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Chihuahua Birthday Party Theme


Are you planning a party around a Chihuahua Theme?

I want to help you plan a party based on a "Chihuahua" theme. With the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, this party is a big hit with the kids and not even just with the movie, but the fact that everyone just adores the Chihuahua. So what are we waiting for - lets get planning......lets have a FIESTA - This party is not going Beverly Hills, but to Mexico where the Chihuahua originated and the movie takes place.

Photo Credit: Lauren Bergholm

Beverly Hills Chihuahua on DVD 1 & 2


So how do I have a Chihuahua Themed Birthday Party?

Well we are gonna tell ya and give you lots of ideas so you can pull this off.

You read here for great ideas, crafts, games and more to help you put together a party that looks like you spent a million bucks, but did not. That is The Party Animal's Specialty.

There are so many ways you can go with this party:

Chihuahua Webkinz Theme

Stuffable Chihuahuas

Chihuahua Pajama Party

and so on...

We will try to keep it simple as best we can so you can do this without going crazy.

The main things here is The Tiny Dog that packs a big punch - The Chihuahua

Have on the invite for the guest to bring their favorite Chihuahua toy to join them in the festivities.


Decoration Ideas

I am not big on spending a ton of money on this stuff and I always try to find things I already have to save the cost of going overboard. There are ways to decorate without costing you a fortune.

I go by this party rule "KISS" Keeping it Simple Saves.

You just need touches of decorations. Spend your money on other things. What I love to do at parties is use Helium Balloons and this is why. It is festive, inexpensive and I have the kids take one on their way out the door - they think they are getting something extra, but really they are helping me clean up. So what you can do is this: Get a whole bunch of Paw Print or Festive Colored balloons (think Mexico) blown up and find some trinkets like, Plastic Chihuahua's, Fruit snacks, make-up etc.. useful items with some weight. Cut the strings at different heights and tie one of those items to the bottom. Place your balloons all over the room - they will float and be weighted down by the item you tied them too. Then as the kids leave the party have them take one - so now they get a balloon and a trinket and you do not have to deflate them all later.

Now think about this theme and lets simplify it:

Chihuahua - Dog - Ok dog related items

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Mexico - Mexican Theme items

Also try and find things your child may already have that is Dogish or Mexcian or that will fit the theme and decorate some with that. Of course you will want to add some more stuff you may have to purchase, but if you can defer the cost - then do it.

You can really go crazy buying decor and there is a lot out there - but small touches are just enough to get the theme across.

Just be creative.

Some other Ideas

Paw Prints hung around the house

Chihuahua pictures printed or colored from the internet

Pictures of Mexico hung up printed or colored from the internet


Now onto the Table Setting

For me again - I like it simple, but boy can you really out do yourself here with this theme. I usually never buy plates with the designs either, but I may buy maybe the napkins or cake plates only with the theme on it to just add to it - for that touch. Being this can be done Fiesta Style you can go with any fun colors. Sometimes plain with one or two touches is enough. I also like fancy cups, in this case the Chili Pepper cups (see below to purchase), have the guests name on them and then they become favors too. I love multi purpose items.

Choose a solid colored or FIESTA Style table cloth - or one of my favorites as well as the kids is this:

Get some white paper - you can find this in big rolls at some of your local office or craft stores, and use this as your table cloth. Then have a bunch of colored crayons on the table so the kids can draw pictures on the table. You can even have some pre-done before they come or stamp paw prints here and there.

Another cool table cloth idea is to do one pick with a clear on top of that with photos you can print from the internet or have colored, or photos of your child in between - they love that too.

Some other ideas:

Sombrero Centerpiece

Placemats - you can make them yourself - find inexpensive fabric and just cut them with pinking sheers

Make it festive - the internet is a good source for ideas - Google search Fiesta settings and look at images for inspiration


Food Ideas for your Party

This is yet another area parents tend to go crazy. From my years of party planning I have seen parents really go crazy with the food to only be left with tons of left overs when the party is over. So many kids do not eat much at parties - they are too distracted or just don't plain eat. So again use my "KISS" rule here - Keeping it simple saves.

