in personality. Their styles of dress are very ordinary, which makes Earl & Randy great candidates for easy and fun (and economical!) costumes to pull together for Halloween or any other costumed event.

With simple clothes, a few props, and a lot of attitude, a pair of brothers or friends can be the life of the party as Earl and Randy.

This page is a part of my larger page about Halloween costume ideas for brothers.

This page won an award!

This page won an award!

Earl and Randy Hickey make a great costume idea for two brothers

If you have boys who like humor, this can be a very enjoyable costume for Halloween. Earl and Randy are funny and offbeat characters, but at the same time they show a lot of brotherly love.

These costumes are good for older boys who might not want to wear a bunch of makeup, put on masks, or "dress funny". Compared to some other costume possibilities, Earl and Randy are pretty manly.

And you can pull together these costumes VERY cheaply. You may already have almost everything you would need.


Dressing like Earl

Earl dresses like a stereotypical working-class male (even though he's usually not working!). Clothing similar to his can easily be bought from a thrift store if you don't already have it.

Here's "the list" of clothes you will need to make your Earl Hickey costume.

  1. Earl is most often seen in plaid flannel shirts. The shirts are usually worn unbuttoned with a t-shirt showing underneath.
  2. For pants, he mostly wears blue jeans.
  3. Earl has slightly "big hair" that often looks a little wind-blown. You can either mimic his look with your own hair or use a wig.
  4. A very important part of the Earl Hickey costume is his signature mustache. It's quite thick, so a penciled-in mustache would not be recommended. Go ahead and buy a mustache or stick something else hairy on your upper lip.

Acting like Earl

Since his clothes are so ordinary, the right props and the behaviors are a crucial part of doing an Earl Hickey costume.

Here are the things you need to do to really embody Earl.

  1. Obviously, Earl's most important prop is his hallowed list. It's a folded piece of paper that he keeps in his shirt pocket. On the paper, he has written down a numbered list of all the wrong things he's ever done. This could be an opportunity to have some fun with the costume. Try thinking up some humorous "sins" to put on your own list!
  2. Earl has some great facial expressions. Often he shows a look that suggests deep and serious contemplation as he thinks about situations he is in. And one of his most famous expressions is the single raised eyebrow. If you don't know how to raise one eyebrow by itself, here's a tutorial video: How to raise one eyebrow.
  3. If you're photographed while in your Earl costume, be sure to close your eyes. One of the running gags on "My Name Is Earl" is that every time Earl has his picture taken, his eyes are closed.
  4. Remember that both Earl and Randy have Southern accents.
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Stuff you might use to put together your Earl Hickey costume

The list!

On "My Name Is Earl", Earl Hickey keeps a numbered list of all the bad things he has ever done. His life mission is to atone for every one of his misdeeds.

For a costume party, it could be a lot of fun to have some goofy transgressions written down for Earl's list.

Do you have any ideas for something funny to put on an Earl Hickey "list"? Share them here:

Dressing like Randy

Similar to Earl, Randy Hickey's clothes are simple and suggestive of the working class.

You can probably find the clothes you need for a Randy costume at a thrift store.

  1. Randy is typically seen in solid color shirts made from soft material. Just like his brother Earl, Randy will often wear his shirt open, with a t-shirt underneath. Sometimes he will wear a sleeveless hoodie over a t-shirt.
  2. He usually wears dark-colored pants.
  3. Randy usually looks like he has a few day's growth of whiskers, but not a full beard. If a young person is doing this costume, you can draw in some whiskers. For an adult man, just don't shave for a couple of days before your costume party.
  4. If you're not as chubby as Randy, you might want to wear some padding.

Acting like Randy

Randy's attire is so unremarkable that no one will know you are in costume unless you act the part.

Here's how to act like Randy Hickey.

  1. Randy's most obvious trait is that he's dumb. While you're in character as Randy, you'll be most convincing if you act like you don't really understand anything complicated or deep.
  2. You should keep a slightly dazed expression on your face.
  3. Randy is easily "wowed" and will be awestruck at things that strike his fancy.
  4. Overall, Randy is not very courageous, and in particular he is afraid of birds.
  5. Most of all, Randy is devoted to his big brother. More than anything, he wants be a part of Earl's life and Earl's activities. So stick close to your costume partner.
  6. Remember that both Earl and Randy have Southern accents.

Items you might use for a Randy Hickey costume

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