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Christmas Tablecloth Designs and Ideas

Christmas Tablecloths

Other than outside and inside general Christmas decorations, the most viewed part of Christmas the Christmas celebration would be the tablecloth Christmas dinner is set on. As a matter of fact, it's possible most family and friends will view the tablecloth more than the rest of the decorations, as sometimes they may not look at all the outdoor or indoor decorations, but they must at least give a Christmas tablecloth a cursory glance.

Consequently, including a beautiful and welcoming tablecloth on the dinner table is a must for those presenting the Christmas dinner, as it's an important part of the ambiance or atmosphere associated with the dinner and how people feel as they sit down at the table.

The majority of Christmas tablecloths offered are those with a red or white foundation, with a much smaller percentage of different color foundations, which with an occasional exception, don't look quite so nice as those with the red and white. Even the traditional Christmas color of green doesn't do nearly as well; probably because it clashed with most kitchen or dining room décor.

That's not to say green does't look good on a Christmas tablecloth, just that it doesn't work as well when it's the foundational color of the cloth. Otherwise, with other color combinations, it looks fantastic.

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Red or White Christmas Tablecloth?

So what should determine whether or not you use a red or white Christmas tablecloth foundation for Christmas dinner? It would largely be determined by the color of the walls in the room you're going to eat in.

If it's a darker color, a tablecloth with a white foundation, and which doesn't have an over-abundance of darker colors as part of the design would work best.

Darker colors on the tablecloth, even if they are nicely designed, would darken the room, given it a somewhat dreary look.

For lighter colored rooms, using a red or other dark-colored Christmas tablecloth would work well. Whether light or dark, a Christmas tablecloth would work good in either circumstance, assuming the design isn't full of dark colors, as mentioned earlier.

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Christmas Tablecloth Designs

Tablecloths built for the Christmas meal can be very simple and minimalist, to extremely ornate and busy. There's no one right way to determine what's best for anyone, as it depends upon taste and what is being conveyed by the tablecloth.

Some people love Christmas tablecloths full of images and design elements, and as long as they work with the rest of the décor of the room, there's no problem with that.

The majority of Christmas tablecloths incorporate many of the things we associate with the Christmas holiday, including poinsettias, candy canes, Santa Claus, Christmas decorations, candles, Christmas trees, snowmen, Christmas bells, ribbons and holly, among many others.

Others include a combination of a number of elements, which are brought together to create a wonderful Christmas and winter scene. These can be especially compelling and beautiful, and are included on the parts of the tablecloth hanging over the edge of the table for the person or people sitting there to see, and usually something complements or is the center of that design theme is included in the center of the tablecloth on the table.

A number of Christmas tablecloth designs have something spread across the entirety of the fabric, which can be very full, and in many other cases, scattered across it with more room in between the elements.

One very beautiful tablecloth design, which is a little more susceptible to damage if young children or a careless person accidentally snags it, is that made with a gorgeous lace design. It's like placing a huge doily on the dinner table. These are almost always white or cream in color with some stunning stenciled designs included. Many times these will include some terrific Christmas designs that are embroidered on them, although they look good on their own.

Still other Christmas tablecloths can include a quilted or linen fabric and design.

The basic shape of the majority of tablecloths are square, round, and sometimes a star or oval shape.

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Holly and Ribbon Christmas Tablecloth with Leaf Design

For anyone wanting a touch of class with their Christmas dinner, this beautiful tablecloth with the white foundation and leaf design would be up to the task.

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Not only does it have an awesome foundation and overall look, but the ribbon and holly accentuating the Christmas tablecloth makes it a fantastic design to lay upon your table in preparation for the Christmas feast.

Christmas Tablecloth with White Foundation

White, Holly Christmas Tablecloth

White, Holly Christmas Tablecloth

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Red Christmas Tablecloth with Gold Accents

Not only was this gorgeous Christmas tablecloth included for its compelling look, but also as an example to offer some ideas of what you can do for a darker tablecloth like this one.

There is no need to describe it, as the photo provides the narrative for what to do with it. What I mean is the inclusion of the white plates on the table to offset the almost totally dark color of the tablecloth.

Also looking nice is the purple base around the white candles, along with the wine color in the clear wine glasses. Together it all flows nicely, with not too much dark red to make it appear gloomy to family and guests sitting at the table.

