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Christmas Angel Printables

Angel Christmas Cards

Printable Angel Designs for Christmas

Angels are a big part of the Christmas story, heralding the arrival of Jesus Christ the Savior to the world, appearing first to shepherds and instructing them to go see the event that had happened.

All of that has resulted in a variety of works of art depicting the elements concerning the historical event, as well as the inclusion printable drawings to allow those who enjoy coloring to fill in the angel images to allow for everyone to enjoy.

Children love to color in these printable angel designs and have them placed in strategic and noticeable places around the house for the family and guests to comment and encourage them on their work.

Some Christmas angel printables are of the more realistic and serious nature, while others are made like a cartoon angel, participating in the fun of the activities surrounding the Christmas season.

Angels in this article go from announcing the arrival of Jesus into the world to carrying around Christmas ornaments to put on the tree. There is a little bit of everything for different tastes, and the children will love them.

If you want more options to choose from just put the words "Christmas angel printables" into your search engine and a bunch of them will pop up to choose from.

Christmas Printable Coloring Pages

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Little Christmas Angel Printable Carrying Ornament

Children will surely enjoy coloring in this happy little angel carrying, for him, a big Christmas ornament which he is apparently going to put on the tree or hand to someone to add the little clip so it can be hung in its desired location.

With the inclusion of an ornament in the printable it makes it even more fun for those that enjoy using different colors when coloring. It's always interesting to see what children will do with coloring pages when they start working on them.

Miniature Angel

angel printable

angel printable

Christmas List Printables

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Angel without Wings Printable

For those that read the Bible they know that many of the angels that interacted with humans were in fact in appearance of a human being, interacting with them without the inclusion of wings which artists tend to interpret them as looking like.

That's what's happening in this angel printable below, where the angel Gabriel is shown appearing to Mary the mother of Jesus in the form of a human. This is before the birth of Christ, as he was telling her that she would supernaturally conceive a child while still being a virgin. The Christmas story actually begins here.

Angel Talking to Mary

angel announcing birth of Jesus to Mary

angel announcing birth of Jesus to Mary

Christmas Light Printables

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Angel Printable Announcing Birth of Christ by Blowing Trumpet

One of the images that have endured over the years concerning the angelic participation in the birth of Christ is that of an angel blowing a trumpet to announce the event.

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Trumpets in the Bible are symbolic of communicating a message, and it's a big part of special events that were important to God.

This printable of the angel shows he's really getting into his job, as his eyes are closed and he's belting out a tune of some sort letting all who can hear know the Savior had come into the world.

Angel Blowing Trumpet

angel blowing trumpet

angel blowing trumpet

Christmas Around the World Coloring Book

Angel Riding Sled Ringing Bell

For those not familiar with angels, they are always about communicating some type of message to people, and that appears to be the case with this little girl angel who is riding on the sled ringing a bell to say it's time to celebrate the birth of Christ again.

It also looks like on the back there are a couple of presents that the angel is delivering. This is a fun play on the angel communication theme, one that will be thoroughly enjoyed by those coloring in the angel and her fast-moving sled.

Girl Angel with Bell

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Angel Printable of Song "Angels We Have Heard on High"

Here we have a cute combination of the letters to the Christmas song "Angels We Have Heard on High" and a little angel seeming to be sitting joyfully and peacefully up in space with the moon as a backdrop.

It's a very cool printable that has a lot of detail a child with more skill could get into. These are good opportunities to teach a younger child as well, helping them to identify different colors by encouraging them to use a different color for different letters.

Printables like these angel printables are great as props behind the story they're representing, as well as other teaching elements surrounding learning how to use and identify crayons and colors accurately.

Angels We Have Heard on High

Angel Printables for Christmas

Christmas time is a terrific, relevant season to teach children about the meaning behind the season while enjoying the images and coloring them in.

There are a wide variety of Christmas angel printables to choose from, with those included in this article expressing a good cross section of them.

Whether these specific angel printables are used or others are, including them as part of the activities during the Christmas season for your children, grandchildren or students is a great way to keep them busy and engaged while using the designs as an aid in communicating what it's all about.


peachy from Home Sweet Home on December 04, 2012:

i love your angels.,I am sure kids would love to color them and paste them on the walls. Merry christmas to all!

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