I find finger foods to be best for the kids - simple small things they can just grab and eat. You can still do this and have fun with it, but do not go crazy with a three course fancy meal - save yourself the money - they are not gonna eat it. The other rule is this - if you do not want to feed kids a meal and save money then choose to have your party in the safe time zone. I say that is between 1-5pm. Also have on the invite - Snacks and cake will be served so parents know to feed their child before the party.

So with that said lets talk fun snacks for the kids.

Things you know the kids would like to eat - just because this is a Paris party does not mean they are gonna eat crepes. Just make the ordinary look extraordinary - use normal food on fancy pink plates. But still have the kids favorites like Pretzels, Chips and Popcorn.

Party Food - Think Mexican with kid tastes in mind

Keep with your Fiesta theme - have Virgin Margaritas

Pigs in the blanket - looks cool and they are bite size and kids lovethem

Tortillas and Salsa and Cheese Dips

Cubed Cheeses

Mini Tacos

Cinnamon Tortilla Triangles

Mini Burritos


Some Good Websites I like for food ideas:

Family Fun


Kraft Foods

Finger Food Books


Game Time

Now the fun part - Game ideas. When planning your party always be prepared with everything you need including an itinerary for your games - in case you forget something. It can get overwhelming with all those kids in the house. Keep the games simple and age appropriate. I will give you some of my favorite game ideas for this type of party, but again the internet is full of great ideas so if mine do not work for you then just give it a search and find some that will.

Tips for planning games:

Decide ahead if you will be giving out prizes or just play for fun - remember prizes can add up the cost of the party.

Always have enough games so you do not run short and have nothing to do.

If an child does not want to play do not force them to do so.

Be prepared - have all your props in one box

Make an itinerary of games on a piece of paper ahead of time so you know what you are doing.

A great game idea resource is:

Birthday Party Ideas


Gotta Limbo

What kid does not like The Limbo game - now I am a bit to old for this now and am not so limber - but kids love it.

All you need is a stick and two poles to balance it on, or you could get two people to hold it. Start with the stick about eye height and each child takes it in turn to cross under the stick without knocking it down or touching it. They have to do this facing forwards so it will involve bending their body backwards a little. Each round, you place the stick a little lower so it becomes harder and harder.

Winner Prize idea:

A bendy toy


Who can spell Chihuahua

Now this is a tough one even for me typing - well copy and paste is my friend here folks. Seems simple - well not too much - you try it. Give each child a piece of paper and a pen and have a timer set for 1 minute. On go each child has to spell "Chihuahua". Who ever can do it wins.

Winner Prize idea:



Chihuahua Toss

All you need is a Chihuahua stuffed animal and a Sombrero. Put the Sombrero out far enough from the kids to not make it to easy. Not flip it upside down and the kids have to get the Chihuahua in the hat. So simple and the kids will have fun trying. Give them each 3 tries if none go in then they sit down. Keep going until you have a winner by the kids continuing turns till they cannot get them in.

Winner Prize idea:

The Sombrero



Guess how many Nachos

So you fill a clear jar with Nachos - make sure to count how many you put in there - oh and write it down you will probably end up forgetting. Then have the kids guess how many Nachos are in there. Who ever guesses the closest wins.

Winner Prize idea:

The jar of Nachos and a jar of cheese to go with them - mmmmm - I would like to win that


A Mexican hat dance

You gotta do it - it just goes with the theme. Put on some Mexican music - if you have none - you can buy a CD or download some from the internet. Place your sombrero on the floor and have the kids dance around it clapping their hands as they go. No winners here - just plain Fiesta style fun.

Fiesta Party Music


Chihuahua Pinata

A Pinata is a must have at any Fiesta. What can I say about this one? Personally I like the one you bash, but now a days it is the strings. So here are some tips to add some extra fun.

Pinata Tips:

Tie some play jewelry on the strings - then when they pull they get a prize - be sure to have enough for all

Have Festive lunch bags for filling

Have the guests take turns using the first letter in their name and the alphabet - helps fighting

Fill the pinata with Festive items and avoid candy overload

The Custom Chihuahua Pinata Shown in photo can ordered here:

Custom Chihuahua Pinata


A Fun Spanish Lesson

How about a Spanish Lesson? Make up some Cards with words and then how they are said in Spanish. Watch the kids learn to speak Spanish.

