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Christmas Star Lights

Christmas Star Light Magic

Christmas star lights are an important part of the Christmas light décor for many people, and when you look at how nice they look, you can see why.

Probably the most stunning and beautiful of all star Christmas lights is the star Christmas light curtain, which hangs across the large window of a home, giving it an extraordinary beauty and appeal.

But even standalone Christmas star lights are fantastic to me, and I think it's because of the many points of the light, especially when they're a more luminous LED Christmas star light, which seem to twinkle out in every direction.

Of course there are some Christmas star lights which aren't shaped as stars at all, but rather shaped in the form of a star, which is just as good to me.

Either way, when these star lights are included as part of your Christmas light display, they add something to it that can't be explained, but only seen and appreciated.

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Star Lights for Christmas Decorations

The first three photos of star Christmas lights show those that are small but very compelling when added to any Christmas tree or object you want to decorate. They stand out nicely, but in a subtle way.

Blue Icicle Star Lights

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Star String Christmas Lights

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Red Star Christmas Lights

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Moravian Star Lights

One of my favorite Christmas star lights is the Moravian star lights, like the one shown below. They look fantastic wherever you put them, and are stunning to the eye. As you can see from just above, they come in many colors.

Moravian Star Lights Photo

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Specialty Star Christmas Lights

Star lights are one of those specialty Christmas lights that can just about be added anywhere when will make things look a little better than if they hadn't been there.

Whether they're the larger Moravian star Christmas lights or the dainty, smaller star Christmas string lights, they're definitely a great way to spice up your Christmas lights display.


merreh65 on November 19, 2012:

Please, does anyone know where I can find the lovely Moravian

star lights?

merreh65 on November 10, 2012:

Love your hub, but do you know where to find the beautiful Moravian

star string lights you show in the article above? I have been trying to

find some to order--HELP, please?

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