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Christmas Gift Ideas: Thomas Kinkade Art

Christmas gift ideas from Thomas Kinkade Art

We all look for a variety of Christmas gift ideas for our family and loved ones at this time of the year, and it seems to always be a struggle no matter what you try to do to prepare ourselves for the inevitable Christmas gift search we always dread. With that in mind, I thought I would offer up some ideas for those that enjoy inspirational art, from the renowned and most collectible living artist in America today: Thomas Kinkade.

Very few people haven't seen the art of Thomas Kinkade, even if you didn't know it was his art you were looking at.

Either way, art from Thomas Kinkade inspires the majority of people, and the 'Painter of Light' would be a delight for anyone who enjoys art that includes a wholesome and compelling theme and look.

That's not all though. The art itself is fantastic to me, and it reminds you of not only a nostalgic journey to the past, but of a world that seems to undergird the one we live in.

Thomas Kinkade art could be a great gift to offer those looking for something uplifting this Christmas season.

Paintings from Thomas Kinkade

  • Christmas Snow Globes
    Who can forget the magic and delight of when we first encountered and handled those fascinating Christmas snow globes in our youth? I still remember the joy and excitement when I first got to shake it up and see the interesting effects as a result...
  • Beautiful Christmas Nail Designs, Tips and Tutorials
    Around the world Christmas is celebrated by Christians as the day the Savior Jesus Christ came into the world, and all sorts of traditions have culminated from that fact. Among those is the implementation of beautiful nail art to celebrate that...

Winter Art from Thomas Kinkade

This is among my favorites of the winter and Christmas art of Thomas Kinkade, and you can see how it would look beautiful on any wall of a home. There are a lot of Christmas themes from Kinkade, but I wanted to include this one as a reminder of not only a gift, but a gift for the season.

  • Disney Gifts with a Christmas Theme
    The Walt Disney Company is among the most recognizable brands in the world, and when contemplating buying a gift for someone for Christmas time, it can boggle the mind as to where to even begin, let alone narrow things down to a couple of items. ...
  • Christmas Tree Angel Treetops
    There are a number of legends and lore concerning the origin of the Christmas tree we see in use around the world today, as it is disputed as to what the impetus behind a Christmas tree was, and if the meaning people attribute to it today is from...

Beautiful Yard and Home from Thomas Kinkade

Here is another great painting form Thomas Kinkade, The stone walk is fantastic to me. It just makes you wish you lived in this home with all the beauty in it and surrounding it. With all the great things going for it, that well simply stands out magnificently. That mist in the background is also a very nice touch.

  • Funny Santa Clip Art
    We all know that Santa gets his usual attention during the Christmas holiday season, but even so, he's considered a pretty cool dude all year round; although he isn't in our minds as much as during that period of time when the fall weather starts...
  • Christmas Heels, Pumps and Kicks
    Christmas season and Christmas day offer up opportunities for women to show off some new pumps and for men to dress up in some fancy kicks. While there are times that red and green footwear can be worn throughout the year, there is of course...

Cobblestone Bridge Painting from Thomas Kinkade

This beautiful painting sure captures the peace and tranquility we all want to enter into more. That slow moving river and trailing smoke coming out of the chimney is terrific. Did you notice the man and his dog fishing by the river. It all adds up to a peaceful setting. The bridge is of course a key part of the image, and seems to be beckoning you to come on in to the peace the village offers you. Great painting to add to any wall.

  • Holly Face Painting for Christmas
    The holly has become a very popular Christmas decoration, with the spiny leaves and berries offering wonderful color that matches the traditional Christmas color of red and green. While the Holly has hundreds of species of flowering plants, the...
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Another Peaceful Village Scene

Here's another great, peaceful village scene, which also includes a bridge. My favorite in this painting is the willow standing there on the side. Great fall look, and I love the reflections off of the water.

  • Christmas Music Boxes
    Christmas music boxes are always a magical part of Christmas season and Christmas décor, and the fantastic and compelling sounds, and in many cases, figures related to them, are a major attraction for those captivated by the two working together. ...
  • Toy Bear Christmas Wallpapers
    Christmas bear wallpapers are a terrific way to celebrate the holiday season on your computer or other screen you use, as they are one of the most important animals associated with the Christmas season, as well among the most popular. That's also...

Winter Deer Scene from Thomas Kinkade

Being from the northern part of the United States originally, I immediately fell in love with what could be a typical night. This winter moment could happen any time in the northland. I love the deer of course, but what stands out to me is that icy tree they appeared to emerge out into the open from. It reminds me of a number of ice storms we've had to endure through the years.

Deer Walking in Snow Painting from Thomas Kinkade

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    Every child imagines at times during their lives what it's like where Santa, the reindeer, and the elves live, and that makes for great opportunities to create terrific creations of what the North Pole would look like if Santa in fact did live...
  • Christmas Bell Ideas and Inspiration
    Most of us don't think much about Christmas bells when we place them around the house and on the Christmas tree during the holiday season, as they are considered part of the décor, and are used in a multitude of ways to create a nice family...

Thomas Kinkade Art for a Christmas Gift

This variety of paintings from Thomas Kinkade gives you a good look at his overall style and inspirational basis behind his art. It could definitely be a way to bless a family member or friend for Christmas. Millions have enjoyed receiving a painting or product based upon the work of Thomas Kinkade as a gift.


loretta on November 29, 2019:

I would like to purchase the blue snowman mantel but your page will not allow me to order.

Janellegems on December 05, 2015:

Beautiful pictures of Kinkade's art. Thanks for the wonderful Christmas gift ideas.

Dave Harris from Cardiff, UK on November 27, 2010:

Cool hub Peaches, love Kinkade's work, beautiful.

Holle Abee from Georgia on April 25, 2010:

I love Kinkade's art! They just seem so peaceful!

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