Here is a great site to help you:

Translate your English word to Spanish

"Divertir" -

"Chihuahua" - Chihuahua

"Cumpleaos Feliz" - Happy Birthday

Winner Prize idea:

How to speak Spanish Book - You can make this yourself or buy one


Feed the Breed - In this case Chihuahua

Simple: Just make a large drawing of a Chihuahua (with mouth open) on Heavy Cardboard. Give each guest 3 chances to "feed the Chihuahua" by tossing a bean bag (or plastic fancy food item) through the mouth. The guest with the best aim wins a prize.

Winner Prize idea:

A food item


Stuff an 8" Chihuahua Craft

What is a Stuff a 8" Chihuahua Craft You ask?

It is all about the Chihuahua - We will supply you with Stuffable 8" Chihuahuas with stuffing and wishing stars, Outfit of Choice (many to choose from), Custom Birth Certificates, We ship anywhere you just pay the shipping and it is there.

What is the cost you ask?

Well that will depends on the party size and how many stuffable Chihuahua and outfits you need.

The Party Animal will work with you any way we can so that your child can have a one of a kind party with out breaking the bank. That is what we do. It is like having a party coordinator without the bill.

We like to give you that one on one service to see what all your needs are for the party and help you make it the best and as easy as it can be for you.

How do you order?

All you need to do is visit our website The Party Animal


Cake Ideas

So we are nearing the end of the party and it is now Cake Time. The kids favorite party of the party.

Below you will see some great Chihuahua Figurines that will make great Cake Toppers and come in so many great Styles.


Paw Print Cupcakes

Make some Colorful Paw Print Cupcakes. Just make your cupcakes, frost them and add some Paw prints very easily on top using colored cake stuff and you are good to go - anyone can do this.


Oh the Favors

This is another area where people seem to go nuts. People seem to think they need to send the kids home with an expensive gift as a thank you. Remember favors are just a small token to say thanks for coming - not christmas gifts. I do not know at what point favors became $20 dollars to each child - that is just insane. Now kids do look for favors at the end of a party - them love them, but you can keep them simple and inexpensive too.

A lot of times party crafts can become the party favor - so you spend the money on crafts and it also serves as the favor - like in the stuffable Chihuahua party (seen above).

Just when choosing your favors - think useful items - I cannot stand when my son or daughter comes home from a party with bags full of pounds of candy and junk. I know you all know what I am talking about. So just think of what you would not mind your child coming home with and watch for sales and great deals on bulk items. Once again utilize the "KISS" rule - Keeping it simple save.

Send the kids home with a "Doggie Bag" filled with a few great goodies.

More Party Favor Ideas

Nap Time

Nap Time

Nap Time


The Party Animal (author) from Partytown USA on February 06, 2013:

@birthdaybluepri: That fountain sounds so cool and yes I am so sure the tequila helped!!! Lol

birthdaybluepri on February 01, 2013:

I was recently at a mexican themed birthday party and they had a tequila fountain shaped like Chihuahua. It was easily the most fun I've ever had at a birthday party! I am sure the tequila helped too. Thanks for the great post.

anonymous on July 11, 2012:

cute ideas! thanks for sharing!

LizRobertson on January 28, 2012:

Love all the choices you provide. Wish I still had my real chihuahua!

ScareYouDiva on October 10, 2011:

What a fun idea for a birthday party!

yayas on August 18, 2011:

How fun! Lots of interesting things to read. A very interesting lens. Thank you.

Shelly Sellers from Midwest U.S.A. on September 18, 2010:

This is great! You have covered everything...including nap time :) Love the photos.

anonymous on July 08, 2010:

go ideas!!!!! arriba mis chihuahuas........

VarietyWriter2 on April 25, 2010:

Cute. Sounds like a fun party! Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

JackieLanier on March 12, 2010:

There's a lot of Chihuahua personality in these supper doggie theme parties! You gave me a lot of great idea's! I'll make sure to revisit when my short hair chihuahua 's birthday draws near! Super job!

Stephanie from DeFuniak Springs on October 07, 2008:

You and your Chihuahuas! You never fail to amaze me! As always, another great lens! Very unique 5*

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