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Christmas Ornaments and Their History

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Christmas is the time of joy, communality, and celebration. This is the time for the family virtues of togetherness and compassion. Everyone wants to make their Christmas special and comfortable.

Many a household do start their Christmas celebrations in early winter along with a lot of planning about the presents and the Christmas Ornaments of course.

The History of Christmas Ornaments

In A.D 336, an early calendar is known to have mentioned the 25th of December as the date of the birth of Jesus. This date is said to have been influenced by the pagan festivals to celebrate the harvest season.

The celebrations during this season included special meals, decoration of homes, giving of gifts. Very soon, the pagan festive celebrations also became a part of the Christmas celebrations.

Many do believe that some of the Christmas traditions like the Christmas tree and Christmas ornaments were influenced by Central Europe. Earlier the Christmas trees were decorated using fruits like apples, pears, or with onions, candles, nuts, and food.

It was in the year 1800s that the glass ornaments were used as Christmas decorations and these were first made in Lauscha in Germany. This was entirely a family run business where men took part in glass blowing and women did the silvering of the glass. The kids did their part by helping to paint and finish them.

The Christmas ornaments thus emerged from food and apples to hand-blown glasses and now we do have many of them which shine and glitter and make for the best Christmas ornaments.

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Best Christmas Ornaments


There are few Christmas ornaments which can be used at home or can also be given as gifts to your family and friends.

Musical ornaments are best-loved by kids and are easily available in the stores or even purchased online. Most of these play Christmas Carols and have variations from the older version to the new ones. Some of these also come with an on and an off button. You can also choose from an Artisan ornament and you can choose from a delicate ornament which is made from glass or even a piece of wood.

One can find such Christmas ornaments in the special fairs which are set up during the Christmas season.

Many of them also opt for lighted ornaments which are in fashion nowadays. These are made from Crystal or even from blown glass. These are a bit expensive but if you really wish to buy one, you can choose to buy a plastic version of the same and these also probe less danger as they are made according to the safety norms.

Opting for a handcrafted Christmas ornament is also a good choice as most of these can be made by loved ones or even by your kids. These are special as they carry your memories and are also considered as a Christmas gift as it does carry the love and care of the person gifting it.

If you are also aware of the taste of the person, these Christmas ornaments can also be personalized as per their choice and this is also a trend to have such ornaments as personal ornaments within the family.

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