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Costumes for Letter X

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Costume Ideas Starting With The Letter X

Have you ever been invited to an alphabet themed fancy dress party? Well, if not, let me quickly explain...

An alphabet party is based on letters of the alphabet. Your host may allocate you certain letters, or they may say you can use either their, or your own, initials. You then have to find a costume that starts with that letter. This type of costume party is growing in popularity & at Props n Frocks, we aim to help our customers by providing them with FREE information regarding many various costume themes.

This hub piece is based on costume ideas beginning with the letter X. as I am sure you will agree, X is not the easiest letter to have been given to base your costume on. If you have any other ideas that you think are suitable, please pop them into the comments box at the end.

Xmas Costume

Xmas Costume

So, Let Us Begin...

Xanadu Film released in 1980 starring Olivia Newton John (and one of the last to feature Gene Kelly).. The film includes various 80s fashion and Greek gods, so that is always an option. In the pop video that went with the pop song, Olivia Newton John wears a gold belted jumpsuit and high stilettos. Others wear 80s costume and are on roller skates.

Xena, Warrior Princess A female amazon-style warrior who gained great popularity in her TV series set in times of Greek/Roman myth and legend (aired Mid-1990s - early 2000s). Faux-leather and fabric-based official costumes were available but outfits base on latex armour can be found from specialist suppliers.

Xmas Entity The short-form for Christmas enables you to use one of the many seasonal costumes available in an 'X' context - the Xmas Fairy, the Xmas Pudding, etc.

X-Men Characters From Marvel Comic Books. There have been several films based on the characters (there have also been a few prequels) and the costumes available have changed and mutated themselves over the years, especially the most recent 'Days of Future Past', featuring both 'generations' of X-men.

* Storm: White-haired weather controller. Early costumes were based on a black body-suit, the more recent version is blue and perhaps nearer to the comic-book outfit.

* Wolverine: Ex-cage-fighter with a metal endoskeleton and claws. Costume was changed for the Wolverine film spin-off. The current one is predominantly yellow.

* Rogue: From the original black outfit, the new version is in green and yellow

* Phoenix/Jean Grey: An innovative reversable outfit - yellow/blue one way, light green the other

* Mystique: For the girl who wants to make an impression (and has some preparation time to spare), the head-to-toe blue body look is a popular option, especially at conventions.

Ximenes - Grand Leader of the Spanish Inquisition. No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition but for doing something different (or a Monty Python character tribute) this might work well. Long robes, wide brimmed hat, religious artefacts and perhaps the odd comfy cushion!

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X - Factor Popular British talent-spotting TV series. Aside from contestants, one could also dress as X Factor judge Cheryl Cole using the widely-available military outfit

X Marks the Spot Go as a Treasure Map!

Xbox Dressing up as a games console - not the most visually exciting of artefacts - may seen a little odd , but we have seen a visual pun on an 'Eggs-box' used.

X-Ray Spex A British punk band of the mid-1970s. Best remembered for the day-glo outfits worn by their lead singer Poly Styrene.

Xenomorphs This is where we really show off and mention that this is the species of creature seen in Alien - acid blood and all. Problem is, there's no off-the-peg Alien outfits out there as such.

Xerxes A little deranged - he had the seas of the Hellespont whipped when the stormy waters destroyed a bridge his troops were trying to build -, this mighty Persian leader nonetheless successfully invaded Ancient Greece, although the heroic actions of the Spartans, seen in the '300' film, enabled Athens to be evacuated and many lives saved, The 'costume' consisted or more bling and body jewellery than armour, but if this is a potential choice, there's plenty of chance to improvise.

XXX Dress up in a very sexy outfit, as sexy as you dare!

X-Rated Under the 'old' British film classification system, an X-rated film was one involving adult or horror content. By today's standards, X-rated films of the 50s/60s seem rather tame, but it's an X-cuse (sorry, excuse) to trot out your best worst zombie impression.

X-Ray Easiest way to get this look would be to wear a skeleton costume!

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We'd love to know what you think, or if you have got some other X costume ideas as this lens s a bit limited...

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fun lens.. THUMBS UP

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I just had to see what X costumes you had come up with!

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