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Ideas for Christmas Yard Decorations

Yard Decorations for Christmas

There are a number of things to consider when thinking of your Christmas yard decorations, and before you even start to make a plan, take into account how much you're able to or want to spend this year.

The reason this is important is once you create a Christmas outdoor decorations plan in your head, you start to take ownership of it, and it's possible to go downhill from there, because if you have big ideas and you find out you can't afford it, it makes the final Christmas outdoor décor a little less than it was, and can disappoint rather than delight you.

Another thing to consider is the extra cost of lights if you want a big light display as part of the decorations so people can enjoy them at nighttime.

If you've lived in your neighborhood or town for awhile, you are more than likely aware of the rules and laws guiding Christmas yard decorations, but you probably want to be sure of them if this is the first year you've really decorated your yard for Christmas in a big way.

Finally, be cautious when putting up your outdoor Christmas display, as a number of people are hurt every year, especially when they're on ladders they aren't used to climbing.

Taking that all in, there is a great and positive side to putting out Christmas yard decorations, and in the end, we just need to enjoy and appreciate them at this favorite time of the year.

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Outdoor Christmas Nativity Scenes

As Christmas is a Christian holiday, it wouldn't be Christmas without the inclusion of a nativity scene, and the two photos of nativity Christmas yard decorations below show a real contrast in the types of nativity decorations there are available.

Both of these nativity scenes really work well, and I would enjoy either one of them. The bottom one has more than the nativity scene, but I included it to show a three-dimensional nativity versus how a two-dimensional one would look on top.

Outdoor Nativity Scene

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Christmas Yard Nativity Scene

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Christmas Outdoor Yard Display

This one below also includes a variety of Christmas figures, from a nativity to Santa Claus traveling in his sleigh with reindeer. What I wanted to show was more the Christmas decorations accessories included with the figures, including the lights in the big tree, which look great.

Also notice the scattered yard lights, net lights and lighting around the top of the fence.

Nice outdoor Christmas outdoor display

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Outdoor Winnie the Pooh Yard Inflatable for Christmas

I always like Christmas decorations that come from existing characters we've grown to love through our childhood, and this one of Winnie the Pooh characters is great. Eeyore and Tigger have been two of my favorites throughout the years, and it's really fun to see them as part of Christmas inflatable yard décor.

Eeyore as a reindeer pulling the sleigh is fantastic, although you couldn't really say he is pulling the sleigh, but is surely saying one of his wonderful one-liners he's so famous for. And Winnie the Pooh and Tigger are their usual happy selves.

Winnie the Pooh Christmas Yard Inflatable

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Christmas Snowman Yard Decorations

Having a Christmas yard decoration with a snowman is another must for those planning their Christmas outdoor decoration theme, and here is a good example of how they look. It's nice seeing a snowman family enjoying the Christmas holiday season in a way everyone can appreciate.

Snowmen Yard Decorations

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Simple Outdoor Santa Decoration

For those who like to put out a Santa in their yard, here's a simple and fun way to do it, which could be built pretty easily by those with the tools and skills to do it.

Even if you don't have the skills, don't despair, as these types of Christmas outdoor displays are readily available at decent prices almost anywhere you'll shop.

Christmas Santa Decorations

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Christmas Outdoor Yard Decoration Ideas

As you can see from these photos of Christmas yard décor, you can get as fancy and detailed as you want, or as simple as you want when planning your Christmas decorations for your yard.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it's something you really enjoy displaying. It's not really how much you spend, but that you put out what it is you want to share with others. Christmas yard decorations are a great way to show that.


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