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Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift


Giving Money As A Gift Can Be Fun

I'm one of those people who just doesn't like giving just money as a gift. To me its too easy, too quick, and often given with too little thought. Giving cash can be impersonal and says you didn't put a lot of thought or time into a gift.

A gift is an extension of your thoughts, love and care for the person you are giving the present to, a gift is an outward sign that you thought of them, love them, care for them and personally know that person.

But there are times when someone really needs the cash, and situations like housewarming, graduation and weddings where cash is the gift of choice. I do understand this and there are creative ways to give cash as a gift that still says I thought of you and this gift is specifically for you to celebrate the season of your life.

I Don't Like Giving JUST Money - Yes, It's the thought That Counts

If you do decide to give money as a gift make it interesting or a challenge. The recipient might have to spend all day on Christmas trying to get tot he $50 you placed in a puzzle box, but that makes it fun!

Ok, it's fun for you to watch, fun for parents to watch their kids work and work at getting the money from the puzzle, but should getting money be work. Gee I see a lesson for parents in here somewhere.

Grandparents like to give cash, sometimes because they don't know what else to give, and grandfathers specifically like to have a little fun in the process. Kinda like hide the quarter behind the ear, but this time it's hide the dollar in a puzzle box and then watch their grand kids spend the rest of the afternoon quietly trying to figure out how to open the puzzle box.

Gift Cards for College Students - Better than Cash

I think gift cards are better than cash because at least you know the money won't be spent on mundane items such as bills or gas for the car. I know I'm often tempted when I get cash as a gift to not spend the money on something I wouldn't normally get for myself, but to spend it on groceries.

Fun Ways to Give Money - Fun Cash Gift Ideas

When you just can't give something other than cash you should make it fun. High school graduates really appreciate a little cash, when don't teens like money. But you can make it fun and creative in the ways the gift is presented. I just don't like putting cash in an plain envelope as if no thought was given.

You can tape (use removable tape) money together in a long streamer and roll it up and place in a gift box, or find a creative money bank they can use.

Good Clean Money - Fun way to give money

Creative Ways to Give Cash to Her - Cash Gifts Girls and Women Will Appreciate

Wedding Gifts Ideas - Money Gift Ideas for a Bride and Groom

Money is probably the most popular gift to give at a wedding and yes, money is practical and money is what a new couple starting off needs most. They have the wedding and reception to pay for, spending money for the honeymoon, and cash is always needed when setting up a new house.

There are still ways to give money to newlyweds and give it the personal touch. You can wrap the money in a gift box, place it in a monogrammed money clip, a wallet, or fold into an origami bride and groom. All cute, but not practical or useful.

How Much Money to Give - What is too much?

Gift Cards Of All Kinds - Buy on eBay

You can find gift cards for all different stores and location on eBay, you may even be able to get a deal on a gift card for less than face value.

Which Money Gift Idea do you like Best? - Did you see something you liked?

Christy on November 30, 2015:

check with any florist, many of them can make beautiful flowers with dollar bills that you bring to them. Always check pinterest for ideas too.

Faye Rutledge from Concord VA on July 14, 2014:

I love that pinball game! I've used the money maze before and it was a hit. Thanks for the ideas. And, thanks for your visit and comment to my LotD. :)

Dawn Romine (author) from Nebraska on July 11, 2014:

@Hannah Writes: Thanks, I don't like just giving just an envelope with cash, I know that's what kids want, but I think it deserves a little effort and fun.

Hannah Writes on July 11, 2014:

These are some great ways to give gifts! More clever than a plain old envelope and card!

Susanna Duffy from Melbourne Australia on January 24, 2014:


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