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Christmas Tree Lights

Wonder of Christmas tree lights

Christmas tree lights are by far the most anticipated lights included with anyone's home Christmas décor, and there are tons of ways you can put them on the tree in order to delight family and guests.

I've always included the usual string Christmas lights - both blinking and non-blinking - as a foundation, and then add other varieties to really make it stand out. For example, some years I'll include Christmas bubble lights as part of the Christmas tree lights, or some other lights that are unique, like blinking music lights and other such fun stuff.

You have to be careful not to overdue it, but when done in the right way it really captures the attention of visitors, and brings great delight and enjoyment to everyone who sees them.

With that in mind, I've put together some photos you can look at of a variety of Christmas trees with different light themes to give you some ideas that would inspire and generate some thoughts for your Christmas tree lights.

There are also included some shots of Christmas trees from around the world, including some national trees.

  • Novelty Christmas Lights
    What fun having novelty Christmas lights are, which could mean unique lights like rope lights, or the shapes surrounding the light bulb like stars, bells and cartoon characters, among others. We have a bunch of these at home, and our Christmas...

Great Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights

This is a pretty dazzling photo of a large outdoor Christmas tree, obviously meant for the general public. Even so, it's a great tree and light theme I really enjoy. It looks like it's bursting with fire.

  • Solar Christmas Lights
    Solar Christmas lights can be a great addition to our Christmas light décor, and of course can be placed where you want them without needing to worry about whether there's an electric plug outlet or not, as long as there's enough sun to energize...
  • Christmas Stocking Kits
    What's great about finding some fun Christmas stocking kits is the many things of value connected to them. You could get together with a group of friends and enjoy using a kit for making Christmas stockings as a good excuse to spend time together. ..

Unique Christmas Tree from Dubai

This particular and unusual Christmas tree was taken in a Dubai mall and is very interesting and different from most. The mixture of yellow lights and the reddish hues accompanying the tree are pretty neat looking.

Christmas Tree in Dubai

  • Snowman Christmas Stocking
    The snowman has been a part of Christmas seemingly as much as he's been a part of winter, and children and adults alike continue to be delighted by this plump, jolly character who invades our thoughts and imaginations during the winter and Christmas.
  • Garland Christmas Lights
    Garland Christmas lights are a terrific way to decorate your home, whether inside or outside, and the inclusion of the garland and lights as a one-piece Christmas decoration makes it very simple and easy to put up. Depending on how long they are,...

Home Christmas Tree Lights and Decorations

I wasn't going to leave out what most of us feel are a traditional looking Christmas tree with lights and decorations, and the one below fits that perfectly. The variety of lights and decorations reminds us of ways we decorate our trees.

The one below the first Christmas tree photo is also traditional and interesting. It was included in the mix because of the reflection behind in the window which shows the lights primarily without the rest. Nice! Oh, by the way, do you know what the decorations on the second tree below are? They are Mountain Dew cans. Take a second look to see. That's why the tree is so shiny up front and hard to see.

For the third photo down I enjoyed how the ribbons flow down the tree in the midst of the lights, and how those lights reflect off the shiny floor. Great look.

Traditional Christmas tree lights and decorations

  • Twinkling Christmas Lights
    Twinkle Christmas lights, contrary to synchronized Christmas lights, blink or twinkle in a random manner, making your Christmas party or get together a very festive atmosphere, and hopefully - occasion. I personally think everyone should have at...
  • Christmas Lights Which Use Batteries
    You may wonder why someone would want to use battery operated Christmas lights, but there are actually a number of reasons why they work great. First of all, we have to get out of our minds the idea that a Christmas light is only a string of...

Christmas Tree Decorated with Mountain Dew Cans


Christmas Tree Decorated with Colorful Lights and Ribbons


Christmas Tree at U.S. Capital

This is a recent Christmas tree placed at the U.S. capital. It's always amazing the number of lights and decorations used to fill these always huge trees.

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A picture really doesn't do justice to how wide and tall this Christmas tree is. I've wondered sometimes how many individual decorations are put on this tree. I bet no one knows.

Christmas Tree at Capital

  • Christmas String Lights
    Christmas string lights in general, and string lights specifically, go far beyond the couple types we think of when thinking about Christmas string lights, which usually entail the multi-colored string lights on a Christmas tree, or icicle Christmas.
  • Christmas Window Lights
    Christmas window lights are the doorway into the Christmas decorations in your house, offering the promise of more visual delights to come from those inside. In this article I'm not going to focus so much on the types of Christmas lights you can...

Australian Christmas Tree Lights

This Christmas tree and its lights belongs to Australia, and it's estimated that over 4 million Australians and/or visitors come to visit the newly chosen tree every year. I like those huge strands of yellow garland wrapped around the tree.

Australian Christmas Tree

  • Snowflake Christmas Lights
    Snowflake Christmas lights come in a large variety, and there are small ones like regular Christmas lights, all the way to very large ones which are battery operated or able to be plugged in while being stuck to a window. There are also two...
  • Vintage Christmas Lights
    Anything vintage is a treat to me, including fashion, photos and art, among hundreds of other categories I can't seem to get enough of. Among my favorites of those during the holiday season are vintage Christmas lights, which while easy enough to...

Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lights

Here is another famous Christmas tree site which is filled with a new tree every year; the one at Rockefeller. This one is includes tons of Christmas tree lights.

  • Purple Christmas Lights
    Purple Christmas lights are a fantastic alternative to other lights, and really give off a unique look when included in the overall Christmas décor you employ both inside and outside the house. A great benefit of purple Christmas lights is how...
  • Christmas Lights with a Variety of Colors
    Christmas lights with a variety of colors work very well as part of an overall Christmas decoration theme for the inside of the home or the yard and outside of the house. Strategically placing them around the house and the yard brighten up the night.

Huge Christmas Tree and Lights on Italian Hillside

Now here is a giant Christmas tree with even bigger Christmas tree lights. A favorite attraction of many who visit Italy - or reside there - who love to see the huge Christmas tree spectacle. Amazing!

Giant Hillside Christmas Tree Lights in Italy

  • C5, C7 and C9 Christmas Lights
    While some people aren't familiar with the term C5, C7 and C9 when it comes to Christmas lighting, they are very recognizable the second you see them, even if you don't know that's what they're called today. Years ago these larger size Christmas...
  • Pink Christmas Lights
    Have you ever thought of using pink Christmas lights? Think it would look horrible? Like anything else, it's how you design and work them in with other parts of your decorations which will determine how they look. For example, they would go...

Favorite Christmas Tree Lights

After all those monster Christmas trees and Christmas tree lights, you would think I would pick one of them as my favorite. No way!. Below, with this fantastic outdoor Christmas tree covered with snow with the lights barely perceptible, is my favorite of all of the Christmas trees in this article. My only wish was that the photo had been taken at nighttime. That would have been an awesome display of Christmas tree lights reflecting on the snow on the tree.

What frigid part of the world is this tree located in? I'm not kidding when I say this is a photo of Christmas tree lights in England when they experienced a rare snow fall.

Great Outdoor Christmas Tree and Christmas Tree Lights

  • Christmas Net Lights
    Christmas net lights are a great addition to your Christmas yard décor, especially when you have a lot of bushes or shrubs that would be perfect foundations to lay these fascinating net lights on. Like all Christmas lights, Christmas net lights...

Extraordinary Christmas Tree Lights

Wasn't that a great group of Christmas trees and Christmas tree lights? I like everyone of them, even those, like the one in Italy, which was only the form of a tree and not a real Christmas tree or lights at all.

There should be plenty of ideas here for you if you lack any for different Christmas tree light looks this year.


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