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Disney Frozen Birthday Party - Supplies, cakes and other ideas!


A princess party with Anna and Elsa!

I've got the chills for Frozen! We've got yet another gorgeous animated movie from Disney and two fun girly characters, Anna and Elsa to help us make the perfect birthday party for girls. This theme is perfect for winter but it works great all year round. I mean who wouldn't love to chill with snowman and snowflakes in the middle of the summer? So let's plan this party as I've got a lot of great ideas to help you make the best Frozen birthday party out there - fun games, what food to serve, how to make your cakes and cupcakes, which party supplies to use and how to decorate the room. You can also snatch a freebie or two (official ones when they will be released) and winter inspired ones created by me which I think would work great for this theme!

So let's get this party started shall we?

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Frozen Party Invitations - A freebie for you - Frozen inspired


I've created this freebie that will work for this theme as it is, well a frozen invite. Simple and elegant.

Frozen Party Supplies - Plates and Cups are all you need - Official ones and lovely snow ones

Let it snow let it snow! I think snowflakes will be perfect for this theme!

Snow Time Any Time With Fake Snowballs! - This is a must for this theme, especially if you have no snow!

I was thinking about something you could use both as decoration and as a prop for games to keep the kids entertained and though to myself wouldn't it be fun if the kids could have snowball fights indoors or in the summer. It turns out it's possible!

Why not save some money?


These will be of use to many. While they are not Frozen party supplies they are more than suitable for this theme.

Get them - Save up by printing your own party supplies

Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas - Think White and Blue


We need something frosty don't we? I really like the idea of tasty ice cubes made out of blue jell-o. Easy, quick, inexpensive and fun looking. Melted snowmans are another fun treat, you make them by placing a marshmallow on top of the cookie.

As for the drinks if you can use little drink bottles and decorate them with a scarf and draw on the black buttons. Serve something white in them (milk, milkshake...) and you'll have a bunch of fun looking snowmen on your table.

This party also screams for ice cream.

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Disney Frozen Cake and Cupcake Ideas

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You can make the most adorable cupcakes without much effort! Bake your favourite cupcakes (I recommend something light on the color, vanilla or coconut for example), frost them with blue or white frosting and decorate with a fondant snowflake and some white sprinkles or coconut flour.

photo credit: weir thru a lens via photopin cc

These will help you! Frozen Cake & Cupcake Toppers




You have to have them!

Decorating for this party doesn't have to be expensive! You can make lots of paper snowflakes and hang them around the room. To add more magic cover some of them with glitter or add clear rhinestones.

Next thing I would do is use the snow spray, you know the one you use for your Christmas decorating!

Fake snow is another thing you can use, turn the room into a Frozen heaven!

Ice sculpture! Another fun thing you can have, sure it will melt away slowly but it will be there to impress. I assume ordering one to be made will cost you a fortune (or at least more than you would want) but you can also get the mold and make it yourself.

Photo credit: allisonmseward12 via photopin cc

Here are some of the idea to get you started!

  1. Snowfights! With fake snowballs!
  2. Have the kids make paper snowflakes, it's an easy activity and they will be producing small masterpieces.
  3. Pin the carrot on Olaf. A pin the tail on the donkey variation.
  4. Make your own snow globe! Kids will be loving this! You can get plastic snow globes which aren't all that expensive and are suitable for smaller children or you could use small mason jars (even less expensive). Get all kinds of cool stuff, mini trees, animals, other cool toys (all can be bought in dollar store) or just let them be creative and have them make their own ornaments for the globe. This one doubles up as a party favor as kids can take them home. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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A lot of little girls would love this party idea!

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You've got some wonderful 'frozen' ideas for a fun party!

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