While the black chair is included for purposes of the photo, it's probably the only thing I don't like about the overall look and feel of the dinner set up. Other than that it looks fantastic, and most people wouldn't include chairs like this at the table.

If you like the style that's fine, it just looks a little forced in this dinner design.

Red Christmas Tablecloth

Red and Gold Christmas Tablecloth

Red and Gold Christmas Tablecloth

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Green Christmas Tablecloth with White Border

There aren't too many Christmas tablecloth themes I found when looking for some inspiration, and this one gives an idea of how it would look and what may have to be done to make it work for someone using it as the color for the Christmas dinner table set up.

It's not so much that it's bad look (although I would prefer more of a Hunter green if I was going to use green), it's that you would have to have a lot of other elements in the kitchen or dining room to make it blend well.

The question would have to be asked if green goes with the rest of the décor of the room before implementing a green tablecloth as your dinner theme. Another is what type of plates and other dinner wear do you have that would complement the green color of the tablecloth.

All of that could work, but it would take a specific type of room in my opinion to work.

Now there are other things to consider, for example, have you changed the appearance of the room with Christmas decorations that would make this theme work for you. That could make all the difference in the world if you want to go green.

The color of the plates would also be important, as would the design of the glasses used.

One thing that helps the green Christmas tablecloth work is the design on the white border which offers some more color to work with.

For me, I would have liked to have seen the rest of this room to get a better look at some of the possible options, but using a little of your imagination, you could easily picture the end result using a green tablecloth the rest of the dinner ware you would use in your home.

Green Tablecloth

Green Tablecloth

Green Tablecloth

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Christmas Tablecloth with Santa and Tree Design

This is a very cute Christmas tablecloth design which would work in most situations I could think of, with the possible exception being a group of professional colleagues coming over for a business meal during the holidays. But even then it could work from a more whimsical point of few if things may be a little tense and there's a need for some levity.

Either way, this is a very nice design, and I like the Santa and the tree behind him with the little presents scattered underneath it.

The edging on the border and the scrolling lines on the corner also add a very nice look to the Christmas tablecloth design.

White Christmas Tablecloth Design

White Tablecloth with Santa Design

White Tablecloth with Santa Design

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Christmas Tablecloth Portraying Stars and Sky

Although it may not be obvious to the casual observer, this is not only a good looking Christmas tablecloth because of the nice white and red color combination and design, but also because of the inclusion of the stars and the night sky on the design.

It's not obvious because it's mostly done on a white foundation, but nonetheless it looks great, and nicely complements the rest of the design.

The stars and sky on the red border even looks better to me than the gold stars on the white background. But together they look very good with Santa and the design elements surrounding him on the tablecloth. Nice looking cover for the table.

White Top and Red Border Christmas Tablecloth

White and Red Christmas Tablecloth

White and Red Christmas Tablecloth

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Importance of Christmas Tablecloths

Having a great looking Christmas tablecloth is the first step to setting a fantastic table for Christmas dinner, and when that is done right, the rest flows nicely together, topped off by the appearance of the centerpiece of the meal, whatever that is for dinner.

All of it is put together for that moment which is highly anticipated, and when the tablecloth and settings are done right, the appearance of the main course culminates the wonderful experience.

There are a lot of ways one can go when deciding on a Christmas tablecloth, and taking inventory of the wall colors of the kitchen and/or dining area, along with the color and design of the dinner ware, will help guide and direct you as to what type of Christmas tablecloth to go with. Whatever is decided, I'm sure it'll look magnificent for Christmas dinner.


peachy from Home Sweet Home on December 11, 2014:

beautiful table cloth but wouldn't it be a waste when it gets dirty at dinner? on November 20, 2014:

Iam looking for the tablecloth with the santa design, I would appreciate if someone could call me1-201-435-7688 Iam disable and do my shopping on line thamk u for your understandingchris

Brandon Hart on August 22, 2013:

Some interesting tablecloth options for sure. I was looking for this for a Christmas party were preparing for at my church.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on October 29, 2012:

Those are all beautiful. Normally I might like the holly and ribbon one best but seems my tastes are changing and I prefer the home feeling of the last one. Thanks for all the info and pictures and early thoughts of holiday.

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