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Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas

When it comes down to generating delight at Christmas and getting down to the basics of presents under the tree, a fantastic Christmas tree skirt is just the thing to put the finishing touch on the experience by providing an awesome foundational design under the tree before the presents are placed there.

Christmas tree skirts are fantastic in that regard, especially when you do something a little unique with them, or buy one with a compelling design and/or fabric to create a great atmosphere when it's time to fetch the presents.

Fabric plays another part of the Christmas tree skirt experience, and it could be quilted, velvet, crocheted and felt; along with a variety of patterns and color.

One particular area that's fascinating and very cool is a personalized tree skirt, which you could even have hidden under the presents if it's the first time you've shown it, allowing the gradual removal of presents to unveil the individuals portrayed on the skirt. That's a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Below are several Christmas tree skirts to give you some ideas from a variety of patterns, designs and materials.

Red Christmas Tree Skirt with White Design

This very traditional red and white tree skirt shows why it is always popular and works great in any circumstance and home. The white stands out nicely with its fantastic design, while the red backdrop offers a rich color to place presents on, around and against.

It's also a terrific piece of Christmas décor on its own, and needs to be placed under the tree long before Christmas Eve so everyone can enjoy the Christmas tree skirt of your choice.

Red and White Tree Skirt


Red Crocheted Christmas Tree Skirt

Keeping with the theme of red on a Christmas tree skirt, this one is a crocheted bell skirt, and as you can see, looks fantastic. The only problem is is it looks so good you hate to cover it up. Oh well, after the presents are passed out you can enjoy it all Christmas day.

One way to overcome that with all Christmas tree skirts is to have them under the tree long before the time you put the presents there.

Crocheted Tree Skirt


Needlepoint Christmas Tree Skirt

This took a lot of work, but the finished product was definitely worth it, as you can see from this fantastic needlepoint Christmas tree skirt. The trees with the presents under them are outstanding and look great, and the ribbons in the tree branches really add a nice touch. I also like the cream-colored canvass all of that is placed upon.

Needlepoint Tree Skirt


Christmas Tree Skirt with Children Playing in Snow

Here is a different color and theme that we all recognize, and would be a lot of fun under and around the Christmas tree base. The blue colors really stand out, which of course give the children playing a good backdrop to see them clearly.

The way the blue and white of the design is coordinated makes for a magnificent design. Lot's of fun!

Children Playing in Snow Tree Skirt


Hair on Leather Christmas Tree Skirt

This is probably one of the more unusual Christmas tree skirts I've seen. Yet for certain parts of the country and world it would really be a relevant piece. Many parts of the southwest, west and northern parts of the U.S. would appreciate it's look and feel.

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Leather Tree Skirt


Endless Variety of Christmas Tree Skirts

There are so many types and varieties of Christmas tree skirts that I couldn't even begin to dent them if I included 500 photos here, which would have been really easy to do.

Even so, you can see the great diversity out there just from these few photos of Christmas tree skirts, and understand that no matter what themes, colors or designs you prefer, there is something to fit anybody's tastes.


Jane Hess on December 11, 2019:

Will you post the source for the embroidered tree skirt please?

Jen H on November 03, 2015:

I too would love to know where to purchase or get materials to make the red and white tree skirt!

Eleanor B M on December 06, 2014:

I would also be interested in purchasing the red tree skirt with the white embroidery. It is beautiful. Where can you find this skirt? Thank you!


Saby on December 04, 2012:


Definitly love love the tree skirt red and white. I've looking for the perfect one for many years.

Can you please guide me to buy one just like the one in the picture.

Thank you

jguthrie1979 from Bonita Springs, Florida on February 11, 2010:

nice pictures!!!

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