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Get a Free Dear Santa Letter Template

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Dear Santa Letter Templates Make Letter Writing Fun for Kids

Do you remember the excitement you felt as a kid when you knew Santa would soon be coming? When Halloween is over and the days start turning colder, kids know it's getting closer to that special day when Santa Claus arrives. But what will jolly old Saint Nicholas be bringing this year? One way to make sure he knows what your kids want is to have them write a letter to Santa Claus, and these free Dear Santa letter templates make it easy and fun. You can print them at home and then let your kids write their letter (or perhaps draw a picture if they're too young to print). It's a great way to practice writing skills and prepare for Santa's big visit!

Free Dear Santa Letter Templates

Download these free designs and write a letter to Santa Claus

The three Dear Santa letter template designs shown on the right side of this article are available free from the websites listed. Each one is offered as a free .pdf download. Simply click the link below the image, visit the site and download the file to get your free Santa letter stationery.

Each of the stationery downloads includes a salutation and closing, so your kids just need to fill in the middle. One of the designs even has room for your child to draw a picture for Santa. They're free and fun, so pour some cocoa and start your letter to Santa Claus today.

Make Sure Santa Writes Back - Printable Santa letters make it easy

After your kids write to Santa, you'll want to be sure that Santa Claus writes back. There are plenty of online services that can help you with a letter from Santa. Two of the best are, which has some of the most elaborate Santa packages available, and Santa's Official North Pole Mail, which offers an impressive assortment of background designs and letter options. But if you're on a budget, you can also do it at home with the help of one of these websites.

  1. Free Santa

    Choose from three background designs and three letters that you can personalize with your child's name and other details. The free letters are low resolution, so the images will appear slightly pixelated. You can also upgrade to a premium letter that includes a high resolution image, a matching Nice List certificate with your child's name on it, and an envelope design.


    You'll have plenty of options at this site. There are eight different letters that you can personalize, including special letters such as a Christian-themed message and a letter for kids entering kindergarten. There are also six different background designs. Once you personalize your letter and choose your design, you'll then have the option to choose from a simple package with just the letter and envelope or choose one of two larger packages that also include goodies such as an autographed photo of Santa, a letter from Rudolph, and a personalized Nice List certificate.


    Pay once for the templates at this site and you can use them again and again, for as many years or kids as you'd like. (The only limitation is that you can't resell the letters on, say, eBay. They're for personal use only.) Each Santa letter template on the site is saved in Microsoft Word format with your choice of background design, and each one comes with the text for two alternate letters (so you can have different text for multiple kids) and two envelope designs. You can also purchase printable Nice List certificates or a package that includes all the letters and certificates.

If you have kids who are too young to write a letter to Santa, you might want to try a video letter to Santa Claus using a Smilebox design.

Smilebox is a wonderful site that helps you create personalized animated greeting cards, invitations, slideshows, newsletters, recipes and much more. They supply the themes, and you add your own photos, text or music. Best of all, it's free. Yes, free. They are available to offer it free by including ads in your electronic creations,

They do include ads in your electronic creations, but you can easily opt out of those by paying a small monthly or annual fee, and then you can make as many creations as you like without any ads. It's a lot of fun.

And now they've made it even more fun by adding a letter to Santa design. This video letter to Santa Claus can be personalized with a photo or video of your child, as well as information such as what your child wants for Christmas and where they live. It only takes a few minutes to create, and parents can do it with their young kids. My daughter loved the colorful design and seeing her photo in the message to Santa. Santa even responded! Just send your creation to the Smilebox email address you'll find on the landing page, and Santa will send a message back to your child. What fun!

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