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Cowgirl Halloween Costumes

Dreamgirl Plus Rhinestone Cowgirl Dress, Black

Ideas for Cowgirl Halloween Costumes

For all those western-loving women out there, Halloween is a great time to get an excuse to dress up in a cowgirl costume, or at least outfit your young ladies in one to celebrate and have a great time.

Cowgirl Halloween costumes also are great if you want to have a western-themed Halloween party, and the Halloween accessories and props for a western Halloween party come in an almost endless variety.

It was funny to me when checking out a lot of cowgirl Halloween costumes how many were really urban cowgirl costumes and inspirations, rather than something more authentic. In many cases you would really have to stretch it to consider it a cowgirl costume at all.

Obviously we want to have a lot of fun, so authenticity in general is no big deal, but only having short tight shorts or a short mini-skirt isn't exactly the only way to view the cowgirl. I bet most those costumes were designed by men.

Even so, Halloween is supposed to be fun, and if women prefer to wear that cowgirl style, then go for it.

Here are some cowgirl costumes for ladies of all ages to take a look and see if it can inspire any ideas for you or your children or grandchildren.

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Toddler Cowgirl Halloween Costumes

These two toddler cowgirl Halloween costumes below are good examples of two totally different styles of costumes, but which both work terrific and look as cute as can be on the little girls.

The first little girl has a cute pink and white cowgirl dress and vest, while being offset by the black had and little boots. Very cute cowgirl costume.

With the second toddler cowgirl costume, you have a much more outdoorsy look, with focus more on brown and tans as the colors, with the white background on the dress and the top. All of it works together very well, and the cute little vest, and boots and hat are really nice. Both costumes work.

Toddler Cowgirl Costume


Halloween Cowgirl costume for toddler


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Tween Cowgirl Halloween Costumes

These next couple of cowgirl costumes showcase a couple of tween looks that most parents would feel very comfortable having their daughters wear.

With the first costume a couple of things I like includes that unique hat, which looks adorable on her. The cute fringe dress with brown on white also looks great, and has a nice western style for a young cowgirl. While the red handkerchief is very western, it does seem to clash with the rest of the costume, but that can be overlooked. The boots she's wearing also struggle to make me believe they're western, but maybe it's the angle.

For the second cowgirl costume, I like how the hat band matches with the vest, and I absolutely love that cute dress. The traditional cowgirl boots finish off a nice looking tween cowgirl costume.


Ladies Shotgun Sheriff Costume

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Teen Cowgirl Costumes

Talk about two entirely different cowgirl costumes for teens. The first one is very traditional as far as the western look goes, and obviously very feminine. The band around the waste is a real nice touch, and the I like the neck bandanna and the hat, which all go nice together.

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For the bottom cowgirl costume, the skirt has a western pattern, along with the boots and hat, but i don't get the top or the arms. They just don't look western to me, and simply putting the word 'howdy' on the front doesn't change that. Of everything I do really like that hat though, but the rest doesn't do much for me.

Teen cowgirl Halloween costume


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Adult Cowgirl Halloween Costumes

Any woman loving western things will love to dress up like a cowgirl for Halloween, and I've included a diverse number of photos to give a good snapshot of what's out their for the ladies.

The first cowgirl costume is feminine and has a little bit of naughty with the fishnet stockings and low top, but overall in comparison to some out there, this isn't too bad. I like the black fringes on the dress.

Below that first cowgirl outfit is a more traditional western outfit look, with the brown color and long fringes. The tan hat is a little off for me but still works, and the cowgirl boots of course go good with the overall theme.

The cow-looking costume with the purple sash around the waste and the purple at the bottom of the pants is interesting. It's made to fit over whatever clothes you choose to wear with it, so that's a nice option. While exaggerated, and the gloves, while working with the pattern, seem somewhat out of place. But it's for fun, and not bad. It would be enjoyable to mix and match some clothing to see how other things would look with it.

Although at first glance it looks plain, the cowgirl costume with the Annie Oakley look I really like; at least from the dress up to the hat. Those boots, to me, just don't work, and look weird and out of place. But I love that and hat.

The last adult cowgirl costume is also very simple, but it works really great. You have the sheriff obviously, and that vest on top is really pretty, and goes with the black pants and hat.

What I didn't deliberately do, but found out after putting up the adult cowgirl costume photos, was all of them were really simple, with the exception of the first one below, and that seems to be the way a real cowgirl would have it. Great fun and great Halloween costumes.

Pink Adult Cowgirl Costume with Fishnet Stockings


Photo of More Traditional Cowgirl Costume


Cute Cowgirl costume you can mix and match with


Annie Oakley Style Cowgirl Costume


Cute, Black Cowgirl Sheriff Costume


Halloween Cowgirl Costume Ideas

As you can easily see, dressing up as a cowgirl is a hoot, and there are many styles to choose from. Overall I tried to keep most of the cowgirl Halloween costumes in this article at least close to looking western, with one exception, as if you're going to dress up as a cowgirl, who wants to look like something else?


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I think that they are great

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You have found some really cute cowgirl costumes that even hard to please Teens will like

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