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Chucky and Bride of Chucky Halloween Costumes

Chucky Horror Halloween Costume

There is no doubt the idea of getting a costume of Chucky or the Bride of Chucky isn't at the top of everyone's idea for a Halloween surprise. But interestingly, there are a significant number of people that do decide to dress up as the serial killer characters, and if shocking people is your goal, Chucky is definitely one way to do it.

Just think! You could do the couple thing with Chucky and his bride, and some people do. Strangely, at least to me, I found costumes and people that even dressed their toddlers as Chucky.

I can picture that one for posterity. Remember back in 2012 when we dressed the kids as Chucky and his bride. Those were the days. What fond memories.

Even so. A lot of people really enjoy the horror genre, and that could be you. If so, Chucky and the Bride of Chucky are two of the more terrifying horror personalities you could dress as. And if disturbing people is your goal, you won't do much better than with this combination.

Chucky Costumes

Before we started with the costumes, I thought we'd get a quick look at the diabolical role models behind the Halloween costumes. As usual, the pair have blood on their hands as well as on their faces.

This scene shows why in the Halloween horror costume genre they work so well.

Chucky and Bride of Chucky: Costume Role Models?


Chucky Wants Some Candy

With the jittery world we live in today, I'm not sure it wouldn't be the person dressed as Chucky getting some damage done to him. Picture someone home alone with no one nearby getting this guy visiting them for Halloween. The blood on his body may be his own.


Bride of Chucky Costume

Now is this girl seriously troubled, or what!? She definitely loves her Chucky, and appears ready to help him out expressing his rage and hatred. Other than that, she's no different than any other loving, blushing bride. Look at the cute couple holding hands. Sweet isn't it?

Again, could you imagine this girl holding Chucky showing up for trick or treating? Now for a party it would probably be a big hit.

Bride of Chucky Costume


More Bride of Chucky Costumes

Now if that last photo of the girl in the Bride of Chucky costume didn't bother you, the one below should. Look at those eyes. I think even Chucky couldn't handle her; the reason she is apparently on her own, or just did away with the little fella.

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Using the dark theme works great. You have the dark eye liner and lipstick; the black necklace; black leather jacket; and the black-handled knife. The blonde hair helps the rest stick out nicely.

Evil Bride of Chucky Costume


Scary Chucky Costume

I had a good chuckle with the Chucky photo below. It looks like he's just leaving the construction site after a hard day's work and going home to his wonderful wife. No problems here.

For what it's meant to be, it is a fantastic Chucky mask and costume.

Chucky Mask and Costume


Chucky in Cosplay Action

Now we see the dark side of Chucky coming out. We weren't fooled by all that love he was showing his bride. No sir. We knew his inner killer would emerge again, and we see that in the photo below.

In some neighborhoods I've been in, he wouldn't last a block before someone gunned him down; especially if he was brandishing the knife around and it wasn't apparent it was fake.

Chucky Costume Holding Knife During Cosplay


Chucky and Bride of Chucky Costumes

I don't know about you, but that look at the Chucky and Bride of Chucky costumes gave me a strange feeling when I was through. As I mentioned, for some of you, this is the perfect idea for a scary Halloween costume, for others, you'll never get it. I'm somewhere in between the two.

But when wanting to shock and surprise with horror costumes at a Halloween or cosplay event, going as Chucky or Chucky and the Bride of Chucky is way to successfully accomplish that goal.


Victoria on July 04, 2014:

I love you chucky

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What I whant a taffyany

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