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Christmas Rope Light

Growing Popularity and Fascination of Christmas Rope Lights

Christmas rope lights are fast becoming a very popular addition to our Christmas décor, especially in our Christmas yard decorations. They look especially fantastic when used in outside situations.

In some of the photos below I've included examples of how people have set up and used Christmas rope lights to enhance their outdoor Christmas decorations, and they really do make a major difference in how the designs of the Christmas yard decorations look.

These types of lights are another tool in the growing repertoire offered by Christmas light manufacturers we can choose from, and they're really a blast and lot of fun to set up in different outdoor Christmas decorations designs.

So take a look and get some inspiration from the Christmas rope lights below, and you'll probably find yourself thinking of ways you can use them this Christmas.

Rope Light Christmas Displays

I thought I'd start the article on Christmas rope lights with a couple of simple but very effective and nice looking traditional rope light designs. Either the bell or the candy cane would work in any Christmas yard décor, and although seemingly simple and easy, they do include several colors of rope lights each to make a nice looking Christmas lights display.

Christmas Bell Rope Lights


Candy Cane Rope Lights


Reindeer Riding Bicycle Rope Light

This next rope light of the reindeer riding the bicycle is hilarious, and would be great fun to have out in the lawn somewhere as part of our outdoor Christmas light décor.

Below that the elves playing on the seesaw or teeter totter, as they used to be called, is just as enjoyable to view. Remember that these figures and lights will have an animated mechanism to give them the illusion of moving, making them even more compelling to look at.

Reindeer Rope Light


Rope Light Design of Elves on See Saw or Teeter Totter

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Christmas Tree Made of Rope Lights

Here's another colorful and traditional Christmas tree theme made with rope lights, and again, this looks great and will work in any circumstance during the Christmas holiday season.

Rope Light Christmas Tree Design


Reindeer Christmas Rope Lights

These next couple of Christmas rope light designs are of reindeer, and include the usual clear lights which help them show their shape so well. While they may look a little different than clear rope Christmas lights, that's because of their surrounding environment and reflection, not the light color themselves; something that needs to be considered when placing them where you want them.

Rope Light Deer Designs


Christmas Lights of Reindeer Pulling Santa's Sleigh

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Christmas Train Rope Light

This is a fantastic rope light Christmas display of a train, and when seen animated, is really fun. I guess Santa is carrying part of his gifts by train this year, as it seems from the bounty seen on this train.

Note the different colored lights throughout the rope light design.

Rope Light Train Design


Extraordinary Christmas Rope Light Design

This fantastic rope light design has so much in it, that they couldn't put all the characters and supporting cast into one direction in order to get a good photo of it, as you can see in the picture. Even so, there is enough to capture how great looking and fun this Christmas rope light design was, and also the work that went into making it. This photo alone is enough to give you tons of ideas on your own Christmas rope light designs in your own yard.


Endless number of Christmas rope light designs

Every once in a while I come across a fascinating and interesting subject like Christmas rope lights, and could had dozens of fantastic photos to be enjoyed and inspired by. But I tend to get carried away, so I limited it to those shown here. But there are enough ideas shared in the photos to generate a lot of terrific ways you can use rope lights to create amazing designs.

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