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Christian Easter Flags and Banners

The glowing brown-and-gold "Forgiven" house and garden flag design features a cross of nails and a crown of thorns, strong symbols of Christ's crucifixion.

The glowing brown-and-gold "Forgiven" house and garden flag design features a cross of nails and a crown of thorns, strong symbols of Christ's crucifixion.

Flags for a Season of Faithful Rejoicing

If you believe Easter should keep its true religious meaning, and you want your seasonal decorations to reflect your faith, choose a Christian themed flag for your home, church, or community group to fly in celebration. These colorful banners are a wonderful way to welcome guests and celebrate a special holiday or season, and on the church calendar there is no more special occasion than Easter, the festival of rebirth and joyful reaffirmation of faith.

Some of the beautiful house flags and garden banners here are a dignified tribute to Christ's rising, while others are a bright celebration of Easter in the cheerful clear colors of spring, all with a central theme of true meaning.

Featured here: Forgiven, a striking Standard size (28 x 40 inch) decorative flag in sepia and brown tones, shows a cross made up of two nails or spikes, surmounted by a crown of thorns. This design is also available in the small Garden size (12 x 18 inch) with the same design.

Easter Cross Flag - "Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart"

From my all-time favorite company for decorative seasonal flags, Toland, comes a wonderful black and gold flag (House size, shown here, or the smaller Garden size 12.5"x18" is also available). The eye-catching strong central motif of the cross bears the words, "Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart" (Proverbs 3:5) as a reminder of the true meaning of Easter.

Easter Lilies and The Cross - Large Christian Easter House Flags with Traditional Religious Symbols

Strong bright clear colors of blue, turquoise, gold and royal purple are joyful additions to your outdoors spring décor, each speaking of the joy of the Easter season with images of blooming lilies and the cross. Indeed, "He is Risen"!

Vibrant Stained Glass Colors - Colors of Easter Morning Sunrise, Purple, Lilies and The Cross

This vibrant Easter flag glows like a stained glass window with rich yellow-gold and purple tones surrounding the motif of the Cross with a bank of white lilies at the base. It looks to me as if it might be a Doug Ross design, but don't take that as gospel as it's just an "educated guess" - I'll see if I can find out for you, and will update here if I do.

Christian Easter House Flags - Religious Themes in Spring Pastel Colors

Soft green tones and blue-purple hues lend a calming and uplifting color palette to these striking house-sized flags with designs of the cross and white Easter lilies.

Applique Garden Flag - Design Inspired by the Story of Three Crosses

Here's a lovely and unusual religious Easter banner, 12.5" x 18" in size, that will look gorgeous beside your front path or tucked into the edge of a garden. To me, it is the purple area at the top that makes this design. Imagine how eye-catching that rich color will look against almost any background of sky or plants' dark green leaves or even the siding or brick of your home, whatever shade that may be. Royal purple for the King of Kings, arisen!

Christian Easter Garden Flags - Beautiful 18-inch Banners for Garden Décor

"He is Risen"! Small garden flags with soft-colored illustrations that remind me of the old books of Bible stories, these diminutive flags will make a happy seasonal accent in your early spring garden. Lovely to let the children choose a garden flag of their own and decide where they will place it in the yard, while you talk together about the true meaning of Easter.

dmalone510 on April 17, 2014:

Beautiful flags! I have not used flags at all yet. I just bought my home and will include these types of flags when I start decorating more.

Shelly Sellers from Midwest U.S.A. on March 25, 2013:

I love Christian flags and have used them inside on a wall for an inexpensive Easter decoration!

audrey07 on January 23, 2013:

I don't celebrate Easter so, we don't decorate the home for the occasion. But a garden flag would look nice for those who celebrate.

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