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Funny Daffy Duck Costumes

Halloween Costume Ideas

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Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck is one of the most precocious and interesting cartoon characters ever made, and has been being reinvented by creators and animators almost since time he was first introduced in 1937.

His character hit the ground running and never looked back, as his forward personality, and pretty much letting it all hang out, made him one of the first of his type in the cartoon world, endearing him to fans and generating a lot of buzz from the beginning, as moviegoers who weren't used to this type of character were enamored by his unusual personality.

Crazy characters like Daffy Duck are a lot of fun to dress up as in costumes, as it allows for some role playing, goofing around, and just looking cool with that crazy look of his.

Daffy Duck Costume Designs

Because Daffy Duck has that unique and compelling look, there isn't as much variety as with other types of characters. I think that's because Daffy is just so cool looking there isn't much reason to do much to change his look, as it probably can't be improved upon as far as his particular look goes.

We'll look at a few of those costumes that do represent Daffy to give you an idea of how you would look if you choose his character for the costume you wear.

The photo to the right is one of a Daffy Duck mascot costume.

Daffy Duck in Full Costumes

The first couple of Daffy Duck costumes we'll look at are similar to the mascot costume seen above.

Most Daffy Duck costumes are differentiated by what you put on your legs, a little difference in the duck bill, and a different design on the feet. Mind you, these are subtle differences unless the colors themselves change, which does in some cases.

You see that with these two costumes. Although they are easily identified as Daffy Duck, there are several differences between the two.

For example, the duck bill, feet, legs and material used in the costumes are different. That only matters because you may prefer one look over the other, or because the material may be more comfortable to you.

Both look great, and will be sure to garner some good will laughter and comments from friends and family.

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Daffy Duck in Suit

Donning a costume with a twist is always a lot of fun, and this one which unveils Daffy Duck in a suit is really funny. The first thing that comes to mind concerning Daffy Duck, for those of us who have delighted in Daffy through the years, isn't the rascal walking around in a business suit.

These types of little changes allow for a fun surprise for those who have different expectations. That of course applies to any type of costume.

There is another little change with this costume as well, with a pair of glasses settled on the nose of the bill of the duck head. Too funny.

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Homemade Daffy Duck Costume

Probably because Daffy Duck is a difficult character to create, there are very few photos of those that designed a homemade costume of Daffy. In fact, this is the only one picture I was able to find of one.

From the facial design, you can see why many people many have difficulty successfully duplicating the look of the duck.

The beak is more than likely the hard part of the duck to reproduce, as you can see here, as the shape seems hard to get right.

This one is done very well. I do wonder why the face was made red, rather than black, as it would have been more true to Daffy. Even so, pretty good try.

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Daffy Duck Costume for Babies

This baby costume of Daffy Duck was just too cute to pass up, so I included it for all to enjoy. After all, for family Halloween parties or trick or treating, what's more enjoyable than seeing baby dressed up so cute?

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Daffy Duck with Different Colored Bill, Legs and Feet

Here there is a different Daffy look with the off-color bill, leg and feet. I guess you could call it a reddish/orange color for the bill and legs, and a red color for the feet.

I'm not sure what's up with those feet, as they're odd in the v-shaped part in the middle. Maybe the bottom part of the costume is homemade, but I'm not sure. Either way it shows the way a look can change with the slight change in color.

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Daffy as 'Duck Rogers'

In one of my favorite costume practices, here we have a costumed Daffy Duck dressed as another costumed character - Duck Rogers. How fun.

I've always liked the idea of dressing up as one character and then superimposing another costume over it to create another one. There's virtually no chance you'll end up having anybody else showing up at a costume party dressed like you.

Assuming you already have a Daffy Duck costume, in this case it wouldn't be too difficult to design a cap of this type to fit on Daffy's head, as well as find a shirt of the same color to produce the desired effect.


Daffy Duck Costumes

The crazy Daffy Duck is a character that is fun and compelling, making for a great costume choice for Halloween or another type of costume party.

Wearing a duck head with the protruding duck bill, along with those big, webbed feet is a sure way to delight a crowd.

Going to a costume party as Daffy Duck is a great way to show up and generate interest and comments as people show appreciation for the crazy look you've embraced.

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