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Cookie Monster Costumes

Jim Henson's Cookie Monster has become a ubiquitous figure in pop culture, as the blue, cookie-fixated creature, always lets everyone know that "Me want cookie!"

The other favorite parts of his vocabulary include letting everyone know that "Me eat cookie!", and "Om nom nom nom." The latter phrase, if you could call it that, is always with a mouthful of food; his favorite being the chocolate chip cookie. I guess a lot of us could confirm that as our favorite too.

All of this has resulted in a lot of people wanting to adapt the Cookie Monster as their costume of choice for Halloween or costume parties.

The Cookie Monster always brings a chuckle and a laugh to people when they view the costume, even on those that adapt them to their own desires and specifications.

I think it's those big eyes set on the top of his head that give him that delightful look and resultant enjoyment to those encountering him.

No matter what type of Cookie Monster costume you acquire or make, those big eyes guarantee you'll get some attention and comments at any event.

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What is really hilarious about the Cookie Monster, beyond those giant eyes, is the types of costumes included with them.

There are babies and toddlers in handmade costumes which look adorable, to say the least. And below we'll see them, as well as a dog made up as Cookie Monster. How funny will that be?

Finally, we even have a Cookie Monster pushing a baby in a stroller with a fellow Sesame Street character. Great fun.

For all practical purposes, when dealing with the realism of how Cookie Monster looks, this photo of him in his mascot costume, is essentially who and what the cookie monster is. All other costumers are designed and made according this foundational look.

There are a lot of adaptions of course, but in general, this is what every other Cookie Monster costume is based upon.

You can't go wrong in choosing a traditional Cookie Monster costume, as it generates so much attention because of his known individual characteristics, which are then projected onto the one wearing the costume. That has its advantages, like for instance, being able to sneak a few more cookies than normally socially acceptable.


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For those who love to dress up their little children in a cute costume theme like Cookie Monster, here is a look at a couple of homemade Cookie Monster costumes that are relatively easy to make.

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Since you have to have the eyes to be a true Cookie Monster, those are the easiest to make. Just take a couple of styrofoam balls and attach a couple of big buttons onto them. It's as easy as that.

The rest is just a matter of seeing if you have something similar as below on hand and adapting it to your own Cookie Monster look. Just be sure the costume material is blue, and as mentioned, include the big eyes of the hungry creature.

As for these little children, they will have no problem garnering oohs and aahs from wherever you may take them for Halloween. They're just too cute to be ignored.


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There is nothing new with this particular Cookie Monster costume, but I just had to include it as part of the gallery, as it is just too hilarious to not share with others.

It will probably give you some ideas as to what you may want to do if dressed up as Cookie Monster. How fun would it be to be dressed like that, and include another character from the Street while pushing a child along? There could be numerous other ideas besides another Sesame Street character, but the general idea is a great one, as you can see.


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While a toddler in a Cookie Monster costume is about as cute as you can get, a pet dog dressed up like the Cookie Monster isn't far behind. What a fantastic and outrageously funny costume this is; especially with the dog standing up like it is. He actually seems to be enjoying the moment.

What I think of is what it would be like to dress up like a Cookie Monster family, with parents, children, and a pet like this all showing up together at an event, or at least taking a picture for posterity. Who could forget such a moment?

But whether or not you want to get that ambitious doesn't matter. Just dressing up your dog in a Cookie Monster costume like this is enough to create fond memories.


The easily recognizable and funny looking Cookie Monster makes him great subject matter for a costume, and in almost any type of outfit - whether on yourself or another member of the family - will look great and attract a lot of smiles and comments, depending on who (or what) is dressed in the costume.

As you can see in these examples, the Cookie Monster is all about fluff, big eyes, and letting everyone know (as he does) that you have a voracious appetite. After all, what's a Cookie Monster if he's not hungry?

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