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Christian Christmas Cards

Christian Christmas Cards Celebrating the Holiday

Christian Christmas cards are very popular, and of course for the most part, celebrate the reason for implementing Christmas in the first place, which was the coming of Christ into the world to save it.

So many Christian Christmas cards include that theme as it relates to the nativity, from the celebration and discovery of Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the manger, to the wise men finding the star and following it to find Christ.

Other cards depict things Christians believe about Christ, like Him being the light of the world and other attributions given to Him, which are shown in the Christmas cards made which Christians like to send and receive from one another and others.

Anyway, I've included a few of what would be considered, for the most part, traditional Christian Christmas cards celebrating the arrival from Heaven of Jesus into the world.

  • Vintage Christmas Cards
    I enjoy art on all types of Christmas cards, and no matter what genre they are, when they're done well, I can really relate to it. But possibly my favorite art on cards comes from the images on vintage Christmas cards, which not only sent a message..
  • Pop Up Christmas Cards
    Possibly the most fascinating Christmas card out there is the pop up Christmas card, and they can be anywhere from an extraordinary professionally made Christmas card to an extraordinary home made pop up Christmas card. Either way, they are among my.

Christmas Card Saying Jesus is the Light in Darkness

A lit candle is always a great way to depict Jesus as the light of the world and a light shining in darkness. This Chistian Christmas card does that very nicely. Of course this card could be used by any Christian at any time, but it always has a special meaning during the Christmas holiday season.

Christian Christmas Card

  • Angel Christmas Cards
    Since I'm a fan of fantasy literature and images, it's somewhat shocking to see angels of Christmas displayed so effeminately, while the angels, in most cases, of fantasy, are very powerful and masculine looking. All of the angels in the Bible are...
  • Beautiful Christmas Cards
    Of all greetings card or holiday greetings cards, among the most beautiful to me are Christmas cards. It seems those designing them take special care of give a little more of themselves for this special season and day of the year. With that in...

Christian Christmas Card "Unto Us a Son is Given"

Here's a great Christian Christmas card celebrating a prophecy that a child would be born that would be a son given; not primarily to Joseph and Mary of course, but to the world for the forgiveness of sins.

A very nice Christian Christmas card with a gold theme. The figures in the Christmas bulb image are amazing.

Holy Family Christmas Card

  • Western Christmas Cards
    For those who love the west and everything western, there are a number of western Christmas cards you can choose from that sends the Christmas message you want to give to those who would appreciate receiving it. With the western greetings cards I...
  • Santa Christmas Cards
    Santa is always a fun Christmas card theme to work with, as he can be put in just about any scenario and it works very well. You have everything from hilarious and serious, to touching on the naughty Santa cards, and because of that, in the end,...

Three Wise Men Traveling to find Jesus Christmas Card

This dark blue color with the moon in the background is a great Christian Christmas card showing the three wise men on their journey to find and worship the child king.

While it looks great, it is odd to see them crossing the desert with camels with their reflection on the desert sand.

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Three Wise Men Christian Christmas Card

  • Dog Christmas Cards
    Man's best friend always makes a good showing when it comes to dog Christmas cards, as everyone seems to want to send a Christmas card of their favorite dog or favorite dog breed, or receive one. Not only that, but there is also a lot of humor...
  • Beach Christmas Cards
    Beach Christmas cards are really a lot of fun, and they're usually always sent for the enjoyment of rubbing it in if you're living in a warm or tropical climate, to someone living in a cold or frigid climate that will get a good laugh at reminding...

Three Wise Men Responding to Finding Star Leading them to Jesus

Here's another Christian Christmas card showing the wise men discovering the star which would ultimately lead them to Jesus. It's amazing that after a couple of thousand years that is still captures the joy and celebration connected to the event.

The colors of the outfits of the three wise men are vibrant and beautiful.

Wise Men and the Star Christmas Card

  • Christmas Postcards
    Sometimes we forget about Christmas postcards, even though to this day we still send and receive Christmas cards in the form of Christmas postcards, while appreciating some of those from the past, which were in many cases - works of art. When we...
  • Wildlife Christmas Cards
    I've always loved being in the outdoors, and having been born and raised in northern Minnesota in my youth, wildlife was always a part of our lives, and so wildlife Christmas cards are a great card to send and receive, and almost any part of the...

Christian Christmas Card Celebrating Jesus

These simple message Christian Christmas cards are my favorite, and focusing on the hope, peace and joy Christians receive from their faith in Jesus always is a great Christmas card to send or receive during this wonderful holiday season celebrating Jesus as the Savior of the world.

Hope, Peace and Joy Christmas Card

  • Horse Christmas Cards
    For lovers of horses, whether it's giving or receiving a horse Christmas card, it's always a lot of fun and exciting to share or receive a Christmas card celebrating their most favorite of animals. What really works with horses on Christmas cards,...
  • Business Holiday Cards
    While it may seem something very obvious, showing appreciation for those firms you are doing business with, along with your employees, is one of the more important aspects of continuing in a strong business relationship with them. Many will never...

Christian Christmas cards are a great way to remind people of the reason for the season

As you can see from these few Christan Christmas cards, there is a rich history and appreciation for the reason behind celebrating Christmas, which is the coming of Christ into the world in order to save the world and individuals from their sin. Christmas cards are a great way to remind and celebrate that fact for all Christians.


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Beautiful cards. Nice job. Merry coming Christmas

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