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Make Your Dog an Easter Basket!


Fun Easter Baskets for Dogs

Make a beautiful Easter basket for your dog and share the fun. Dogs love toys and treats just like people do, and there are lots of pretty Easter-themed gifts perfect for filling a basket.

Include your puppy in the Easter festivities. You can hide treats or treat balls and let him find them, or you can let him smell out his basket. Use a sturdy metal pail or canvas tote bag as a basket, so it won't matter if he shakes it a bit when he finds it!

Dog Who Saved Easter

Remember to be safe - don't let your buddy eat treats made for humans. Chocolate and too much sugar can make him sick. I've found you some really cute Easter treats and toys made just for dogs, so he can enjoy the holiday along with the family.

Dog Treats for Easter Baskets

Make sure the treats in your dog's basket are safe and healthy. These are made of flavors dogs love with human-grade ingredients and safe, all-natural dyes.

Carrot Cake for Dogs

Sammy Squirrel Cookies

Flower Cookies for Dogs

Edible Doggie Easter Cards

These are just the greatest idea! Easter cards of thin crunchy rawhide, decorated with non-toxic water-based inks. Each comes with a mailing envelope too, so you can send them to friends. Top off your Easter basket with a card - you'll love the pretty design, and your dog will love the tasty rawhide.

Hoppy Easter Edible Card

Some Bunny Loves You Edible Card

An Easter Treat Edible Card

Make Easter Dog Treats

Make your own Easter dog treats to meet special dietary needs, or tickle your dog's taste buds, or just for the pure fun of creativity! Make up a dog treat recipe from one of the links below and cut out fancy Easter or dog-themed biscuits.

Easter Cookie Cutter Set

Dog Bone Cookie Cutter Set

Dog Toys for Easter Baskets

Be sure to include a toy for your buddy! Lots of play is good for pets, and she'll love for you to throw and catch some chicks and bunnies with her.

Squeaky No-Stuff Bunny

Bunny & Eggs Toy

Cheeping Plush Dog Toy

Easter Eggs for Dogs

The Jolly Pets Egg is a sturdy ball for dogs who love to chase and fetch. The egg design makes it roll, wobble, and bounce unpredictably, to keep the game exciting.

And just how tough is it? Read this review from a lion and tiger rescue - the big cats love them!

Jolly Pets 12-Inch Red Plastic Egg

Jolly Pets 8-Inch Yellow Plastic Egg

Doggie "Basket"

Instead of a woven basket that your dog may tear up, display his treats in one of these bright-colored collapsible silicone bowls. It's a pretty and practical choice, as you can take the bowl on walks and trips.

3 Collapsible Dog Travel Bowls

Treat Dispensing Balls

Like people, dogs shouldn't eat all their goodies at once! Dispensing the treats in a special ball keeps your dog happily occupied and exercises his wits and his jaws.

Kong Wobbler Dog Food And Treat Dispenser

Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

Premier Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy

Find More Easter Gifts for Dogs

Celebrate Your Dog


Easter Dresses and Costumes for Dogs
Easter is a happy time of year for you and your dog. Celebrate by dressing your little punkin-head up all fancy for the season!

Easter Gifts and Decorations


Easter Bunny Jewelry: Gifts for Her
Easter Bunny jewelry is the perfect accessory for an Easter dress, and a lovely gift for any lady. Cheerful bunny earrings, Pandora-style charms, rings and necklaces.


Decorating a Dollhouse for Easter
Easter will be here before you know it - is your dollhouse ready? There are many miniature accessories you can use to decorate your dollhouse.


Easter Egg Games: Fun Easter Party Ideas
Easter egg games are great fun for holiday parties or for the kids after their egg hunt. You can also put a game into an Easter basket, or give small ones as party favors.


Decorating a Garden for Easter and Spring
Bunnies are hopping into your garden for Easter, and sniffing all the flowers! Spring is here, the bulbs are waking up, and the birds are coming back.


Lighted Easter Ornaments: Decorations for Easter
Lighted Easter ornaments let you decorate your house creatively for the holiday, whether you're throwing a party or delighting the neighbors.


Beautiful Easter Egg Ornaments 2013
Egg ornaments make beautiful gifts for Easter or any Spring occasion, such as weddings and birthdays. You can hang them on Easter trees or in windows, or display an ornament stand.

What Does Your Dog Want for Easter?

squid-pinkchic18 on March 28, 2013:

I'm glad that my dog can't have chocolate because I'll take all I can get ;) She'll probably get one of these neat toys you mentioned her and love that way more anyways. Nice lens!

LilyBird on March 26, 2013:

To go for a walk or a run!

anonymous on March 20, 2013:

So funny

anonymous on March 01, 2013:

Oh for CUTENESS all over this lens. :)

WriterJanis2 on March 01, 2013:

Any kind of treat would make my dogs happy.

johnny-knox on February 28, 2013:

A new collar and take him to the beach ..

jntnevins lm on February 28, 2013:

A great Idea. We buy our dogs Christmas Presents too.

kabbalah lm on February 27, 2013:

My dog just wants food & company

audrey07 on February 27, 2013:

We can't neglect our beloved pets for this occasion! A treat is always nice...

TonyR2012 on February 27, 2013:

Great lens! This is a wonderful idea, although I don't actually have a dog. I think I will definitely be making one of these for my cat though!

flycatcherrr on February 27, 2013:

Now I feel all guilty for not giving my dogs an Easter basket. :) These are fantastic ideas - I'm going to check out those egg-shaped balls, new to me.

Peggy Hazelwood from Desert Southwest, U.S.A. on February 27, 2013:

I don't have a dog, but I know what Scarlett (my cat) wants. Treats!

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