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Christmas Window Silhouettes

Christmas Window Silhouette Products

Silhouettes for Christmas Window Decorations

Christmas window silhouettes may be the most recognized decoration seen by those passing by a home that there are. The usual placement in the windows and accompanying lights to ensure people enjoy them make them a delight for all those blessed enough to see them.

There are a variety of Christmas window silhouette designs, and in some cases it causes a little confusion to some people who think of the word silhouette in relationship to the dark shapes and images associated with Halloween decorations.

While there are some Christmas silhouettes that come like that, and they look great, the majority are shaped by lights and other elements to create the things we all think of when contemplating decorating for the Christmas holiday season.

Most of those come in red and green traditional Christmas colors, with the additional white or cream colored lights to complement them. Others are designed to look more realistic, almost creating the feel of more 3-dimensional shapes.

There are examples of all of those below, and we'll take a look at some of them now.

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  • Christmas Window Silhouettes
    Christmas window silhouettes may be the most recognized decoration seen by those passing by a home that there are. The usual placement in the windows and accompanying lights to ensure people enjoy them make them a delight for all those blessed...

Beautiful Blue Christmas Ornament Window Silhouette

With this first Christmas window silhouette decoration we have a most unusual one, one that isn't that common but gorgeous in looks.

The blue lights surrounded by the white lights highlighting the gold outline is really stunning. As you can see, using blue and gold really works good together. It's something to think about concerning other Christmas decorations as well.

The snowflakes in the middle also are great, as is the star on the upper right of the decoration with the completely empty space. Sometimes in that regard less is more, and it's definitely the case here.

Christmas Window Decoration

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Christmas Window Silhouettes with Black Shapes

Here we have a look at what most people think of when the phrase "window silhouettes" comes up. In this instance they're being used with a nice looking Christmas theme; one made or these particular images.

I really like the way the city is laid out below with Santa and his reindeer soaring above it as they go about delivering presents on Christmas Eve.

It's an amazing scene for those who get to see it. You can see that it wouldn't be easy from how high it appears to be above ground level.

For those that are a little crafty, it wouldn't be that difficult to make a scene like this, although it would take some time. The reindeer are easy once you get a template made, which could be outlined and easily cut out for each piece.

Black Silhouettes

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Window Silhouettes with Traditional Christmas Light Colors

Earlier it was mentioned that the majority of Christmas window silhouettes come with the traditional red and green colors for the lights, with the inclusion of some white or cream-colored lights to complement and help bring more definition to the design.

Next are several of those designs, with the angel and Santa incorporating that look the most, with the wreath having a more subtle and minimalist amount of white lights around the bow to just give it some more color.

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All of them look fantastic, and would look terrific on the windows of any house.

Christmas Window Decorations

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Window Silhouette of a Snowman

Although it's based upon the same design elements and premise, this Christmas window silhouette is different in that it is primarily lit up with white lights rather than the red and green lights.

In this case the red and green lights are used in a complementary manner rather than the white lights.

The apparent reason for that is the idea that the snowman needs to look like he's made of white snow, which the dominant white lights help to create that specific effect.

Snowman Decoration

snowman silhouette

snowman silhouette

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Snowman Delivering Letter to Santa

with this final Christmas window silhouette it takes on a completely different appearance. This is the one that I mentioned that had the feel and look of being 3-dimensional.

The colors really stand out with this design, as the vibrant greens, reds and snow color really make this a gorgeous decoration that would look awesome wherever it was placed.

Also terrific is the subject matter itself, which has the snowman about to put his list of requests to Santa in to be delivered to the North Pole for processing. What child wouldn't be excited by seeing that?


snowman christmas window silhouette

snowman christmas window silhouette

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Christmas Window Silhouette Decorations

That completes our look at the Christmas window silhouettes. You can see from these examples that there are a wide variety of window silhouette types and designs.

Depending on your personal preference, there is a window decoration for everyone.

And as mentioned earlier, for those that are more crafty you could just about create any type of darker window silhouette, which provides more options if you have specific designs in mind that are difficult to find commercially.

Either way, Christmas window silhouettes are among the most popular Christmas decorations, and from these examples you can see why; as they look great, can be seen from far away, and are easy to put up.

What more could you ask for in a Christmas decoration?

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