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Online Christmas Bear Coloring Book Printables

Enesco Christmas Storytime 17" Bear

Christmas Bear Printables

Bears are a terrific theme for online coloring book printables that can be found and downloaded quickly for instantaneous gratification for children looking for something to do that will keep their attention.

Christmas bear printables are even better, as the wonderful designs complemented by all sorts of Christmas decorations, objects and other assorted and related items make for a very compelling coloring page for children, who are already having their imaginations run wild with possibilities concerning Christmas morning when they rush to get see and receive all their presents.

Since a bear is one of the favorite toys of a child to hold and hug as they're growing up, it remains a great coloring option when showing them things they can color, as they retain that closeness they may still have, depending on their age and maturity.

Bear coloring pages range from the very simple, where the designs include larger body parts and simpler elements like more circular and empty parts of the body to allow for children to color them in without getting too frustrated over the process. Usually larger areas without a lot of detail are the best way to accomplish that task.

So when searching for Christmas bear printables for little children, it's usually best to find those that are more simple and open in their design. You'll find an example of that below.

For older and more artsy children there are many bear coloring pages with a lot more detail and smaller areas to color in so they have enough challenge to make it interesting.

It's pretty simple. Look for less detail and shape with the smaller children, and more detail and smaller areas to color in with older children (or even some of us adult kids that still like to draw).

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Simple Printable Christmas Bear with Santa Hat

For a Christmas bear printable that has minimalist detail, this is a good one for children learning to draw inside of lines, but aren't quite there yet. There are even more simple Christmas bear designs to choose from, with most of those being more circular in shape with little more than an identifiable bear head and rounder and open parts of the body to make it easy for children to color.

This example was included to show the next step beyond the absolute starting point for children. For the purpose of this article it is assumed those children that want to color have at minimum a little experience coloring. If the children you're looking for printables for aren't experienced, just do a quick Internet search using the phrase 'Christmas bear printables' and you'll find many that are for the absolute beginner.

Christmas Bear

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Christmas Bear Printable Playing Trumpet or Bugle

Next is another good example of a Christmas bear that is good for a child with a little experience, but not so much that the basic design would bore the child.

I like it because it's a friendly looking bear and because he's riding on a wagon and blowing the horn, can easily be related to by children who have similar experiences with the toys they have.

As you can see, most of the coloring page bear design has simple lines and lines that haven't been filled in with much detail. The only area that has a little is the wagon. The hook in front of the wagon to hold the line to pull it with is about the smallest area to color in. The narrow part above the bill of the cap is the other one.

This would be a wonderful Christmas bear that a child would have a lot of fun coloring in without it getting too complicated for them.

Bear in Wagon

Christmas Around the World Coloring Book

Christmas Bear Printable Decorating with Moon and Stars

With this Christmas bear printable it moves up to a little higher skill level, with the smaller and more numerous elements like the crescent moon and the little stars.

What's nice about this is the way there is no explanation as to what he's putting the moon and stars on, it's simply assumed there is something they're being attached to.

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I also like that tray holding the many moon decorations, along with the pail of little stars. Very cute.

How many noticed the hat the bear is wearing with the many stars scattered about it? And then there's that more detailed moon resting lazily on his stomach, giving the appearance that the little bear is wearing a shirt, although that's the only hint that such is the case.

To me this is a skill level between the first couple of printables and the more detailed ones we're going to look at next.

Bear Putting Up Decorations

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Little Boy and Girl Printable Christmas Bear Design

With this very cute boy and girl Christmas bear printable it seems to be close to the one above, or at most a little more detailed, and thus a little more skill needed to successfully color it in.

The reason for reaching that conclusion is the variety of different patterns included in the piece.

It's a great intermediate coloring page that will help a child go to the next level once they master one like this.

Besides all that, this is just a cute couple of Christmas bears that almost any child would enjoy looking at and coloring in.

Two Little Christmas Bears

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Three Christmas Bear Printables

This final example of a Christmas bear printable is the most detailed and challenging of those shared in this article.

Not only does it have some stars scattered about the coloring page, but also a bunch of holly with its berries, along with that bow that has all those individual areas to color in if the child decides each one needs its own color.

What makes all of these bears appropriate for younger children is the large and easy to color in heads. Some children probably don't care one way or the other about their art work in that regard, and simply having some cool images to work with is enough for them.

Yet many children also like to do a good job, and for them, having a more challenging printable that when finished is worthy of praise, is a good way to encourage them.

And let's face it, when our children or grandchildren finish their Christmas bear printables, there will be a place for their works somewhere in the house, no matter how it looks. After all, it's the work of love behind it and the desire to please that makes it so special to us.

Three Christmas Bears

Christmas Bear Coloring Pages and Printables

This group of Christmas bear coloring pages shows why printables like this are so popular, and they can be quickly found, downloaded and printed out for whosoever wants to do some art work with the cute bears.

Including Christmas accessories like Santa hats, scarves, presents, bows, trumpets, stars and moons adds to the attractiveness of the subject matter, delighting children and adults alike when coloring in the bears, as well as when the work is complete and displayed in the friendly art gallery that is their home.

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