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Christmas Postcards

Christmas Postcards: Vintage and Modern

Sometimes we have tended to forget about Christmas postcards, even though to this day we still send and receive Christmas cards in the form of Christmas postcards, while appreciating some of those from the past, which were in many cases - works of art.

When we look at vintage or Victorian Christmas postcards, for the most part they were what we identify as postcards today, at least in the sense of how they were made.

Either way, it's still a part of how we share Christmas greetings, and so an important, if declining, part of how we practice it.

With that in mind, I've included several of those Christmas postcards below which reflect and are from long ago, as well as more modern ones which are obviously more in tune with what many think of sending Christmas greetings today.

Even in our digital age, it's still cool to receive a quality Christmas postcard in the mail.

Gift of the Magis Christmas Postcard

The 'Gift of the Magis' Christmas postcard gives a look at the celebrated event which eventually helped Joseph and Mary raise Jesus while they were sent by God to Egypt to protect the baby Jesus from the evil Herod, who killed numerous Jewish children in an attempt to kill the searched-for King.

Three Wise Men Christmas Postcard


Unique Christmas Postcard

This was one of the more unique Christmas postcards I found, and it's really made in an interesting way, almost like a cut away on the television set in modern times, or a picture-in-picture image. My favorite part of the Christmas postcard is the lettering, which gives what appears to be a 3-D look.

Picture-in-Picture Postcard?


Christmas Postcard: Deer in Snowy Woods

This Christmas postcard of the deer in the woods reminds me of some my family received when I was a child. Being born and raised in northern Minnesota, this was a popular theme for those family members who lived in the state to send one another.

The scene in a beautiful work of art, capturing the imagination of those trekking along on a cold winter night to then come upon some deer foraging for food in the woods.

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Deer in woods Christmas postcard


Vintage Christmas Postcards

It seems this is a Victorian-era postcard, or at least one portraying the era, as the chubby-faced cherubs or angels was the way they were illustrated in that period of time.

These vintage types of postcards are among the most beautiful and desirable ever made.


Western Horse Christmas Postcard

Christmas postcards and greetings cards seem to naturally go together with horse and snow, and this Christmas postcard including them both is great.

The way the snow and trees are expressed in a crackled manner works extremely well. It definitely shows that the horses are out there in a winter snowstorm. Great image.

Horse Christmas Postcard


Modern Christmas Postcards

Some of the other Christmas postcards were modern, but this one obviously testifies to the colorful and loud statement some in our modern society like to make, and that's no different with this one. It's a little too loud for me, but it definitely grabs your attention when looking at it.

Christmas Postcard with Tree Bulbs


Many people still use Christmas Postcards

Even though we love to send regular Christmas cards or even digital Christmas cards, Christmas postcards still play a part in sending Christmas greetings to friends and family, and as you can see from those included here, it's highly unlikely that the practice will completely disappear from society, although it definitely is fading from view.

This is why choosing and sending a Christmas postcard could be a very pleasant surprise for those not looking for such an experience.

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